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There's been an influx of content surrounding lemmy here. Some of it is open ended:

  • "What kinds of things from reddit would you like to see Lemmy avoid as the user base grows?"
  • "Lemmy, what do you call users of Lemmy?"

And these are a-ok! There's also been a lot of questions like

  • "How do I block a user?"
  • "How do I join a community on a different instance"

These aren't open ended (at least, relatively). They are objective based, and just need a resolution, rather than discussion. These sort of questions are more relevant to [email protected].

I know there's also questions like "What are you guys doing when there’s multiple communities for the same thing across instances?". I'm inclined to let those stay, there is lots of opportunity for discussion. It's a game of discretion from a moderation perspective, but I assume most can easily guess what is cold hard support.

At least from me, moderation of support posts has been sporadic at best, despite the long standing rule. I will begin redirecting these questions to [email protected], however I'm of course willing to listen to the community here if that's not what is wanted, as well as other feedback.

edit: support posts will now be removed, not locked

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I just learned that Nmap is almost GPL except that they revoked the license specifically for SCO group for their SCO–Linux disputes.

This got me thinking, what do open source programmers think of evil companies or horrible people using their software?

Don't get me wrong, FOSS software by its nature can't be controlled or strictly prevented of being used. But in case of companies like SCO, that is a thing that at least can cause them headache and they risk getting into legal trouble. A programmer for example can modify GPL to make so that his software can't be used by Microsoft or Facebook, but it is GPL for everybody else.

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I see ads all the time for shit like consumer Cellular, mint mobile, stuff that rents time on Verizon towers and sells you a plan for like half the price.

I'm trying real hard to de-Xfinity myself but the cellular plan is the cheapest of all the major companies. Yes, I know they also piggyback off the Verizon network, but at least they have 24/7 support

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I mean movies that are just like regular modern comedy movies but take place in a historical setting. Some examples include “The Little Hours” and “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” Furthermore, does anybody have any more examples of movies like these?

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My question to you guys here is :

Do you like watching South Park? If not, why?

I understand that the jokes in it can rub a lot of people the wrong way especially when they make fun of religious groups, race and current day first world problems.

Personally I've enjoyed the show ever since I watched earlier seasons on DVD years ago. I just find the humor and some of the moments give you that shock kind of laughter "They really put that in there??"

So what's your view? Do you watch it? Do you hate it? You thought of watching it?

Let me know!

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Because my current default Samsung keyboard can't predict for shit what I'm trying to type half of the time. I tried gboard but that lacks customization options...

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OF was originally designed not for adult content, but just sort of another Patreon. I've been thinking about starting a Patreon, but I think it would be funnier if I started an Only Fans since I make educational content.

do you, or anybody that you know, use Only Fans as if it were Patreon?

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By greatest invention I mean something that had big and positive influence.

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Here's some of mine.

" I think God it's moving his tongue, there's no crowd on the streets and no sun, in my own summer"

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel"

"I felt the hate rise up in me, kneel down and clear the stone of leaves, i wandered out where you can't see, inside my shell i wait and bleed"

"CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT, suffocation, no breathing, don't give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding! "

And one in Spanish

"No te puedo dejar de querer, nos hemos reido y llorado los 3, yo quiero darte mi alegria, mi guitarra, mis poesias, y solo se me ocurre amarte"

The songs are (in order) : My own summer by deftones, The bad touch by the bloodhound gang, Wait and bleed by slipknot, Last resort by papa roach, Y solo se me ocurre amarte by Alejandro Sánz.

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Companies had copystriked all the arts and knowledge to hoard it into their now dead servers to get profit from subscription services only, so the only peak at humanity now are blogs, memes, and random posts.

vaping (lemmy.world)
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What I don't understand is how these e cigarettes are accessible to youngsters compared to disallowing cigarettes.

I live in the UK, and I see young teens and people my age in 20s smoking these metal pipe cigarettes, isn't it just tobacco in liquid form? Shouldn't this be tightly controlled like regular cigarettes?

How the hell is this drug popular and marketable??

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This is very, very niche, but I couldn’t think of a more suitable place so I’ll give it a go.

In the US, brand name medications are outrageously priced. There are deals between payors (PBM/Medicare) and manufacturers that look like this:

Sticker price $20,000/mo minus negotiated insurance payment of $15,000 theoretically leaves pt on the hook for $5.000/mo, BUT…

Manufacturer graciously offers a “coupon” / discount card, which covers a max of $4,995.00, leaving pt with a net responsibility of $5.00/month.

These are convenient numbers to work with, but closely resemble the pricing and coverage structure of a long-term medication I take.

The coupon never results in zero pt responsibility, always leaving some negligible amount due. Invariably, it’s exactly enough money to be a huge pain in everyone’s ass and to make no meaningful difference to anyone involved in the transaction. $5.00 and $9.00 are amounts I see frequently.

