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But what does Mr. Translating have to say about the situation?

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Nooooo!! If you don't like seeing the same 3 jokes every single day for a week you're a billionaire shill and cop bootlicker!


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Often they owe money they can't afford to pay; some tax issue, legal penalties, child support, etc. The sov cit communities tell them what they want to hear, specifically that they can get out of their financial obligations without paying by using esoteric loopholes. There are authors, podcasters, YouTubers, etc who profit from this sort of grift, but the sov cit movement has hit critical mass and now a lot of idiots are just feeding off of each other's ignorance for free.

It's incredibly easy to convince people of something they desperately want to be true. Same reason there's always a new "get rich quick" and "lose weight without changing your diet/exercise" scam going around.

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If it's what you say I love it, especially later in the summer

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Sinnead O'Connor was absolutely right to rip up the pope's picture.

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Me: Trying to go about my life

Nueralink: Please drink verification can to continue living.

Me: Aww shit, here we go again.

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ProtonMail is subject to surveillance due to its location in Switzerland. As a member of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, Switzerland shares data with foreign intelligence.

Except Switzerland is not a member of the 14 Eyes. Perhaps they got Switzerland and Sweden confused? I assume I can ignore whatever else this moron has to say considering this first point is blatantly false and they obviously did zero fact checking.

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๐“€Ÿ ๐“€Ÿ๐“€•

๐“†๐“Œ ๐“€ ๐“€

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Many big politicians are also right-wing extremists, at least here in the US, so that makes sense.

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Well John McCain is... Not around for obvious reasons. But you can also add John Kasich, Liz Cheney, and Mike Pence to the list.

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I hate Google, the dungeon master.

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Same energy. And yes I know they're not trans. And yes I know they're sisters.

Way to go, guys! (lemmy.world)
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  1. Those who can extrapolate information from incomplete lists
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There's no download button on Google Play, it just says I'm "registered" and it will download automatically when it's available. When I try to download from Aurora it says "Download failed. App not supported.

How are people downloading the app?

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Got my first smothered mate today in a blitz game.

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