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Employers only actually care about three things:

  • punctuality: you are on time every time (and if anything is impeding your punctuality, you're calling ahead as soon as you are aware)
  • pliability: you follow directions (and if you have trouble, you'll openly and plainly ask for instruction and clarification)
  • predictability: you do not cause drama or make waves (and if anything disruptive DOES occur, you'll document it)

everything else can be trained,
if you satisfy these three prerequisites, you can almost always be trained, and,
if you don't satisfy these three prerequisites, you're probably not trainable at all.

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predictability: you do not cause drama or make waves (and if anything disruptive DOES occur, you’ll document it)

remember kids, lie to the recruiter about your union sentiments so you can get hired and form a union.

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I'm not saying don't HAVE important shit going on in your life -
I'm saying, be strategic about your deployment of shit.

Any and all union communications should be done where managers can't spy on you and have no power to fuck with you via legal "technicalities".

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A caveat to this is that the person needs to be trainable. There are plenty of people that just can't absorb and process information, either at all or just quickly enough to not be an impediment to the rest of the team.

Also, if you don't know, and you said you did, make a great effort to know before you are needed to know.

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