it's moldy Monday yaaaaay (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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be sure to add it to your moldposts titles

it's moldy Monday yay (files.catbox.moe)
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be sure to caption moldposts with "moldy Monday"

IT IS MOLDY MONDAY (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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be sure to caption your moldy posts moldy Monday :)) sorry for not posting this the last few Monday's I forgot

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Poll verdict:
all AI generated content is now banned.
moldy memes will now be kept to moldy Monday. on moldy Monday moldy memes are encouraged. on every other day they will be removed. bonus points if minions are somehow involved. you also receive bonus points if your image has two or more filters/watermarks, and is under one megabyte large

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Sorry for two new pinned posts within the span of 24 hours. after coming back I figured some of the rules needed some updating, and it is policy to put any rule change up to vote for the members.

The two changes I currently would like to make, is increased enforcement of the moldy posting rule, and a new rule banning AI generated content.

moldy posting is when you post a meme that you would find on your aunt's Facebook page or Elon musk's Twitter account. I'm talking properly old, moldy, watermarked, painfully irrelevant posts. I think we should remove them simply because they kind of suck, and removing them would raise the level of quality of 196.

I believe we should ban AI generated content because it is exploitative by nature, and I don't think we should be feeding it.

please discuss in the comments, and vote on whether or not you think these changes should be made. vote on each change separately. if there are any other rule changes that you would like to suggest, now is the time.

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but no, we do not support hamas

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Hamas is no longer any sort of threat, and requiring written condemnation of their terror attack with every post about the current razing of Gaza indirectly reinforces the purported thesis behind Israel's continued wonton destruction which is that Hamas is a threat, and Hamas will attack the moment the bombs stop.

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sorry for not making this post sooner, I've kind of been completely absent for the past 3+ months

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I'm sorry but Hamas is almost completely annihilated at this point. in addition, they do not represent the Palestinian people. I do not condone terrorist attacks, but once a nation has killed 20-fold greater numbers of people, and is currently razing the entire nation (who at this point has little to no military) innocent lives and all into dust it becomes a lot easier to pick a side.

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what the fuck does that even mean

196 stands with Palestine. (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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there's no meme, no spiel, that's it.

GUYS IM BACK (files.catbox.moe)
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Thank fucking God

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Yeah I saw. This shit has spiraled majorly, but a lot of their accusations are incredibly distorted versions of the truth, especially around the slurs. We remove slurs! I made an honest mistake, and immediately corrected it when called out, yet that has turned into accusations of ableism and transphobic behavior

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after today I have decided that we need a larger mod team. Please leave applications in the comments. Same rules as last time. Thank you.

Link to last time: https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/post/1107520

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Now personally I think we have the word takie pretty well defined in our rules and have no intention of changing it. Fuck tankies, they don't belong here.
I didn't write fuck commies, or fuck libtards, (I am a vocal socialist and very far left) or anything like that, the banner is specifically about pro-auth dictator-worshipping tankies.

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The DM was a DM asking us to change our no tankies policy and remove the fuck tankies banner as it was apparently upsetting hexbear users. Apparently tankies view the word tankie as a form of slur. The admin wants us to ally as a form of "left solidarity"

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Edit edit: pls stop voting we already decided. read the post title. I love blahaj.zone and personally wanted to stay.

EDIT-I feel the need to clarify that I don't really care either way, I have no ambitions to be an instance admin, I just want to do whatever's best/preferredf or the community-

Hello everyone, I'm making this post because I have received a very enticing offer that I think we as a community should consider.
Ruud from lemmy.world has reached out and offered to set up our own instance under the domain of 196.social, hosted on lemmy.world's hardware. This would allow the community to exist as a separate entity from any one instance, while also improving stability, as it would not be impacted by The same volume of hacks or attacks. It would also not be affected by Lemmy.worlds downtime as it would be fully separate.
The one trade-off is that we would have to fund this ourselves. Ruud says he is more than willing to cover the costs initially until we get some sort of funding set up, but after that grace period we would have to crowdsource the money. He says that the expenses of running a one community instance are very low, however. especially if we don't allow account creation, so it would not take many people to fund it per month.

Please vote in the comments whether we should remain on blahaj.zone, or migrate to our own instance.

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Here's a few things that are happening that I feel should be addressed:
-196 is reopening in reddit
-our community is causing excessive load on the blahaj.zone servers
-i finally figured out how to add newlines in Lemmy markdown

Two of these things are more important than the third but I figured they should all be addressed.
First things first, the subreddit. Even though the og subreddit is reopening now, I do not plan to close the community. At this point 196 on Lemmy and 196 on Reddit are both separate yet similar communities and this lemmy community has a sizable enough user base and is active enough I feel closing it would be stupid.

Speaking of a sizable user base, the blahaj.zone servers are under excessive load which has been causing the admins to incur fees upwards of $3,000 a month. This is in no small part due to 196 being the fourth largest community on Lemmy.
I'm not sure what the future solution of this will be. It seems like they're going to switch to a cheaper service provider which will also cause the entire website to be slower, at a lower cost.
For this reason, I think that a future migration to a different Lemmy server may be in order. I will be reaching out to major admins of other communities as well as our own ada to see if the pre-existing community can be transferred, or if we'll have to start from scratch if we choose to move. This is very much a developing situation, and I will keep you all posted.

Finally, as you can see. I finally figured out how to add newlines to plaintext meaning that all of my future postings will be much more professional looking. Check out our new and improved rules and regulations pinned post to see just how much of a difference it makes.

You guys are the community, so I'd like to see what you think. Please discuss in the comments section of this post, and I will try to base my actions off of whatever you all conclude on.

Also please point out any typos I may have made I voice typed this on my phone

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Not affiliated or related to 196cord. I am not a mod there, nor my particularly active on discord in general but we both figured that a partnership would be mutually beneficial. https://discord.gg/NPH8pp2GyK

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I'm high as balls right now so I'll respond to these messages tomorrow

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Exactly. Not necessarily perfect phrasing but the right intent behind the words

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This person has no problem dating someone who identifies as male but is exclusively attracted to "conventionally" female bodies and is expressing that while they would date a trans man, they don't think it would work because the female traits they are attracted to are the same traits that your average transmasc wouldn't quite enjoy having.

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I'll ban you for one day because you didn't do anything against the rules

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