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Hey everyone, fellow anarchist. I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate:

  • Protestors all around the north stopped Israel help, thefore helping Palestines.
  • EZLN dynamism to adapt to ever-changing situations and a great sense of humor.
  • Protests Against Cop City in Atlanta helps counter-act authoritarianism in a country that historically has been the empire.
  • AANES/Rojava territories exist and keep on giving a great fight against all odds.
  • The Myanmar resistance against their fascist opponent where the alliance is giving them a run for their money.

I share this mostly because I'm are coming out of a very upsetting situation that I'm sure many people share.

To share the feeling that the world and our friends Solarpunks are imagining is being made in the middle of gardens where bullets fly like mosquitoes in the jungle. Too many. And it is always in our hands to take the necessary actions to put the seeds of empathy and international solidarity. To combat bigotry and hate speech while giving hope to those around us.

We are not saviors, not at all. People can only save themselves, and it is that friendly hand, the shoulder where you can cry, and the compañerxs you can trust who push and guide us to see in this significant penumbra.

So, l want to celebrate that you guys exist. You artists who imagine the future; you freedom-fighters; you who choose to identify as or decided to love a man, woman, or non-binary people; you workers who share their know-how; you parents who care for the future; you from the global south or north; you from whatever skin color you were born with: I celebrate you, and I applaud your work so far.

Let me know of any progress I may have missed in my message of individuals striving for autonomy and acknowledgment so that we can celebrate their achievements even more.

I hope you all have a great day, and remember that, at least from this geography of South America, at least one capybara is celebrating you.

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Capybaras of the world unite 😅

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Edit: made a writing mistake that sounded like I didn't support Free Palestine. Suffered a small heart-attack after reading it.

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❤️ 🏴

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