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Ich finde der Hauptaxhaden ist doch bei denen, die bestohlen wurden. Das Versicherungen enstprechend ihrer vertraglichen Verpflichtungen Geld auszahlen würde ich jetzt nicht als Schaden bezeichnen...

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Gute Zusammenfassung mit Quellen. Ich glaube so klassische Agent Provocateur mit die aktiv anstacheln oder bspw den ersten Stein werfen gibt es in DE trotzdem nicht, braucht es aber auch nicht wirklich weil die Cops eh jede Demo zerlegen dürfen wenn sie es denn wollen.

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Der eine Kommentar hat von (k)eine Rebellion gesprochen, der andere hat einfach nur "Rebellion wäre .." geschrieben. Der zweitere schließt meiner Meinung nach auch den Akt der individuellen Rebellion mit ein.

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Für ein rebellisches Leben brauchst du jetzt keine Mehrheit, das kriegst du schon ganz gut alleine oder mit deinem sozialen Umfeld hin.

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Gute Demotipps, halt Standard. Wechselkleidung lohnt sich aber glaube ich nicht wirklich, bisher sieht es nämlich nicht so aus als würde es einen schwarzen Block geben.

  • Lächerlich was die Berliner Morgenpost dazu schreibt. Obwohl sie seit Jahren in Berlin berichten kennen sie immer noch nicht die Strategien der Polizei oder stellen sich einfach dumm.
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Warst wohl noch nicht so oft auf ner linken/autonomen/antifaschisten Demo, oder?

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Wie ein antifaschistischer Slogan für einen Konflikt in der Berliner Dart-Szene sorgt

Dem Dartverein ADV Zebras droht ein Ausschluss aus dem Berliner Verband. Grund dafür ist ein antifaschistischer Slogan auf den Trikots, der aus Verbandssicht nichts im Sport zu suchen hat. Das wollen die Zebras nicht hinnehmen. Von Lukas Witte

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There is not "one" real anarchist answer. There a so many perspectives in anarchism, that claiming so is really misleading imo.

For many things(meat, PS5, alcohol, medical supplies) its close to impossible or nor feasible to get them via dumpster diving.

And about the "better for the world part" I think you are wrong, but tbh its not like it matters. People should steal stuff because they want it and not because it makes the world better.

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For anyone interested, checkout [email protected] ;)

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Angefangen hat alles mit https://nmts.noblogs.org/ und einem heute nichtmehr sichbaren Outcall auf Instagram.

Statt sich aktiv und transparent mit den Vorwürfen auseinanderzusetzen wird von FSF immer noch so getan als wüsste man von nichts, es werden die Vorwürfe kleingeredet oder anwaltlich gegen Social Media Posts vorgegangen.

Seit die Vorwürfe breit öffentlich geteilt wurden haben sich Bandmitglieder verabschiedet und Kollektiv/poltische Gruppen haben die Vorwürfe bestätigt. (Link1 Link2 Link3)

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Before: A Shoplifter's Guide to Tags (TODO)

[Info might be outdated, its atleast 2 years old]

What's up fellow lifters?

I've been using magnets and experimenting with them for awhile now. They have a lot to do with shoplifting so I'd love to share that with you. At request of Pesky-Wabbit.

In my opinion there's three types of magnets you need to shoplift, each one I will cover in depth. Those being:

  1. An S3 key
  2. A golf magnet or detacher
  3. Regular neodymium magnets

1. S3 Key

black s3 key, pretty much just a box shaped thingy with the word lockpicking on it

l'll go over the uses the S3 key first. An S3 key has a series of two separate magnets inside. One where each notch is on the S3 key.

The most useful and pretty much the only use for an S3 key is to open SpiderWrap. (The black circle with the wires surrounding the box, usually on electronics)

I've heard people say you can use them to open other things, however in my experience they really only unlock SpiderWire.

Where you can purchase an S3 key?

Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress are a select few! They can be had for as cheap as 8 bucks.

[If someone wants to share a link in the comments, that would be great!]

You can also lift one, if you don't want to wait the 30 days it takes to get here from China. I personally went with this method, although I wouldn't do it again.

