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A few times I've come upon the power of a common language in the last few days.

I've seen a video about a meeting of Amazonian pajés (shamans) and herbalists sharing and maintaining traditional plant use, facilitated through the common language Portuguese, I've read about the success of the Zapatistas where native people are helped in their efforts by the common language Spanish. And just now a post in Anarchism & Social Ecology mixing Spanish and English just as comfortably as my family juggles three languages at home.

Do you know of other examples?

I thought one of the non-evil possible uses of a LLM could be to create a new language like Esperanto, and ideally it would simply be a mix of English and Spanish, to connect a maximum number of people? Or are artificial languages always doomed to fail?

Edit: title, because there is not one language of solarpunk

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Esperanto has a lot of good features, but it is binary gendered and default male by design. That hasn't aged well.

Due in part to persecution on both sides during the Cold War, it has skipped a generation in terms of adoption. There are a lot of old speakers, a growing set of new speakers, but not a lot of middle aged speakers. But the dated politics and class interests of the large population of the surviving advanced aged speakers with leisure time to participate in the culture can make them as much a burden as they are a resource, in north America at least.

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That's interesting and kind of disappointing to hear - I mostly know of Esperanto thanks to Harry Harrison who loved it enough to write it into his books and add ads about it to the last pages.

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