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Something like Canva that's foss and on android

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Kodi / OSMC (lemm.ee)
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I have Kodi installed now, I will probably test OSMC later today, are there any other programs similar to them that I could test?

What I am mostly interested in:

  • fullscreen mode (dark mode / theme preferably, even if I would have to make it manually somehow)
  • option to navigate my drive or external drive
  • xbox controller support
  • subtitles support

What I want to accomplish is quite simple, every now and then I want to play a movie from my pc on my tv (connected via hdmi) and I don’t want to use mouse or keyboard while watching it to pause or turn the volume up a notch.

Kodi is kinda okay for all that but it feels a little wonky and pretty often makes a mess with my files, creating duplicates or ghost files on lists..

Thanks for any help!

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Is there a friendly alternative to VMWare/Virtualbox? I would move back to Virtualbox, but it's now owned by oracle

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I am developing a platform, the details don't matter, but it's a system the hosts personal data. As a result, I want to avoid hosting users in any way, and I am trying to make it as easy to self-host as possible.

I have some experience self hosting applications and I have some intuuition what to do or don't, but I wanted to see if I can pull from the collective wisdom.

Got any good resources to share? Any tips? Or, maybe some bad experiences or things to avoid?

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Has anyone experience how bad the proriatary software is on such machines? For Kenwood there is an app (Kenwood World App) which apparently guides you through the cooking-process. Does anyone have a idea for how long this app or other apps from similar machines will be maintained? Does anyone have experience of using such a device without an internet connection?

I am sure that there wont ever be a simple foss app which can connect to such a device, but how bad is it? I am worried that the new Kenwoods wont be as durable as the old one I had (had it handed down, was around 30yo), because the software will be discontinued.

Looking for people with experiences with such machines and their software-side.

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Windows Movie Maker used to be good enough, but for a while now it won't load mp4's anymore and I can't be bothered to try and fix it, and I'm really hating the online editors I've tried, so it's time to download some software!

Seriously - nothing complicated, at most I'm snipping clips to size, or cutting something out, so I need an easy to navigate preview and simple cutting tools, I can't even name any other editing action beyond "mixing" which I don't even intend to do, so you get my level haha


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Waterfox is integrating Tree-Style Tabs as a vertical tabs solution, complete with image tab previews and optimizations for tabs outside the scrolling.

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I'm making this request on behalf of a community I'm part of, which has some fairly specific requirements that we're struggling to fill. Basically, we're an art and writing group that makes extensive use of building our own old-school webpages (almost exclusively HTML, some of us use some CSS as well). This group has been running for over 25 years (late 90s), and back in the old days our website building needs were met by Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and the like. Most of these are gone now, obviously, and we've had trouble finding a more modern equivalent that does what we want.

We have experimented with CMS options, but had various issues arising from this - lack of customisation/design flexibility (each individual page we create often has a completely unique design based on the content, whereas most CMS is focused on creating a cohesive design template for a whole site), security problems (especially WordPress), being locked into that CMS and unable to export to a different one or plain HTML, etc.

What we need:

  • WYSIWYG interface - although most of us know basic HTML and some CSS, we're not coders and primarily work visually. We are not aiming for professional-looking websites to sell products, and there are no databases or scripts to worry about. The ability to be able to pick colours, layouts, etc, and then write text and add images is what we're after.

  • Downloadable - we need actual software that we can run locally on our own computers. We all have our own webhosting with FTP access, so we just want to be able to create the HTML files and not be tied into a particular host or platform. If there's a web-based option that will allow us to simply create a page and then download the final result as a usable HTML file that we can upload to our own hosting, then that option will be considered.

  • Easy to set up - tech knowledge varies in the group, so something with an easy installation is needed. I found a couple of options that exist only as Github repositories, and the explanations of how to get them working went right over our heads.

  • Free - we're all poor, starving artists. That said, we'd consider a paid-for option if it was low cost (<£15/$20 per licence), but we're not in a position to drop £100 each on software.

  • Will consider CMS options if it allows each page to be individually and uniquely designed, and does not lock you into using only that CMS - easy export to plain HTML/CSS would be a requirement. With a 25-year old community that has outlived a number of platforms and hosts, we're wary of anything that tries to lock us into a specific platform. The CMS would nevertheless need to be relatively easy to install on webhosting, due to the aforementioned varying degrees of tech knowledge. Knowledge of Javascript, PHP, etc is extremely limited.

In summary, we're maintaining a hobby community started in the late 90s when we were teenagers, and we're looking for FOSS options that replace the Frontpage and Dreamweaver type software we used back then.

Thanks! :)

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Chances are you’ve never heard of Igalia, the open source consultancy. Yet you’re almost certainly using something that Igalia helped build.

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Finally, we can have usernames in Signal instead of giving our phone number to everybody.

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I've been looking for a 2fa authenticator with support for PC and Android, and I came across with ente , which apparently has support for both. But I would like to know more opinions....

Has anyone used ente 2fa? Did you like it? What other open source services of this type exist, with support for Android and PC?

