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Hey you are right

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Oi look at the clock! it's time to pay up, mates.

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NGL, you had me for a second.

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fear a further emergence of the more radical ones (AFD)

I'm not really sure thats their fear at all, tho. They seem pretty happy to cooperate with them. Some of them were even on the infamous meeting in Potsdam. The CDU and CSU become more and more right in a pathetic attempt to get some votes from the far-right, which does not even work.

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Jesse, we need to grill!

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I Like how he becomes so angry that he starts to bleed 😂

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Twice as much geese which are thrice as pissed?

angry rUwUle (feddit.de)
submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Context: The conservative Union parties CDU & CSU oppose the use of gender-inclusive language. The CSU has even banned its use in the state they govern (Bavaria) and urges parents and students to report teachers who violate this rule. For this reason, angry Germans are now changing the names of CDU/CSU offices on Google.

Pciture from: https://lemmy.world/post/13779367

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Ich weiß nicht wieso aber das ist das erste Handelsangebot Meme was mich seit langen zum lachen gebracht hat, danke :P

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Can't wait to make the Documentary about you. From memes to meth. The rise and fall of a German Memelord :P

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Yaayyy thank you :D

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Hello! I would also like to join and help out at 196. My main Account on World got banned from a Troll-Mod for being "nice to trans People and rude to Transphobes", I hope this speaks in my favor? I really like 196. It has such a chill vibe and fantastic people! I live in Germany, and I'm active in politics (VOLT).

I hate when people just come in a spam bullshit and harass people. This is such an Immature behavior and just annoying af. I do my best to report them as fast a possible but I would like to do more! If I can help in some way I'm here :D

My Mastodon: https://troet.cafe/@Roflmasterbigpimp

It's all in German, tho. But translators will do the Job, I guess :P

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