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The National Post is a right leaning publication, and this article uses quotes from a Republican appearing on Fox News to provide context for figures sourced from the Daily Mail, which is owned by immigrant hating Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.

The article also mentions some lawyer telling Voice of America something, but the source link only takes you to Voice of America's website, not to any specific article. It's possible this was done intentionally to hide when that event occurred, because VOA was a mouthpiece for the Trump presidency when he was in office after installing loyal right wing followers in leading positions.


Look under 'Controversies'

I think it's safe to say this article is attempting to send a certain message, and is clearly biased, so bear that in mind, dear reader.

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I guess there's nothing particularly solarpunk-y about this track, but... I just thought it was rocking enough to share.

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Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓞⓡⓑ.

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That's an incredible name.

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This list is a little old, so some of the links may not work anymore, but overall it's still a pretty solid compendium for any budget concious Linux (or Windows) gamer!

Know of a game that should be added to the list? Leave a comment below! ^_^

Also check out:


Name Description Open Source?
CS:GO Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the premier online FPS [Free-to-Play] No
Warfork Fork of Warsaw to continue development, Cel-shaded Quake-like online FPS CC-SA
Cube 2 Online Quake-like Arena FPS with multiple game modes & level editor zlib
Assault Cube Counterstrike-like FPS in the Cube engine Freeware
Xonotic Quake-like arena online FPS GPL
FreeDoom Open-source implemantation of Doom, best used with Chocolate Doom Yes
Dystopia Cyberpunk online class-based FPS ???
Urban Terror Fast paced online FPS reminiscent of CS ???
OpenArena Online arena FPS using the id tech engine ???
Fistful of Frags Online Western FPS - Not as good as it used to be ???
Ravenfield Singleplayer Battlefield type game No
Alien Arena Retro Sci-Fi Online FPS ???
Red Eclipse Online FPS with parkour SRC Available
ET Legacy Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for modern PCs SRC Available
Team Fortress 2 Class-based online FPS with many game-modes to choose from (Not suitable for weak PC) No
Team Fortress 2 Classic Sick of hats, nerfs, and other changes to TF2? Than Classic is for you! TF2 Classic is a resurrection of what the game was like in 2013, with restored gamemodes, guns, and classes No
Open Fortress A total conversion of TF2 with unique characters, weapons, gamemodes, and maps! No
Aleph One Open Source implementation for Bungie's Marathon series GPL
Double Action Boogaloo Online 3rd-person shooter with slow motion No
Ultrakill Prelude Demo for an ultra violent oldschool FPS No
OpenSpades Clone of Ace of Spades 0.75, featuring fully destructible terrain and plenty of game modes GPL
Blade of Agony Story-driven FPS inspired by WWII shooters from the 90's and early 2000's - Extremely polished and fun SRC Available


Name Description Open Source?
Daggerfall Unity TES: Daggerfall recreated in the Unity engine with tons of improvements (Download the base game from here) ???
Solarus Games Game engine for making Zelda-like games w/ many completed games available on their website SRC Available
Flare Isometric Diablo-like action-RPG Creative Commons
Dungeon Master CSB Modern Engine for the 1987 First-person dungeon crawler ???


Name Description Open Source?
Beneath a Steel Sky Classic point'n'click with great art and voice talent - Available in most distro's repos Source Available
ScummVM's Freeware Games Fantastic point'n'click games here, my favorite being Dreamweb ???
Aye Fair Lady Point'n'click combined with a musical No
Heroine's Quest Excellent Point'n'Click/RPG hybrid inspired by the Quest for Glory series from Sierra No
Black Sect 2 1st-person dungeon mystery game where you play as a monk investigating a crypt No
Space Quest II Remake Excellent VGA remake of SQ2 with voice acting, now available for Linux! No