Any suggestion is welcome

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(First post, let me know of any cultural "faux pas")

As many others I struggle with managing my day to day/week/month/year/decade, so naturally I'm looking for some kind of TODO-software.

I'm trying to find an open[1] format for todo-items and -lists that has the capability to give recurring todo:s the attribute of "droppable" so that an individual occurrence can be "dropped".

It would also be fantastic if the format has an inbuilt way to keep track of what individual occurrences have been "done" or "dropped"

This would allow me to keep track of things like:

  • Medicines: recurring (sometimes many times a day) with a fairly small window if opportunity, if I don't take them it should be noted but there is no way to do it later so it should be "dropped" from the main-list.
  • Bills: recurring with a few days of being actionable (depending on when I get paid and the bills due date), if I don't pay them it should be made higher priority until I pay them, this should also be kept track of.
  • Cleaning windows: recurring, with a big window of opportunity, but if this particular spring is a bad one it doesn't matter, this should be dropped and there is no need to keep track of it.
  • Things that are considered "habits" (like personal hygiene, exercise, cleaning, practicing musical instruments, etc). These should be dropped and tracked.

The goal is to be able to produce a fairly short list of things that I can[2] do right now and absolutely bury things I can't or shouldn't do.

If there isn't any decent format I will most likely just force one of the two mentioned with some kind of appropriate extension.


[1] open in this context would be some kind of standard like VTODO or just openly available like todo.txt

[2] can as in MUST / SHOULD / MAY

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This apparently isn’t an issue that a lot of users run into at least according to the ranting I’ve done elsewhere on the internet. I’ll try explaining this as best as I can.

Skip down to the TL;DR if you’re good sans explaining.

In previous versions of Acrobat Pro (eg: 9) it was possible to set a filter for the comments in a document (eg: Status = None) and then as you are going through and marking the comments as "Completed" the list of comments would automatically hide the completed comments for you.

The current version (and last few versions) of Acrobat Pro (or DC as they call it now). Do not filter live as you change the status of a comment. You have to clear the filter and reapply it if you want to hide markup you’ve already dealt with.

This is extremely annoying when you’ve got hundreds of comments to go through. Once again I refuse to believe that I’m the only one in graphic design or desktop publishing who could benefit from having this feature.

TL;DR: Is there a good none-Adobe PDF reader/marker that will let me see comments and live filter them (hide them) based on a change in status from “None” to “Completed”.

Audio Upscaler (lemmy.tf)
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Does anyone know of a local audio upscaler? Preferably Android based.

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I've got revision, homework, programming, university application stuff, and some virtual training for work to juggle at the moment, so I feel I should get something to timetable it, to ensure that I do an even balance.

I run Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X 10.6, and (begrudgingly) iOS; and I also have access to Waydroid, Wine, and Darling.

Can anyone suggest some free and open-source software, preferably a web app or iOS app?

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Once the threads are finished, it is now time to discuss how the megathread should be built. I apologize in advance for having forgotten to mention any apps for daily use. I noticed that I may have failed launchers or other useful apps for daily use. Still, the threads are open. Any suggestion are welcome. I would like to ask you to contribute with upvotes or downvotes in the comments that best suit your vision. All contributions are important.

Here, you can discuss and say your apps you may have forgotten - https://lemmy.ml/post/11678824

Since English is not my native language, I will try my best to explain some details I want to discuss with the Lemmy community. If you don't understand certain things, please tell me what you don't understand, and I will do my best again.

So…… Lets begin………

  • I was thinking of opening three threads per year to update the megathread. Do you think that 3 times a year is enough (for example, once in January, once in June, and another one in December), or do you think I should open 5 to 6 times a year? | Poll here - https://strawpoll.com/XOgONY582n3

  • Tittle Im thinking: [Megathread] FOSS Apps — Lemmy Edition | You like? Or do you want another?

  • How do you prefer to divide the megathread? I'm thinking of dividing the threads into single topics, that is, intended for each type of app — for example, one part just for YouTube apps, another just for email apps, and so on. This is an example - https://i.imgur.com/pgw47oM.png | I guess it explains better what I'm talking about. How would you like to see the megathread?

  • I'm thinking of accepting only suggestions with two upvotes (or a difference with two upvotes) or above on previous threads. Do you think it's fair, or should I accept all the suggestions given? | Poll here - https://strawpoll.com/7rnzmK9oDyO

  • In the megathread, I will not accept app suggestions because, in this way, the topic will be clogged. However, I must remain open to important information and other things, as, for example, happened with Simple Mobile Tools, which was sold to a shady company. Of course, all suggestions are welcome, besides app suggestions. Your suggestions will be prompt and extremely useful when I open the threads to update the megathread.

TL;DR …. So far, I'm thinking this:

  • Open three-time-per-year threads to talk about new updates for MegaThread.
  • Divide all apps into specific categories.
  • Only accept suggestions with 2 upvotes or above.
  • Not accept suggestions on MegaThread and accept only tips and important information.

Tell me what you think. What you agree or/and disagree.

Lovely day for everyone!

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Proton's mission, funding sources, independence, and community are some of the reasons we're more resilient than other privacy-first companies.

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