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Even if someone refuses to change, the permission of murder in the vague view of justice is wrong. Killing a serial killer doesn't bring their victims back, killing a rapist doesn't undo the rape they committed.

In America, our thing is "We'd rather have 8 guilty men walk free than 1 innocent jailed" (supposedly), yet there's been more than zero people who did not commit any crimes, yet were killed. You can't undo murder. At least if someone is given life in prison, you can set them free.

Let's not forget that we're more prone to give the death penalty to BIPOC inmates, not white.

And it costs more to kill someone, than to house and feed them.

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Wow, what a bootlicker. Incredible.

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Hello, I want to make it clear that I know how to use my raspberry pi 3b+, I know how to torrent, and I have a general idea how to bind qbittorrent to a VPN on linux.

My questions are this:

  • My Raspberry Pi is running Pi-Hole to help manage the entire adblocking, since my brother refuses to install one despite having 2 viruses in the last year.
  • My Raspberry Pi is also plugged into the router via Ethernet
  • I can install AirVPN, I can slowly figure out their terminal client

How do I make it so qBittorrent is binded to the VPN, but the VPN doesn't filter the DNS requests so my already slow internet into 1993 speeds.

Mainly just asking here, since reddit is dead to me, and I don't want to ask a discord.

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Some of you have been following on IRC, some of you have noticed the ACCEPTED mails from dak on the mailing list, some of you may have noticed the recent closure of bug #1033658. For all the others, I am happy to share the good news:

riscv64 is now an official Debian architecture

If you don't believe it, just have a look at [1]. However before you rush to update your sources.list file, I want to warn you that the archive is currently almost empty, and that only the sid and experimental suites are available. The procedure is to rebootstrap the port within the official archive, which means we won't import the full debian-ports archive.

Therefore our next step is to build a minimal set of ~90 source packages using the debian-ports archive and then import them into the official archive. These packages will be signed with a special GPG key using [email protected] as the email address, enabling easy tracking. This process has already started, hence the few ACCEPTED mails on the mailing list. It will probably take a few days especially given that sid is constantly evolving.

Once done, we'll point the build daemons to the official archive. In the meantime you can just continue to use the debian-ports archive on your devices.

[1] https://deb.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/main/binary-riscv64/

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Heyo, figured I'd try to apply here.

I hate bigots, tankies, and nazis. I like shitposts, not posts that are shit.

I currently am co-admin of a discord server of 200+ people (but like 30 or so that are active every day), and was elected when the admin left.

Here's my personal mastodon page for reference: https://todon.eu/@queue

Probably not going to be chosen, but I wanna help.

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Should I edit the post?

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The "FedNow" service, which has been in the works since 2019, will seek to eliminate the several-day lag it commonly takes cash transfers to settle, bringing the U.S. in line with countries including the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, as well as the European Union, where similar services have existed for years.

FedNow is launching with 41 banks and 15 service providers certified to use the service, including community banks and large lenders like JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N), Bank of New York Mellon (BK.N), and US Bancorp (USB.N), but the Fed plans to onboard more banks and credit unions this year.

Unlike peer-to-peer payments services like Venmo or PayPal, which act as intermediaries between banks, payments made via FedNow will settle directly in central bank accounts.

The Fed also operates a real-time payments system called FedWire, but that's reserved for large-scale, mostly corporate payments and is only operational during business hours. While the new FedNow system is for everyone, it's likely to benefit consumers and small businesses the most, analysts have said.

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Those who are meant to lead, choose not to. Those who are not meant to lead, choose to do so.

Never trust someone who wishes to become a leader above you.

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Oh no, the email I sent to someone didn't get removed from their inbox after I deleted it from mine!

Oh jeez, the post I made on a public access fourm can be read by some dude!

I find raddle so god damn boring. No app, the website is almost too plain to use, no third party API to do anything, and it also doesn't remove EXIF data if you post something, on a site that "cares" about privacy.

Seeing as Ziq literally doesn't care if Raddle dies or not, it's not a loss on my end either. https://raddle.me/f/lobby/162409/if-raddle-goes-down-or-ziq-turns-tankie-for-whatever-reason

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No it's basically for Citizens United. Biden is a NeoLib.

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What a shock that this is the state where Biden is from. What a shock.

rule (beehaw.org)
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Not all empathy is good. Don’t waste it on people who wouldn’t slow down if they ran you over.

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Nice slippery slope fallacy. Try arguing in bad faith somewhere else.

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Look at here and the people who complain about it being too hard to figure out are the ones complaining about "I can't use muh slurs, this is awful."

"The left of today is very much in favour of censorship to avoid “harm.” This makes those of us in the middle very wary of signing up to any partisan media." /u/decidedlysticky23

/u/misshapensteed claims he isn't far right, but explictly only posts on PoliticalCompassMemes and TheLeftCantMeme and KotakuInAction.

If they are too stupid to figure out we know they're lying, they're too stupid to figure out lemmy.

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Team Fortress 2, with over 2100 hours logged. More back on the Xbox 360 copy and when it was free during the Mac Update.

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