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How does Wojack Tate look so much like the real thing?

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Okay, I got it to talk.

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Tried it and it answered all my questions about US presidents... It did not feel like giving an answer for this question.

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What did the first tower say to the second tower?

"Sorry, can't talk now. I've got a plane to catch!"

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No it's not. There's something else we're supposed to do to traitors.

"You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now"

-Donald Trump, advocating for his own execution

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Way to go, guys! (lemmy.world)
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did she break the law because the letter was for the eyes of the CEO only

This may be my favorite thought process sovereign citizens go through.

"I don't have to follow laws as long as I make shit up. But everyone else is required to follow the law exactly as I assume it works for normal people."

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Jupiter's Legacy in case anyone is curious what the show is.

Rule Estate (lemmy.world)
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RulElmo (lemmy.world)
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  1. Those who can extrapolate information from incomplete lists
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Hey it's not like he did something insanely criminal, like owning a negligible amount of cannabis to enjoy in the privacy of his own home.

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Firefox release notes: we improved the privacy of our browser

Chrome release notes: fuck you and fuck your fucking adblock

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Leave it to big tech to introduce the same exact product with less features while they gaslight you into believing it's a shiny new product that you should be excited about.

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I went to a brewery recently where they swipe your card at the entrance and hand you a little black credit card type thing. You find your own seats, you go grab a glass, and you insert the card into a slot at a beer tap and pour your own beer, priced by the ounce. If you want food, you go to a kiosk, put your card in, and order food. When it's ready, you go to the kitchen and pick it up to bring back to your seat. When you leave, you bring the card back up to the register and they charge you for all the food and drink. But then it asks you how much you wanna tip. Who the fuck am I tipping? I was my own host, my own bartender, my own waiter, my own bus boy. I haven't seen an actual employee here except for some woman who swiped my credit card during a 5 second interaction.

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There's no download button on Google Play, it just says I'm "registered" and it will download automatically when it's available. When I try to download from Aurora it says "Download failed. App not supported.

How are people downloading the app?

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Got my first smothered mate today in a blitz game.

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