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I'm trying to figure out what's happening to me and I'm not sure where to look.

For the last several years, whenever I listen to silence-filling noise (white, brown, pink, etc.) I tend to hear additional sounds. It's like having your radio tuned to a MHz that's just off a tiny bit, so you hear static but there's just a slight edge of voices or something that you can't quite make out but is definitely there. Sometimes, instead of voices, it's also patterns in the noise or various pitches.

It happens in a variety of situations, like Youtube videos, audio tracks from meditation apps and noise generators, and even devices that have no audio input or antenna and are specifically for noise as you'd find in the waiting room of a massage clinic. It even happens when it's a completely benign source like an air fan. And the sounds I hear match the volume of the source.

Do I have superpowers? A brain tumor? Am I just sensitive to imperfect wave form generation? Am I part-dog? Have I done damage to myself from listening to Metallica way too loud for too many years?

Where do I start looking into this? Does anyone have any possible explanations for what I'm experiencing that might lead me in the right direction?

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I'm curious what you like and how you use them in food.

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As asked.

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Hi! I am a member of a race education group in my school (11 to 18) and we are creating a reading list for the library. Our library isn't very diverse right now (most books are written by white people about the West) and we need books on race education (privilege, discrimination, etc.) and on the history (precolonial, colonial and postcolonial, could be on neocolonialism too) and culture of underrepresented people.

Please keep in mind that these books should be acceptable by the school and approachable by students who would be unlikely to accept or read very progressive material, so themes that strongly (just strongly) contradict Western narratives should be avoided.

For example, a book on the colonisation of Palestine that exposes the oppressive nature of Zionism is mostly fine, but a book presenting Hamas as a liberation group would not be accepted (and actually illegal in my country).

You can reply with books or other reading lists that we could then review and add. I'll finish this post with some examples of books on the reading list (keep in mind that it was for Black History Month, so all of the examples are on black people):

African Empires by Lyndon, Dan
Black Power: The Politics of Liberation In America by Carmichael, Stokely; Hamilton, Charles V
I Heard What You Said by Boakye, Jeffrey
The Assassination of Lumumba by Witte, Ludo de.
White privilege: the myth of a post-racial society by Bhopal, Kalwant

Thanks in advance!

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Do chatgpt or other language models help you code more efficiently and faster? Is it worth spending your money for it?

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The most recent I can think of is Hot Fuzz (2007)

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There are many cultures around the world that are suppressed by majoritarianism. They have to face challenges like forced assimilation, language discrimination and refusal to acknowledgement of their unique identity. In fact, many cultures have been identified by UNESCO, that will soon cease to exist - either that they're vulnerable, or completely extinct. How do you, as a minority, feel, knowing that your entire identity will cease to exist in a few decades? Do you have a sense of camaraderie towards other minorities from other parts of the world, say, the Ainu people, or the Brahui pastoralist?

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Kind of a hard question to word, but is there anything in your life you have recommended to other people but no one's ever gotten into?

I love podcasts and have friends who still thank me for getting them into this one or that one. But I've never gotten anyone to listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me. I don't know if the name is unappealing or the concept but people seem to bounce off immediately.

So what can't you get people into and why should we check it out?

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Assuming our simulation is not designed to auto-scale (and our Admins don’t know how to download more RAM), what kind of side effects could we see in the world if the underlying system hosting our simulation began running out of resources?

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At airports, I've always waited in line to get a printed boarding pass. Time for a change I guess.

Apparently I can check online and print my boarding pass as a pdf at home or even download the airline's app and get a qr code to print the boarding pass at a kiosk inside the airport. Do I need an active internet connection at the airport to use the kiosk? I wont have internet there.

My airline explains they can send a pdf copy of the boarding pass to my email address. Is it really not a problem to print my boarding pass on regular office paper and not on cardboard airlines use?

If I download the airline's app to get the qr code to print the boarding card at the kiosk, will the airline spam me with ads I don't want?

Can I both print the boarding pass at home AND get the qr code to print the boarding pass at the kiosk?

Apparently there is something called 'receive boarding pass by sms'. How does this work?

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By employed I mean get a job in the industry either offline or online. Ideally something that would highly likely remain in-demand in the near future.

Hot and Cold (lemmy.ml)
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Does anyone else vacillate between feeling hot (attractive) and repellant?

Some days I feel like all the women around me find me desirable, and other days I feel like none of them do. I rarely feel 'in between'.

I don't really like feeling either extreme. For one thing, I don't trust either feeling! Feeling unattractive is obviously a bad feeling, but feeling ultra attractive is also bad. It leads me to uncomfortable fantasies and an inability to distinguish normal interactions from flirtation.

Does anyone else feel like this?

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rule of thumb would be the sooner the cheaper, but how many weeks or months in advance?

For my particular flight there are only three companies and it seems flights are cheaper between Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, if you want to book a flight 2 months from now, it's considerably cheaper.

Have you found the sweet spot?

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Fad or relevant?

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You can regularly sync your memories with your copies (either one way or both ways)

Cloud storage solution? (programming.dev)
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Hey Lemmy, what do you recommend for cloud backup? OneDrive is now locking me out due to apparently breaking their terms of service, so it's just the push I need to find something else.

I know everyone recommends Nextcloud for self-hosted, but I'm looking to pay for something where I'll get a little more reliability.

I'm seeing mixed reviews of Proton Drive so I'd be curious if anyone has experience with that, especially compared to OneDrive.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm curious, how many people are aware of these sounds. I have designed, etched, and built my own switching power supplies along with winding my own transformers. I am aware of the source of the noise. So, does anyone else hear these high frequency sounds regularly?

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Im a nurse and most nurses seem to agree 2 years is the mark when you become proficient.

I passed the nclex but there are so many things you only learn by doing and living it, not reading it on a book or on a lecture by a nurse who stopped working with patients 20 years ago.

This sucks because until then your coworkers are not going to fully trust you and, in my case, they want me to do things their way, because otherwise it's wrong. Add 6 nurses to the mix that feel entitled to this and you'll understand why Im burning out: every one of them feels entitled to correct me, but the way one works contradicts how the next one does.

I wonder if this is a rite of passage across industries and workplaces and if in some industries it takes way less than 2 years to be proficient.

If this is how life is, how do I survive till year 2?

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I realized (as I was commuting) this morning, that some people must live near timezone borders.

How does that work for you? Do you think in work time at home? Home time at work?

It must be easier these days with smartphones and smart watches automatically adjusting time according to you location?

Share your experience please, I'm curious!

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