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Welcome (self.endlesstalkorg)
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Many large instances have been struggling to deal with the big increase in users from Reddit.

Therefor I wanted to setup this server to divide the load. I also really like hosting and managing a server, so I thought it was perfect for me

About is intended to be a serious long-term instance!

Rules and info can be found in the sidebar.

Technical setup

  • Have been built with redundancy and recoverability in mind
  • Database and images are backed up every 2 hours, so there is always a fallback.
  • Servers for are runing in the clould and I strive to get the best mix between stability and pricing.

If you decide to join, let me know of any issues or improvements at issues and improvements

Lastly I would appreciate any donation to cover the server costs. At the moment, its not really needed, but I would appreciate it regardless.

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Over the weekend, President Joe Biden signed legislation not only reauthorizing a major FISA spy program but expanding it in ways that could have major implications for privacy rights in the US. Archive:

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Xitter trending tags in order: (1) unity, (2) just announced, (3) donald trump

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They’re not done yet. Just announcing (and the verge reporting on it).

Their announcement (here) is quite forceful though, interestingly. The article described it as a manifesto.

See also a recent post here about their survey on integrating activity pub:

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OP - Original Produziert, leider relatierbar.

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Edit: I'm basically looking for new topics to explore to add to my YouTube feed/subscriptions 😁

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(Wil Krotenko), who lives in Canora, Sask., about 235 kilometres northeast of Regina, says he started feeling sick soon after starting his shift on Oct. 23 when his manager tasked him with cleaning enclosed areas of the meat department with a gas-powered pressure washer.

"I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy," Wil told Go Public. He says he staggered to the front of the store. "And I guess that's when I collapsed."

His condition was so serious that Wil had to be airlifted to Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton with severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

Just the day before Wil was poisoned, another teen employee went home sick after using the gas pressure washer.

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Plastic producers will be required to detail the quantity and type of plastic they put into the Canadian market under new rules announced Monday.

The categories covered by the federal government's new registry are wide-ranging, including packaging for single-use and disposable products, construction, electronics and transportation.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said the registry "will require plastic producers to take more responsibility for the plastic they put on the market."

"Twenty five per cent (of plastics) are known to be harmful," said Tony Walker, professor of resource and environmental studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. "We don't have data on the other 75 per cent."

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À chaque election qui se profile, vous vous dites que vous ne vous déplacerez pas, parce que vous pensez que ça ne sert à rien.
Voici 4 raisons que j'estime solides pour vous inciter a vous déplacer.

1/ On vous demande votre avis, donnez-le.
2/ Votez pour que quelqu'un ne vote pas a votre place.
3/ Plus qu'un devoir, c'est un droit !
4/ D'autres avant vous se sont battus pour obtenir ce droit, servez-vous en !

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Right? I agree with this #lemming. They don’t care about you, just profit. This is the reason I prefer open platforms like @Mastodon @lemmy and @peertube . They at least care for user privacy and freedom, big tech just doesn’t give any shits. “Profit all the way” they say.

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