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Who here is going to put their ID and photo on X/Twitter

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[-] [email protected] 648 points 8 months ago

Nobody, absolutely nobody should trust that idiot with your ID.

[-] [email protected] 277 points 8 months ago

If you always wanted to leak your ID to a bunch of hackers thanks to poor security practices, this is a great opportunity for you to do so

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[-] [email protected] 66 points 8 months ago

It's not about trusting some idiot. It's about attaching your identity to your activities online. I remember when these websites used to advise against doxing yourself.

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[-] [email protected] 50 points 8 months ago

Yeah. I'd rather hand it over to the weird guy at the bus stop. At least he's not a billionaire douche bag.

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[-] [email protected] 335 points 8 months ago

Twitter aside, if any website or app ever asks this of you, please nope the fuck out.

[-] [email protected] 115 points 8 months ago

I guess it only occasionally makes sense for government web sites and banks. X might have ambitions to become a bank, so in that sense it might make sense.

So another piece of advice: if twitter ever asks you if you want to start using it for banking, nope the fuck out.

[-] [email protected] 60 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

You Americans should get to this century and start performing digital strong authentications like the rest of us. Sending picture of your ID to anyone is insane :)

How we do it here in Finland is that there are digital identity providers which use bank/mobile carrier to identify you. They then use MFA when identifying you. Any service can use these services to do strong authentication for you. And they don't cost anything for the customer, and is really cheap for the company who wants to identify you. It is also build into the law that you must identify people using these, to avoid identity theft.

[-] [email protected] 97 points 8 months ago

We're still trying to decide if slavery was wrong give us some time

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[-] [email protected] 225 points 8 months ago

Don't do this. Delete your Xitter account and use Mastodon instead.

[-] [email protected] 99 points 8 months ago


In my head that's pronounced "shitter"

[-] [email protected] 61 points 8 months ago

That is indeed my intent.

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[-] [email protected] 165 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

90s: stay anonymous, be careful with strangers, don't give up any more info than you have to. The internet can be a dangerous place. Also, supervise your kids and have them ask permission to go online.

2010s-2020s: livestream your life 24/7, use real names and emails everywhere when signing up for bullshit, hand your kid a phone and let them go buck wild as well.

How did we stray like this?

[-] [email protected] 88 points 8 months ago

It's also ironic that the same generation of parents telling us to be careful online and "don't believe everything you see on TV" are the same ones that get their news from grifter pundits and divisive facebook memes generated by Russian bot farms.

[-] [email protected] 38 points 8 months ago

It’s remarkable isn’t it? Now we’re the ones telling our parents to turn off the TV and get off the internet or it’ll rot their brains.

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[-] [email protected] 142 points 8 months ago

I, for one, want to thank Elon Musk for graciously backing up my highly sensitive government ID (that has my birthdate, eye color, height, weight), my biometric data, and likeness! It is such a nice thing to centralize all my most sensitive data into one giant honeypot waiting to meltdown. It is made even more appealing after he fired the entire staff responsible for maintaining this honeypot!

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[-] [email protected] 120 points 8 months ago

Looking forward to the inevitable massive data breach.

[-] [email protected] 38 points 8 months ago

Will be even more interesting when they inevitably hold the data for longer than the 30 days

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[-] [email protected] 98 points 8 months ago

There is absolutely 0 chance I'm sending any documents to the clown in chief

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[-] [email protected] 95 points 8 months ago

Man, Elon's got one hell of a boner for WeChat, huh? I honestly feel embarassed for him. WeChat is WeChat because it's Chinese -- there is no secret formula for Elon to steal. The circumstances which created WeChat simply do not exist in the west and IMO it should stay that way.

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[-] [email protected] 82 points 8 months ago

Ah yes, just take a photo of your id. Surely X can be trusted, right… right guys?

[-] [email protected] 33 points 8 months ago

Sure it can. Just wait 'til it also becomes your banking app, keeping your money totally safe, then you'll be able to double trust it. Would space karen x ever lie to anyone? /s

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[-] [email protected] 82 points 8 months ago

Nobody noticed “Be prepared to take a sefie” !?

[-] [email protected] 31 points 8 months ago

I can guarantee that this was pushed out the door without any actual forethought or planning. Because Elon probably decreed that it had to be done now, so the devs were forced to push to prod without any actual testing ahead of time.

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[-] [email protected] 80 points 8 months ago

it won't be mandatory, unfortunately. Would've loved to see another fediverse mass migration

[-] [email protected] 35 points 8 months ago

The eternal september moment for the fediverse is very much coming

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[-] [email protected] 75 points 8 months ago

Online banks use this method. I am not happy with this either. It's government-regulated, so OK (sort of).

A social media site? No, thank you.

[-] [email protected] 33 points 8 months ago

Banks are usually bound by KYC (know your customer) laws and are required to verify your identity. Imagine trusting some random third-party company with your photo ID though... Insane.

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[-] [email protected] 69 points 8 months ago

Exciting times for hackers !

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[-] [email protected] 68 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

I mean if you want your identity to be stolen, theres other equally fast ways

[-] [email protected] 63 points 8 months ago

Hahahahaha no.

Besides, what makes them think I even have a government ID? I don't drive and I'd only need a passport if I had to leave the country.

Looooooooots of people don't have ID.

[-] [email protected] 37 points 8 months ago

In america maybe. In lots of other countries every adult has an ID

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[-] [email protected] 31 points 8 months ago

Looooooooots of people don’t have ID.

In the civilized world, this is pretty endemic to your country and is actually a problem there as I understand.

Personally, where I live, I couldn't even vote or reliably buy alcohol if I didn't have some form of ID to prove my identity or age (okay, I haven't been carded in years, but it COULD happen). This is OK because everyone is mandated to have ID anyway (and it's not in any way difficult to get one), so requiring ID for voting, for an example, doesn't discriminate against poor people like in the US.

That said, X still wouldn't get my ID. I haven't even given it to Google, despite them asking me for it so I could watch music videos with a lil bit of swearing or something (Funny thing being, my YouTube account is about old enough that in a year or 2 it can go buy beer here in the EU)

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[-] [email protected] 59 points 8 months ago

I am going to continue not having an account and not having to deal with this.

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[-] [email protected] 58 points 8 months ago

Normalizing proving who you are to random online companies. I can't see how this could backfire.

[-] [email protected] 53 points 8 months ago

Why would anybody do this?

[-] [email protected] 45 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

That’s literally what I thought about installing Chrome and sharing my browsing history with Google. Why would I get a Facebook account and share my name, my face and my daily activities with the entire world. I thought that this is just pure insanity, and nobody will ever go along with this level of stupidity. Oh, boy was I in for a surprise.

Look who is laughing now that Chrome is the number one browser and many websites are only tested on Chrome. FB has so many users that people think it’s really odd that I’m not there with everyone else.

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[-] [email protected] 52 points 8 months ago
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[-] [email protected] 47 points 8 months ago


I wonder if Elon demanded they use this company for identity verification because of their creative use of the letter X

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[-] [email protected] 46 points 8 months ago

Too bad Twitter didn't already have a fully-functional identity verification system 6 months ago, which didn't require the exposure of any sensitive PII. Would be crazy if that had been a thing, eh?

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[-] [email protected] 39 points 8 months ago
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[-] [email protected] 36 points 8 months ago

I genuinely don’t care about pretty much every other piece of drama related to X but I won’t be giving any social media or my government issued ID that won’t be happening.

[-] [email protected] 34 points 8 months ago

Commence operation dick pic

[-] [email protected] 33 points 8 months ago

Humor is now legal on twitter!

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