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The format of these posts is simple: let's discuss a specific game or series!

Let's discuss the Age of Empires series. What is your favorite game in the series? What aspects do you like about it? What doesn't work for you? Are there other games that gave you similar feelings? Feel free to share any thoughts that come up, or react to other peoples comments. Let's get the conversation going!

If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course).

Previous entries: Super Mario, Deus Ex, Stardew Valley, The Sims, Half-Life, Earthbound / Mother, Mass Effect, Metroid, Journey, Resident Evil, Polybius, Tetris, Telltale Games, Kirby, LEGO Games, DOOM, Ori, Metal Gear, Slay the Spire

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Whatcha been playing?

Still on a break from elden ring dlc. This week I played the metroidvania called 'Islets'. Really fun and short game with Great movement and fun bosses. Def recommend checking it out.

Also been playing more Pokemon emerald rogue v2!

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When I was younger I used to play online poker, mostly on the phone, I think the app was called zynga poker??

Is there a trustworthy website, maybe open-source or run by good people that has a decent user base?

Edit: I don't want to gamble for money, just for free and virtual chips.

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no official CWA press release yet, but here's the union's:

Workers at Bethesda Game Studios have joined the Communication Workers of America, forming the first wall-to-wall union at a Microsoft video game studio. The workers, consisting of 241 developers including artists, engineers, programmers and designers have either signed a union authorization card or indicated that they wanted union representation via an online portal. Microsoft has recognized the union.

and here's their Twitter account

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From Robot Entertainment, of course.

Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap is an action-packed third-person shooter and trap defense game. Evolve as an orc-slaying War Mage through rogue-lite choices and obliterate, eviscerate, and incinerate massive hordes with up to four players.

  • Four-player co-op
  • Deeper progression systems
  • Rogue-lite build options
  • Expanded level variety and vast outdoor fantasy environments
  • Spectacular physics and more ridiculous orc deaths
  • Visceral third-person shooter and melee combat

Woohoo! Can't wait!!

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Thought this was a fun article to read, wanted to share. I think it's interesting that as societal and political views at large shift in the 2020s, it's good to go back and reevaluate how narratives are portrayed even as recently as 2015.


The crucible of how the game treats its profundity is in the relation between its white Founders faction, which is in power, and its rebellious Vox Populi, who are attempting to liberate the oppressed racial and political classes of Columbia. The player stands between these two forces, doing tasks for each in turn, eventually learning that both are insufficient in creating a good reality. As Chris Franklin highlighted in a recent video, this is a common refrain in projects that Levine has worked on: putting the player in the position of a mediating force between two extremes. The player can feel pulled, and compelled, toward different directions while ultimately being forced down a particular path. Playing as a character who is terminally in the middle of the road allows us to point fingers at any insufficiencies we see in the world around us — as King put it, “gamers like to feel smart,” and seeing the gaps of logic in the various worldviews on display can make us feel like clever social analysts. A player uses magic in their left hand while holding a gun in their right hand in a screenshot from BioShock Infinite.

From the vantage of 2024, it seems that one of the key problems of Infinite’s view from nowhere is infinity itself. No matter your viewpoint, Infinite seems to present you with some ideas that might align with your vision of the world and others that might challenge you. This is probably an admirable goal — art can give us perspectives on the world that we don’t yet understand, and that’s one of the many ways that creative expression can change us.

If there’s an issue here that generates the endless debates about whether Infinite is good, it’s that the game does not provoke us with a particular person’s, group’s, or ideology’s perspective. Instead, it just confronts us with the idea that many different ways of existing in the world are real, and any of them taken to their logical extreme will exclude all others. What produces the “both sides” problems of Infinite is a problem of imagination. Infinite is a universe of plural worlds, and if any of them takes over fully, everything goes bad.

Full disclosure, I was disappointed in the majority of the replies this got when I first posted it, and as a knee-jerk reaction I took it down. But I encourage you to at least read the quotes.

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[alt text: a black-and-white image of 8 creepy human-like figures floating in the air, with a building and a tree in the background. The caption says, "When you and the boys are playing in Creative Mode and one of them says, 'Come check out what I made'."]

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As a long time Dragon Age fan, I've been really, just iffy about Dragon Age: The Veilguard, especially since the very first trailer that they put out. The vibes were way off, like they were making a trailer for a Fortnite crossover rather than a dark fantasy game. The gameplay trailer afterward did seem to be more of what I was expecting, so I am more cautiously optimistic now. Guess we'll see.

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Hello I am giving away some codes that may be add ons for apps or games (you may need to have the game already) and a few games I won't use. Hopefully someone might use them.

The only requirement is that if you use the code please write a comment you have used the code so other people don't waste their time trying to activate the same code. Also let us know if the code worked.

Feel Free to claim more than one.

Thanks and have fun.

---------------------------------------- ANDROID ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Big Farm Mobile Harvest (Add ons)





~~asphalt 9 legends~~


time princess (Add ons)



raid shadow legends (Add ons)





pubg mobile (Add ons)



lords mobile (Add ons)








call of duty mobile (Add ons)





-------------------------------------------------- STEAM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

heaven island vr mmo soundtrack


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98% compatibility (discuss.tchncs.de)
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I am enjoying the game, except one thing in the story that keeps coming up and causes me cognitive dissonance. I am in the first system and it isn't clear to me why we are not considered Pirates.

The characters are always saying stuff like "Don't be a Pirate" or "Kill all the Pirates". And then we do stuff like steal from factions/corporations that are neutral to us. Why doesn't that cause us to be Pirates?

We literally accidentally kidnapped someone. I am so confused.

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[alt text: a two frame comic, made entirely with sprites from the Pokemon games. The top panel shows the three legendary beasts Entei, Suicune, and Raikou looking at the legendary bird Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh is saying, "I will bring you back to life," while the beasts are responding "thank you, Master". The bottom panel shows the three legendary birds Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres firing their elemental powers at the legendary Pokemon Lugia. The three birds are saying, "get him", and Lugia is saying, "leave me alone you stupid ass birds".]

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Interesting thoughts about how to define success for video games in today's market, particularly for those using early access. Lots of respect for Hooded Horse's CEO, Tim Bender, he says all the right things and seems genuine.

He describes van Lierop’s post as “exactly the kind of distorted endless growth/burden of expectations/line must go up perspective that causes so much trouble in the games industry”. He’s also unconcerned by Manor Lords falling behind its initial vast popularity, poking fun at “the apparently dark reality that some people, after enjoying their purchase of a premium, single-player title, might decide to go on and play another game (The horror! The horror!).”

Headline is a little melodramatic though.

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