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if protests did nothing, they wouldn't be forbidden in China and Russia and every other autocratic society

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you don't announce you're going all in before you see your cards, dude

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so after lots of investigation into this shitstain, the NY AG says he can't be trusted to even participate in business in the state of NY.. not just real estate, he can't serve as an officer in any corporation, because he can't be trusted..

yet everyone who voted for him gave him access to all of our secrets, and the ability to destroy lives if he felt like it

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i want the Ukrainians armed and fed and warm, let's get to work

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i didn't care who Hunter was before Joe became President, and i still don't give a single fuck.. Republicans are nothing but fucking trolls, and they can all fuck off to Russia any time they like, if that's the kind of place they want to call home.. they can live in a country full of trolls like them..

and if you mindlessly vote for Republicans because you think you're a Republican, you can starve for all i care

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if you support Trump, you're a traitor

Kissinger? (kbin.social)
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i wasn't even talking to her

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why did it take IBM and Apple so long to figure out which song was playing on the juke box here

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being a straight up psychopath seems to help a bit

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Advertising team wants to find any way to make people search for as long and as often as possible (“increasing the journey length”) even if it means delivering less relevant search results.

i now understand what i've been seeing a whole lot better.. any time marketing starts interacting directly with engineering, your tech company is in trouble..

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if you voted for Trump, you are forever cut off from the Blessings of Liberty.. you are not, and never will be fellow citizens of mine.. i will not defend any of you or your offspring from even the most basic harm.. you are enemies living among us for the rest of your lives..


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all Trump voters expect a pass for being stupid.. you all expect a fucking Excuse Me card at the end of the day, for being fucking stupid enough to vote for that piece of shit.. and you only voted for him because he's a piece of shit just like you, so fuck all of you.. every last Goddamned one of you..


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political radicals are neither political, nor radical, rather they are always corrupt narcissists.. discuss..


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if you voted for Trump, you go out of your way to prove what an ignorant asshole you are, all day long, every day


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they're so brave, they are willing to go to war with stickers

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Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to attend the funeral of former Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash last week after leading a short-lived rebellion…

Prigozhin was buried by friends in St. Petersburg, where Putin is not welcome perhaps.. his grave is probably going to be a holy site for a lot of angry young Russians..

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what, they couldn't book the landscaping place?

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when everyone figures out how fun and easy it is to heckle him, he's in real trouble

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