Name Description Open Source?
FreeCiv Sid Meier's Civilization II Clone GPL
FreeCol Sid Meier's Colonization Clone GPL
UnCiv Civlilization 5 style empire buillder MPL 2.0
FreeOrion Master of Orion Clone GPL
OpenRA Modern engine for C&C: Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, and Dune 2000 GPL
Tanks of Freedom Turn-based strategy, similar to Advance Wars on the GBA MIT
The Battle For Wesnoth Turn-based fantasy RPG/Strategy hybrid GPL
Hedgewars Worms Clone GPL
Argentum Age Fantasy collectable card game GPL
Wyrmsun Warcraft II-like RTS GPL
0 A.D. Superb 3D RTS, professional grade (Not suitable for weak PC) GPL
Total Annihilation Prime Fan-made prequel to the 1999 RTS Total Annihilation GPL
Zero-K Polished RTS with multiplayer support, available on Steam GPL
Warzone 2100 RTS that has campaign, multiplayer & singleplayer skirmish modes GPL
Thrive Game about the evolution of life GPL
Scorched 3D Turn-based & real-time artillery strategy game GPL
UFO2000 X-Com-like with Multiplayer functionality SRC Available
UFO: Alien Invasion Turn-based tactical combat inspired by X-Com SRC Available
OpenApoc Open-source implementation of X-Com 3: Apocalypse GPLv3
The Fertile Crescent RTS set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East. Manage a delicate balance between food surplus and the maintenance of your army - Multiplayer mode available No
TripleA Turn-based strategy and board game engine inspired by Axis & Allies or Risk GPL
Star Ruler 2 Turn-based 4X/RTS Strategy space colonization game - This is a commercial game that was open-sourced, you must compile the game from source code to obtain it for free. Consider buying it on Steam or GOG to support the devs MIT & CC-BY-NC
Beyond All Reason Open-source remake of Total Annihilation, a Sci-fi RTS GPL & CC-BY-SA

Side Scroller

Name Description Open Source?
Sealed Bite Game-Jam platformer with nice pixel art CC-BY-NC-ND
Mr. Rescue Rescuing people from burning buildings while putting out fires CC-BY-SA
Sienna Fun runner/platformer CC-BY-SA
Super Tux Super Mario Clone - currently in need of help GPL
Hurrican 2D Platformer Shooter Inspired by Turrican - Mostly forgotten SRC Available
Abuse Commercial 2D shooter turned Public Domain SRC Available
Frogatto & Friends Platformer with great music and graphics. Available in Debian/Ubuntu repos No
Commander Keen 4 New engine for classic DOS-era platformer GPL
OpenClonk Commercial 2D Mining game turned freeware, very unique, multiplayer ISC
Mari0 Mario, but with Portals! SRC Available
Cave Story Charming platformer, one of the first big indie hits No
VVVVVV retro platformer w/ level editor SRC Available
Spelunky Classic Roguelite platformer No
OpenSurge Sonic the Hedgehog clone with Level editor GPL
Lost Constellation Travel into the frozen woods in a folktale from the world of Night In The Woods No
Himno Peaceful 2D platformer game with an infinite number of beautiful procedurally generated maps No

City Builder/Tycoon

Name Description Open Source?
OpenTTD Clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe GPL
Unknown Horizons Village builder inspired by the Anno series GPL
Widelands Settlers clone GPL
Simutrans Transportation simulator clone with multiplayer ability SRC Available
Mindustry Factory builder / Tower Defense hybrid GPL
Terra Nil Relaxing city builder about ecosystem reconstruction No
Arcane Fortune Inspired by Civilization, SimCity and Dwarf Fortress, Arcane Fortune is a game of empire building, diplomacy, conquest, construction, and deconstruction. Whether or not you build a utopia, or a hell on earth is entirely up to you AGPL


Name Description Open Source?
Ryzom Open-source MMO with a unique world [Free-to-Play] Affero GPL
Isleward Browser-based MMO Roguelike that's moddable & open-source! LGPL