The easiest place to lift an S3 key is probably Walmart. To be successful this is going to take some effort on your part. To find my S3 I ended up going to 4-5 different Walmarts in my area.

First you're going to be looking for a Walmart with a garden section and an S3 attached to that register. You need to case each of your Walmarts until you find exactly what you're looking for. Go into the Walmarts garden section and casually look for an S3 attached to the register. Most Walmarts have S3s on every register, MOST. This is where you might need to shop around!!

Once you find a register in the garden section look at what's keeping it tied to the register. Most the time it will be a metal wire attached to the register looped to the key.

Have a game plan when you come back. You're going to return at night, because there is absolutely no one in the garden section at midnight. I had wire cutters in my jacket and proceeded to cut the wire and slip it into my jacket. That's the easiest way, If it's connected that way.


Each legit Alpha systems S3 key has a RFID chip inside. This will activate the EAS towers when you leave the store. You'll need to wrap it in tinfoil before you leave. Honestly it's not that hard to make a tinfoil pouch to throw the key into. Once you get home open up the key and take out the RFID chip. [In the original there was an image here, if you know a guide please add in in the comments :)]

I highly recommend you buy it instead. If you buy a third party S3 key they won't have an RFID inside. ** Crafting your own S3**

I've made a couple S3 keys and they've left me with a certain longing. They just don't do anywhere near as good a job as my factory alpha key. Sometimes they would work sometimes they wouldn't. Again I highly recommend you buy it, but I will link how to make an S3 below. It can get very frustrating because you're working with two magnets very close to each other trying to keep them separate. I pinched my finger on multiple occasions.

[Link to YT vid I found, never tried tho]

2. A golf magnet or detacher

image of a silver bowl that seems to be a powerful magnet and a silver hook next to it

These are going to be an investment, they're not cheap and they take time to get. It's about half the size of a base ball maybe 3/4 the size. It's heavy and bulky but DAMN it works.

These range anywhere from 25-200 bucks. I paid 36 for mine with a hook detacher as seen in the picture. Unfortunately the shop I bought from closed or else I would link it. I did buy from AliExpress, and surprisingly it shipped to me in around 5 days. (US)

The important thing you need to realize when buying a detacher is the magnets pull strength. It's measured in gauss. The increments usually go 12,000 to 15,000 and then to 25,000 gauss. I would recommend the 15,000 gauss detacher.

Obviously the stronger the gauss the stronger the magnet, it's going to work better. If you're lifting clothes this is a must. My 15,000 detacher pops off any ink tag without effort. No more pulling or twisting it just pops right off.

I would buy my detacher again in a heart beat. I highly highly recommend them, and I'll go into more depth in the next section as to why it's so much better than a regular stack of neodymium magnets.

3. Regular neodymium magnets

5 flat neodymium magnets. look like thick silver cylinders, 3 are stacked on top of each other, one is sideways and one is in the front

These are just your regular N52 grade magnets. Neodymium is the strongest magnet there is, and that's why we use it.

The more gauss you can get the better. Most likely these aren't going to be very strong. (In comparison to the detachers) In this formation with quarter size magnets, (around 12) I have found they only open one or two tags.

These pencil tags were the most reliable at opening. This still took effort twisting and a little pulling until it would pop open. They also opened the Alpha screamers(image of a similar tag) very reliably.

These are nice because they can fit in your pocket and you can lift them from Home Depot really easily. Hands down though the golf detachers win by a land slide. These are also what you'll be using to make an S3 key if you decide to go that route.

In regards to where you put the magnet on the tag is going to depend. Usually there will be a little nub and that's where you'll put it. Weaker magnets you might need to move it around and wiggle the tag a little.

Summary and TLDR

Basically I just listed all the info required to use magnets when lifting. There was shit info about magnets on this sub and so hopefully this helps you noobs. Remember using tools can result in a worse charge if you're caught. Let me know if I should add anything down below!

Be careful and hopefully you liked this, it took some time.

Next: How to Find and Use Blind Spots

This is basically just a cleaned up version of the Raddle Shoplifting Guide

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Before: A Shoplifter's Guide to Magnets

Blind spots are quite easy to find and use if you know what you're doing. In this guide, I'll be talking about how to find blind spots, as well as how to use them correctly.

