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I'd believe it. 4chan's primary purpose is inventing new ways to refer to suicide

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I'm afraid to ask, what's ropemaxxing?

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Look at this fool that doesn't know who holly is. Holly will be coming for you

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I assumed it meant that they were wandering costco while the family was ready to leave

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Says you! I have a spot of tea with Russell and the Jupiter ducks every Sunday.

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Fuck you life, I choose happiness anyways

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Fuck yea, I'll be waiting at the next train stop

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What do you mean by that? The articles about this have been all over on lemmy for the last few days. She got away with ~$9 billion in financial crimes for over a decade, with total damages estimated at $12.5 billion. Her husband was also caught for embezzlement of billions and is receiving a 9 year prison sentence.

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It's accounted for just like any other leap year, add it to the end of a month as a universal holiday. Most calendar models make it July 29. It's also worth noting that this is actually 364 days, and a single day at the end of the year is a universal holiday.

Edit: I think leap years should be at the end of the year too for simplicity.

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Hmmm (lemmy.world)
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Hello everyone! RockSlayer here with another mod update. Recently we had a metapost (found here!) seeking to amend the rules in light of a public disagreement between myself and another mod. Based on feedback from that metapost, we will be implementing a rule banning support for authoritarians. This is one more chance to provide feedback before we codify this rule as written:

Unconditional support of authoritarians will not be tolerated.

Just to be clear ideologically, we are not becoming an anarchist community or using an overly broad definition of authoritarianism. As an anarcho-syndicalist myself, balancing this rule to prevent the exclusion of statist ideologies is of the utmost importance to me; that is why the rule has the requirement of "unconditional support". If you feel like there is a better way to phrase this new rule, please give us your suggestions!

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For those that don't know, I helped organize this union! The feeling is indescribable, and easily the proudest moment of my life. We won!

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It's still Black History Month, so I wanted to share this older video from SMN. MLK was a black christian socialist, and this video covers how and why Martin Luther King JR has been whitewashed of his radical messaging.

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To kick off Black History Month, I wanted to share my favorite interview of Prof. Davis about her activism in the Black Panthers and at college, being a political prisoner, and why she joined CPUSA. My all-time favorite quote from her is in this interview:

It was important at that time that we recognize that we could be victorious. We were not simply targets of repression, but that we were active historical agents that could set an agenda, fight for that agenda, and win.

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Dr. Wolff gives a historical analysis of the different political choices when workers had a lot power due to different crises caused by Capitalism.

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I think this framing is extremely disingenuous in the title. It's the same kind of bullshit that resulted in the misframing of the McDonald's hot coffee suit.

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Have you been wanting to unionize at work? Are you concerned about union busting disrupting your organizing efforts? Well then this website will be invaluable to you. CWA is a bottom-up, worker led union. Ever since the PATCO strike made unions afraid of striking, CWA alone has basically kept the idea of striking alive in the US. As an effort to modernize their definition of communication, CWA has created this playbook to prepare you and your coworkers against the insidious and misleading language union busters use to destroy your campaign.

It wasn't until 2020 came around and we regained our voice before things changed in favor of organized labor. Even with companies violently affecting workers with layoffs, now's the time to organize. As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. As a tech worker myself, the knowledge that there wasn't a single union member laid off at Activision Blizzard should be sign enough that unions provide job security.

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For those curious but don't want to bother opening the link:

  • It was in North Carolina
  • The engineer was critiquing NC infrastructure
  • A NC agency said he needed a permit to criticize their infrastructure
  • The judge correctly determined that it was a violation of our first amendment rights
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And this clause will give unity some fun lawsuits for those old versions

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