Name Description Open Source?
Dwarf Fortress Famous RL that has both a City-builder/management sim mode, as well as a more traditional RL experience in adventurer mode (you can even visit the ruins of fortresses you've built in the sim mode) No
Roguebox Adventures Graphical RL with focus on survival GPL
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Unique zombie survival RL that's quite thrilling to play CC BY-SA
UnReal World Crazy In-depth survival-sim RL based in iron age Finland No
Dungeon Crawl Soup Fairly standard RL to find the Orb of Zot No
NetHack Dungeon crawler RL continually updated since 1987 N-GPL
Brogue RL distilled to fundamentals, terminal-like UI No?
Tales of Maj'Eyal (ToME) Very polished graphical-heavy RL/RPG GPL
ASCII Sector Excellent RL Demake of Wing Commander Privateer No
ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) Extremely polished graphical RL with multiplayer No
DoomRL DOOM, but as a Roguelike! No
Sil & Angband Tolkien Roguelikes SRC Available
Pixel Dungeon RL with a nice pixel-art GPL
HyperRogue RL built on a mathematically rigorous hyperbolic surface, with an infinite and space-bending world GPL
Basingstoke Uniquely free to Linux users only. A tense roguelike that mixes stealth and arcade action. Explore the smouldering ruins of apocalyptic Basingstoke, UK, a world of extreme peril where reanimated undead and ferocious alien monsters roam! No?

Space Sim/Trader

Name Description Open Source?
Ur-Quan Masters Updated version of Star Control II. Be sure to get the Voice Pack! (Alternative HD version available here) SRC Available
Endless Sky 2D space trading/combat game similar to Escape Velocity GPL
Oolite Elite remake, huge mod support SRC Available
Pioneer Frontier: Elite II Remake GPL & CC BY-SA
Naev Space exploration, trade and combat ???
Race Into Space Re-implementation of 1989's Liftoff! GPL


Name Description Open Source?
FloboPuyo PuyoPuyo Clone SRC Available
Frozen Bubble Puzzle Bobble Clone with level editor & multiplayer GPL
Duck Marines Chu Chu Rocket Clone Multi-License
Pingus Lemmings Clone SRC Available
Portable Puzzle Collection 39 Old-school puzzle games MIT
Blockout2 3D Tetris-like Game GPL
Enigma Inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga - The object of the game is to find uncover pairs of identically colored Oxyd stones GPL
Lix Action-puzzle game inspired by Lemmings with over 700 levels, multiplayer, and a level editor CC0 Public Domain

Arcade / 2D

Name Description Open Source?
AstroMenace Hardcore 3D space scroll-shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities GPL
Leapoundary Arcade-y Puzzle Shooter SRC Available
SSVOpenHexagon Super Hexagon Clone AFL
LBreakout2 Breakout Clone Source Available
Witch Blast Binding of Isaac Clone GPL
TeeWorlds Online 2D shooter CC BY-SA
OpenTyrian Polished Shmup with excellent visuals and music SRC Available
Kobo Deluxe 8-Way space shooter SRC Available
Altitude 2D online plane combat No
Liero Real-time Worms SRC Available
Frets on Fire Guitar Hero clone GPL
Eat the Whistle Sensible Soccer Clone GPL
NeverBall Super Monkey Ball Clone GPL
NeverPutt Mini-Golf with hot-seat multiplayer GPL
Shootout Inc If Hotline Miami and SuperHot had a baby, this would be the result. Also check out Super Hotline No
Hammer Dongers 4-Player top-down party game No
C-Dogs SDL a classic overhead run-and-gun from the DOS era updated for modern systems, supports up to 4 players in co-op and deathmatch modes - Installer Downloads GPL


Name Description Open Source?
SuperTuxKart 3D Kart Racer, similar to e.g. Mario Kart Multi-License
Yorg Top-down racer in the Micro Machine's style No
Speed Dreams Realistic racing sim SRC Available
Max Downforce F1 style arcade racing game inspired by Pole Position SRC Available
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart Mario Kart style racer with characters from Sonic the Hedgehog GPL
Pixel Wheels Top-down 2D Racer similar to Micro Machines CC BY-SA


Name Description Open Source?
The Dark Mod Incredible Fan-made spin-off of the Thief series using the Doom 3 Engine (Not suitable for weak PC) GPL, BSD & CC BY-NC-SA


