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that was a fun read

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That scoundrel!

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I need to get off the jinternet

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What's so bad about voicing an unpopular opinion?

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They’re called “spaceships

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Also how do I know if I’ve done it right? How is it supposed to taste? Texture?

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It’s awful! Thanks for sharing. This is a great post you made

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Winter weather in western Washington, huh? Wild. What a world.

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American EV manufacturers are consistently cutting their production citing waning demand. This is obviously false since the US is blocking cheap imports, car makers have everything to gain by limiting supply and keeping prices high.

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They have little anty bodies

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it's also yummy

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I was watching Band of Brother and wondering how those paratroopers got letters from home. Did their family need to know their nearest base? Or could they simply write their name and battallion? If I want to mail a package to a sailor do I just the ship's name? Or a port? I'm not actually mailing anything I'm just curious how that works. How much postage do you need to mail to a ship overseas?

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Long story short, the classic "ding-dong" doorbell chime is the first two notes of the bells played Westminster Palace, which in turn are based on Handel's opera The Messiah. Read more about it, it's neat.

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Some users have come to this thread to answer this question honesty and openly. Without cussing or name calling or anything.

I think it’s shameful for people to be downvoting them. Downvote something for being off topic, or for being violent or hateful that’s fine. But for having an opinion that’s different from yours in a thread specifically asking for that?

There are always going to be people who you disagree with. On every topic.That kind of behavior will only push people away.

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Every other car uses LIDAR and Elon thinks he’s such a forward thinker for shunning it. So dumb

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Wow I'm surprised to see people are actually downvoting you and arguing about this. It's common knowledge that the cost, impact, and build-time of new nuclear plants makes them a poor choice for energy. Not only is wind/ solar cheaper, it's faster to build.

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It’s more that cities tend to make people liberal. Some folks in small towns have never met a Muslim person or a Korean person. They have only a family tradition of racism in their small white racist town. People in cities have to live alongside many different types of people, and get to eat different foods and have different experiences. That cures racism.

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