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I created this community on Lemmy because it feels like all public communities centered around shoplifting have either gone inactive or were removed from their platforms like r/Shoplifting from reddit and f/shoplifting from Raddle. The other shoplifting communities on Lemmy are kinda dead and also seem pretty hostile towards anarchists (and probably other anti-authoritarian folks), which made me feel not welcome at all. Plus, i feel like Lemmy as a link aggregator is a great tool to make niche knowledge accessible and build a community around that.

Feel welcome to join and/or leave some feedback and let's steal some shit!

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I wonder why the down votes. Are those from other instances who don’t want duplication?

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Most are probably from a time when some posts got pretty popular and reached decent visibility in /all.

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exchanging tricks and experiences. discussing trends and events. connecting shoplifting to politcal theory and praxis. also memes.

Why a(nother) shoplifting community?

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