Name Description Open Source?
Minetest Minecraft clone written in C++ instead of Java for better performance. Base game is purposefully lacking in features, instead relying on mods from the community to flesh out the experience CC BY-SA
TrueCraft Clean-room implementation of Minecraft 1.7.3 MIT
PyCraft 2D Terraria-like ASCII game played in the terminal GPLv2
The Powder Toy Complete physics and material simulaton sandbox in a 2D environment GPLv3


Name Description Open Source?
Orchids to Dust Wandering alone on strange worlds No
Off-Peak Searching for a ticket in a head-trippy world No
Emily is Away Branching narrative in an online chat No
CHYRZA First-person flash-fiction horror story, explore a surreal desert while collecting fragments of a memoir No
Dagdrom Weird and colorful platformer thing No
Naut Explore mars in a convertible - Short little exploring game No
Leive-Oma Walk through the woods with your grandma No
No Players Online Short psychological horror No
Out of The Game The self claimed 'Inception' of video games No
Sacramento Explore a watercolor world No
David Lynch Teaches Typing It's exactly what it sounds like No
A Museum of Dubious Splendors Explore a storybook from the world of Somewhere. A visual feast for the eyes No

Vehicle Combat

Name Description Open Source?
Warthunder WWII to Cold War Multiplayer Dogfighter/Tanker/Warship Sim (Not suitable for weak PC) [Free-to-Play] No


Name Description Open Source?
Dota 2 Valve's entry into the MOBA genre, with native Linux support [Free-to-Play] No


Name Description
Archive.org Archive.org has uploaded over 6000 MS-DOS games to their library for future preservation, all fully playable for free right in your browser!
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Alternative Invidious Link

The LiMux Munich segment is at 17:47

Original German Translation available here.

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The LiMux project in Germany had some shady stuff going on in the background. Microsoft almost certainly bribed the new conservative government to switch everything back to Windows. There was a great documentary about it from DW that interviewed some whistleblowers, but I can no longer find it. However, Quidsup on Youtube did a good video encapsulating the course of events.

EDIT: I was able to find the documentary by searching the old title in German, which brought up the original German version, and from there found the English translation!

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Dogma (1999 4K Upscale) (www.youtube.com)
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Hell yeah Linux Mint Debian Edition

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The industry has shown us how they absolutely cannot be trusted, while FOSS applications have shown us they are sustainable and will always put the user's interests at heart, with Blender being a prime example.

We have to stop funding closed source software, enshittification is inevitable.

If we all donated the price of Affinity's perpetual licence to Krita, Kdenlive, and Inkscape, we'd have a suite of tools that could outcompete them all, and never have to worry about another acquisition.

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Ahh, you're the guys who posted over in reddit before your thread got locked that think it's a good idea to promote Russian propaganda equally with Ukrainian content, because you don't want to 'Take sides' politically. Closed source too, so that's pretty much a dealbreaker right there, especially for Privacy focused users. We've been abused by closed source software for far too long to trust anything less.

You also have absolutely no plan on how to monetize, as others have said in this thread already.

I certainly won't be supporting you, not with those values.

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That feeling between when you decide to lay down for a nap and actually falling asleep. When there's nothing on your mind, and you get your blankets just right, It's like coziness cranked to 11. One of my favorite sensations.

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They're not specifically feeding them plastic only, he's showing how any waste food (old potatos, old bread, chips, etc) that comes to be processed does not have the plastic bags removed before going into a grinder to become feed.

He actually shows how it's explicitly allowed in his state regulations, likely approved due to the efforts of an agribusiness lobbyist. I suspect that any negative effects to the pigs is not enough to effect the end product/bottom line, or doesn't manifest within the timeframe of a viable animal for slaughter.

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Interesting aside for anyone interested; you can subscribe to her Peertube account with your Lemmy account by searching [email protected] in your instance's search bar (or clicking that link). Then any video she uploads in the future will show up in your lemmy feed, and any comments you leave on lemmy should show up on the peertube video! :D

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Looking into it; depending on how much time you contribute, you apparently would share in the profit of the store.

It also appears to be taking steps to prevent drop shippers from plaguing the platform like Etsy suffers from, and ensure everything is actually handmade. Personally I like what they're going for, but I'm not a seller.

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