Getting to the actual question, why bother?

Seriously, I wasted a half hour of my life waiting on hold to schedule a refill on a specialty med that can only be filled from a single central pharmacy and shipped, to be told that a) they somehow didn’t charge card on file for the $5.00 last month, and b) can’t schedule next shipment until I pay the all-important five bucks. Didn’t have a card close at hand, had to call back later so they could extract their couple dollars and then schedule the next round.

It literally costs them more in toll free charges, infrastructure fixed costs, and salaries to collect that money than they make from it.

I assume the answer is something along the lines of “personal responsibility” and someone in Congress having a stroke over the idea of someone getting medicine for “free,” but I’ve been unable to substantiate that.

Convinced there is a reason, probably buried in a 10,000 page CMS policy manual, because the mfg coupon literally never brings the price to zero. See, e.g., DTC drug commercials referencing “pay as little as $x a month!”

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There are a significant amount of questions here that do not follow the criteria in the sidebar, especially “1. Open-ended question” and “5. An actual topic of discussion”. It seems some folks want others to do research for them, or to troubleshoot some random issue.

This bugs me. Of course, I can ignore and/or downvote those posts, and I do. However, I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way. I’m don’t want to stifle content and discussion on such a burgeoning platform, but could we do something about this?

Perhaps we could “tag” posts in some way (I know tags aren’t officially supported yet) or maybe we could redirect folks to a sister community for non-discussion questions. Or something else?

Just throwin’ it out there. If I’m alone in this, I’ll take my lumps and quietly sit back down.

EDIT: Already seeing good points in the replies! makes sense- probably a bit too early to be sticklers about topics.

EDIT 2: Really appreciate the responses and discussion! I appreciate the discourse and also not being downvoted to oblivion 😄

FINAL EDIT: Thanks to all who commented. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, but I do accept what most (including mods) have said- cracking down on the types of questions is not a priority when the community is still growing.

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And why the hell are they even associated in the first place?

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I'm almost 35 and realised is not going to happen. I will never become adult or reliable enough for any woman to take a glance at me. I'll never fall in love or experience sex.

There must be a way to stop this feeling. People say hobbies but honestly I don't like anything or i give up on everything. I don't wanna try new things anymore.

Edit: some of you are really nice. But to those of you who keep insulting just because my post is a downer they I'll just block you. Why don't just ignore my post instead of leaving nasty comments?

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This may sound dumb for some of you but I just can't play online, or at least I can't play anything with chat or a very social aspect. That's why I only play tekken on my xbox since that doesn't require socialisation but I have so many games and I feel half of them are worthless now that I finished the campaigns because I don't play them online.

People said "use discord" but that shit is so counter intuitive to use isn't like reddit, that just find a sub and connect. I don't like that you need invitations and that every game is subs inside subs and diverse chats... is too much.

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Here, for a while at McDonald's there was a 🍔 called "the 1955" and it was the best, big pieces of onion, an special sauce, buns and big piece of beef with bacon (for Europe standards anyways) it disappeared once and came back for an encore only to be removed again and never return.

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I am an Indian and I have become hyperaware of the people and the culture that surrounds me and I am beginning to see the flaws in it. One of the flaws that trouble me the MOST is how most Indians behave when they encounter any authority figure (mostly higher class or "higher" caste or the wealthy or the bureaucrat class).

When an average Indian walks into a Government office with a corrupt bureaucrat in it, he begins treating himself as an insect, he is way too afraid and he is way too submissive and slavish, this doesn't end here however, if you meet someone of a higher social status than yourself you become slavish and submissive there too and this happens every time an authority figure is in the room and even with people who think very highly of themselves(at their homes, with their families etc.,) I dress well and look somewhat well so once I had a guy who is my father's age call me sir and use language which is reserved for "the higher classes". This is not ok! I wish he had a spine, I don't want to be him when I grow up, but I know he didn't choose to be that way, it's the environment he was brought up in and not being aware of one's own slavishness.

I am not blaming my people, but I do detest the culture which caused this. And don't be fooled, I am not an observer, I (used to) do this too and I hate this

It's like our bones melt and our brain switches off and we become in our own eyes the lowest form of life on earth. Probably justifiably because the education we have received is subpar (counter-productive) in most cases. And you can't think highly of yourself if you are capable of doing anything productive, but it's not just that, it happens with those people who are productive members of the society, but to a lesser extent.

I have heard many Southern Asian countries are like this in this aspect. So, I was wondering how you treat authority in your culture and if you thought it was healthy. I would be very much interested if your culture is similar to mine and what you think might have caused it.

And most importantly, how do you think I can get rid of this disgusting habit, is it even possible in India? (fellow Indians jump in here)

edit: Thanks to everyone who replies! :)

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