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I freaking love this manga

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It's a terrible day to have eyes

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The title is the most accurate onomatopoeia I've ever seen in my life

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I would say that your best bet would be to learn React Native. It's an excellent option for mobile apps and you can reuse what you learn for a lot of other things as well. It's super popular so you should find no shortage of resources if you get stuck.


Another option is Flutter. I personally don't like it too much unless I also intend to target desktop (and even then I'd probably use something else) but it's fairly popular as well so you should be able to find plenty of learning resources.


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It's almost funny. Honestly, the only way I can see them regaining any trust at all is by a complete change in leadership and increased transparency and accountability.

I haven't calculated how much the new revenue split would be on average so take this as a random scribble on a napkin, but I wouldn't be surprised if most studios choose to never upgrade to the next version.

Just remember, the current CEO was too greedy even for EA.

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Yeah my device struggled to run any major engines so Godot kinda saved my ass when I first got into gamedev many years ago. I was going to start learning the major engines now that I have slightly better hardware, but I guess I'm skipping Unity now.

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I looked through the announcement post and all I can say is that this is beyond absurd. Can they even legally apply these changes retroactively? All these relatively large indie games used Unity. They can't exactly tear everything down and use another engine. They didn't even accept such terms at the time, so how can they suddenly be expected to pay for every download they get?

And I was so excited to finally start learning Unity too... damn. I probably should have seen something like this coming way back when they announced their IPO. I was going to learn Unreal at some point as well but I guess I'll just uninstall Unity and skip right to UE5.

There's definitely going to be huge action taken from every studio that used Unity in their games. I have a hard time believing that they'll get away with the retroactive part at least.

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I'd rather play pacman

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I don't know how popular this take is, but I pay for premium and feel like it's worth it. Granted, it's super cheap in my region and I get the student discount on top of that. I'm not a creator but last I checked, premium revenue is a little higher than ad revenue and isn't affected by demonetization.

There are multiple factors that convinced me to get premium and ads weren't one of them, since I've been using ublock and Vanced/ReVanced for years.

  • Many creators I watch make excellent, high effort content but get demonetized for not being brand safe.
  • I use youtube a lot. I'll be the first to try fediverse alternatives of anything, but unfortunately, youtube isn't something replaced so easily simply because the creators still need money to make the content I enjoy. That's reality.
  • I can afford premium but not Patreon/merch/memberships/superchats frequently enough to matter if at all.

Content on the internet hasn't been free for a long time. It's been funded by shady and user-unfriendly means like ads, harvesting data and affiliate links. It's just that the money from these sources has started to dry up recently and people are panicking. I think the web monetization api has great potential if made easily and widely accessible, since I'm sure that a significant portion of people are perfectly willing to pay a little bit monthly for a better experience and to support the content they consume. I'm looking at using it in a project of mine as well.

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I wholeheartedly believe this too. There's something so amazing about the feeling of creating things with your own hands and seeing what the rest of the world says about it. But the moment you rely on this to literally not starve, any unfairly advantaged competition becomes that much more dangerous.

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