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If we go by France starting at 1789, it took over a century for the proverbial shit to work its way through the colon and for things to get better.

So if there's a civil war, you're not going to see it, but some of your offspring's / cousins descendants might when all the power grabs are done and the economy gets back to where most people aren't starving.

Here in the states, we got suckered by Reagan and Jerry Falwell, who were sore due to the end of segregation and the legalization of interracial marriage. So yeah, they were so into racism that they hacked the system to consolidate power and create a one-party white-power autocracy that neither of them would live to see.

If we get very very lucky, we can put it off long enough for the GOP to backstab itself to death. We might be able to stall the consolidation of power, and the enforcement of authoritarian rule (that's rule at the gunpoint of law enforcement or garrisons, not by consent) as it worms its way from the federal government to the states.

A lot of damage has been done, and the lumpenproletariat is very, very stupid and wants to regard its political party the way it regards its gridiron football team. And it likes the propaganda that media feeds it. If we're going to create a cohesive public-driven, public-serving government, we'll have to invent some sociology that we don't have yet.

So yeah, civil war is a step like geoengineering, an act of desperation we hope we don't have to commit to, that has the potential to go very wrong and very badly. And will require decades of clean-up that will suck for everyone, so maybe our kids' kids will see the benefit.

On the other hand, one-party autocracy is worse, as we will rapidly discover.

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Billionaires get so obvious with crap they want, it reminds me of a toddler that really wants his very own formula one racer or artillery piece or nuclear reactor.

And yeah, if it weren't so critically deleterious to the rest of us to let him have it, we'd let him pull a Stockton Rush and blow himself up with mad science.

But the rest of us really don't want to have to clean up after his one party autocracy or suffer through the critical scarcity, the civil war and the holocaust that propagandists will deny for centuries.

When you look upon a billionaire, see them as a bird, trying desperately to feed a cuckoo chick at the cost of their own offspring, only this chick never grows up and flies away, but stays, ever eating, ever growing like a cancer, demanding nourishment forever.

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Samsung sent me a notification to accept the new terms and conditions. The form was designed in a way to trick you to accept all the terms, including optional marketing ones... took me ages to find out how I can change my answers

I keep closing the pop-up, curious what's going to happen if I never accept Samsung's new terms and conditions.

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At this point, I suspect there is a critical flaw in the civilization or the species.

And by critical flaw, I mean we are on a proverbial express train careening towards multiple great filters well beyond our navigation skills.

Billionaires hoarding all the wealth seems like a fixed action pattern they cannot resist.

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I want to say Vance is Trump's Himmler, but he isn't even that. He's kinda like Trump's minime.

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In for a lamb, in for a sheep.

In for a peaceful protest, in for sabotage

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< trying to gaze into it like an autostereogram >

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In the late 1970s (I was a kid) the computer is always right was a common sarcastic parody of all the people who actually believed it.

We'd discover in the 1980s it was possible to have missing data, insufficient data or erroneous data.

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In 2004, a Danish company created mine-detecting plants that changed color when their roots were exposed to landmine leakage. So yeah, this actually makes sense that we'd imagine this kind of solution.

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I suspect Biden will be fine in two weeks. I trust Biden has actual doctors on his staff as opposed to Ronny Jackson, the candyman. Also Biden will know not to make public statements while (to quote Stephen Colbert) Jacked to the Nards on medication as Trump did with his bout with COVID19 while in office.

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That is a HUGE milkshake. It's a quart.

This is beyond major celebrations like graduations or windfalls, but for tragedies like break-ups and subprime mortgage crises.

Completely acceptable the day after Trump wins the election. In fact, get two.

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This is a profoundly good study of refraction.

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I was thinking Low Key Gigachad Enclave

My beautiful child... (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Moldy Monday continues.

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Moldy Month of June goes on.

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Not OC.

If I'm the one responsible for posting Pride memes for June, then every day will be moldy Monday.

Oglaf: Wrath (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Oglaf from a couple Sundays ago. ( source ). Less about the issue of theism so much as theocratic rule, but applicable to past and present.

Classic Rule-X erasure (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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I think a couple years later, they posted one that included us. As a fellow GenX noted, this kind of erasure is totally on brand for us.

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All you have to do is follow the worms

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