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You just reminded me of having to prove that math signs work and do what they do from basic axioms to integers and rational numbers using logical proofs... Damn that was interesting but SO tedious...

[-] [email protected] 5 points 2 days ago

Maybe this article doesn't mean thing like ffxiv, but ffxiv did something similar. In essence if you bought it before it early released, you got to play it those 3 days early. If you wanted to play it that time you could have just bought it and if you didn't you just bought it 3 days later and played it anyway.

I think that for an online game that's a great idea, specially ffxiv, because the people that are going to play the new expansion probably bought it weeks prior to the early access and people who didn't probably haven't still finished the last expansion, so they really have no real incentive to play the new one like NOW, all they do is tax the servers for all the people that actually want to play the new content.

It's also a way to limit the user base into two peaks so that the servers don't die too much.

I'm completely against charging extra for the early access though. Early access maybe good, paying for it obviously bad.

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It probably is why bother with the dress up when you can generate the photo after some trial an error.

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I don't think they are worried about the next US presidency though? That's the context of this comment chain. They are being fucked by the US regardless of the president that gets elected. All the other comments were about people that will be affected by it in a medium to major way.

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Not only editing but leaving the old info so people don't get confused, that's awesome behaviour.

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Without root/admin access, on windows programs can't write in several important folders. By root user they meant program files, system 32 and all those "system files", which, surprise, are root files.

A hacked kernel level program can modify system files and set up a keylogger that doesn't even register on the program monitor, and it can send your information and you wouldn't even notice it without monitoring your outbound packets, so you won't.

Any other program would ask you admin/root access and if that's weird behaviour you can deny it and investigate, kernel level programs have it by default so if they have an exploitable vulnerability, you are fucked by default. It's a huge difference and the fact that you are not acknowledging it makes me feel like you really don't understand how code works.

Also, don't put riot and valve in the same bag. PLEASE.

[-] [email protected] 20 points 2 days ago

I don't think YOU understand how code works. Having a program that you can't verify being run as the highest priority level in your system is a stupid idea. You don't know how secure it is or if it has vulnerabilities because again, it's not open source. They are not even security experts, they are a game development company (which will hire security experts, sure, but the main focus not being security is important) and riot is not know for having a super robust game.

Do you really trust them to release a program that can't be hacked into, which then would give the hacker a way to elevate privileges into the highest security level? Even if you trust them not to harvest and sell private data, you have to also trust them to make an unhackable program.

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Just what the other guy told you. I get that it's a good idea, so good that it has already been done. Streamio+torrentio is the same concept and once set up (takes 5 minutes MAX), it works the same way. I still prefer a full servarr setup though.

(low key shame on this product for having the *arr suffix while being a replacement of the servarr stack)

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That torrentio is an add-on of streamio, it's 1 app too...

[-] [email protected] 7 points 4 days ago

So, streamio + torrentio?

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Is he going to play the "like Jesus, I died and resurrected from the dead, I'm your saviour" card?

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Idk man, I just have a good pillow that's big AF so that when I'm sideways it fits well and when I look up it compresses.

If you need more space maybe buy a bigger or a sturdier one (so you compress it less)

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Thanks to /u/[email protected] for mentioning KDE window rules. In KDE, we can add rules for windows so that they behave in specific ways. One rule that can be added is the position: remember rule, and it's possible to make that rule apply to all windows by removing the match field. This way, closing and reopening windows keeps them where they were.

This is a very typical complaint about wayland that a lot of people have, something that apparently worked natively with X11 and annoyed me to no end since I had to position all the windows every day when logging into my desktop. No more! I hope this helps :)


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