What is a blind spot? A blind spot (or blindspot) is an area in a store where one can't be spotted by cameras, and often times has little amounts of people in the area. Blind spots are often used to conceal merchandise, detag items or load up for a walkout. Blind spots can be extremely beneficial if you must conceal any amount of merchandise.

How do! find blind spots? Remember this one simple rule:

  • If you can see a camera, assume the camera can see you.

Follow this rule to find blind spots. However, do not go around looking at the ceiling and looking at every camera, because if an employee happens to be watching the cameras or you, you're going to stand out and they are going to watch you very closely until you leave.

This doesn't mean you can't scan the ceiling however; if you must, scan it subtly. This means do not point your head directly at the ceiling (or wherever your cameras might be). Instead, move your eyes to look at the ceiling, or use your peripheral vision. If you must gain leverage to look for cameras, tilt your head slightly, just enough to be able to see, but not so much that you're staring at the ceiling.

If you can't find a blind spot in a store within a few minutes, it's not worth strolling the store for half an hour looking for an isolated corner of the store to conceal something that you could probably unsuspiciously pocket. Blind spots don't always have to be used. That being said, if you can't find one, then turn your back to any cameras, and just conceal or load up. You're essentially creating a blind spot. But if you're concealing or loading up high amounts of items, this shouldn't be attempted unless you can guarantee you have a 10 second window per item.

In the unlikely event your store has no cameras then your entire store will act as a blind spot. See below.

How do I use blind spots? If you've managed to find a spot where you can't see any cameras, that's good. Now the only thing that can possibly spot you is other people.

lf there's people in your spot, you're going to want to wait until they leave, assuming you have merchandise in your hand or cart. You can act like a regular shopper there, or leave until they're gone. If you choose to leave the aisle, you may be able to find another spot, but customers should be out of your spot within a few minutes, so it may not be worth it. Be cautious around everybody, and assume any person could report you or try being the good guy and stop you, especially if it's an employee.

lf your spot is clear of people, and you know that you can't see any cameras, this would be your prime opportunity to start concealing, detagging, or loading up for a walkout; you just need to be very aware of anyone coming towards or into your aisle, and stop what you're doing if you feel like or know someone is coming.

[The pfd I copied this from ends here, I don't know if the missing page holds any valuable information.]

This is basically just a cleaned up version of the Raddle Shoplifting Guide

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Image description:

Meme using the "my parents at age X" template.

First part is "MY PARENTS AT 25" as a caption with a women saying "I think we should buy a house" and a man saying "sounds like a good investment"

Second part is "ME AT 25" as a caption with a men saying "If I shoplift then I won't have to pay for food"

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Brandenburg habe entgegen der Vereinbarung in der Koalition der Anrufung des Vermittlungsausschusses zum Cannabisgesetz zugestimmt, genau wie im Fall des Haushaltsfinanzierungsgesetzes, teilte die Grünen-Fraktion am Freitag mit.

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Schön wie die CDU mal wieder Dinge vorschlägt, die bei einer möglichen AfD Regierung dann die Faschos ausgenutzen werden.

Genau deshalb sind die ganzen Einschränkungen der Versammlungsfreiheit in jüngster Vergangenheit auch so gefährlich, denn bei dem Wort Präventivhaft läuft den Faschos doch das Wasser im Mund zusammen.

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The thing is, she seems really mature

Every time I read this I cringe. Because most of the time this comes from someone that cant really judge that. You dont seem to know each other for a long time or have a deep connection.

Besides that I wish both of you the best and maybe it turns out as some of the positive stories in the other comments. Or not. Both are ok.

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Like this

On December 10th, at around 6 p.m., 200 environmental activists suddenly stormed and “invaded” a Lafarge company cement factory of La Malle in Bouc-Bel-Air in the Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in Southern France. Infrastructure at the plant was reportedly attacked using a variety of methods, including: sabotage of incinerators and electrical systems and devices; cable cutting; bags of cement cut open and spilled; damage to vehicles and construction equipment; damaged windows; and graffiti spraying.

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