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why folks shouldn't bother trying to emit less carbon?

I’m not saying they shouldn’t, just talking about priorities :)

I’m also playing the “being less dependent on capitalism” game but I recognize that it’s an uphill battle and most of the people don’t have time nor energy like me.

On an individual level I’d say the most important thing is taking back our time and cognitive energy to unlock other possibilities.

If you have time and energy yes, lower your footprint, help people around you do the same, get healthier, get powerful, be more resilient and so on. If you are a normal person with limited time and energy focus on wellbeing and even just putting one inch of support on the stuff I said earlier because the number of people at rallies and strikes really matters.

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idk really, this is the site of the project: https://arti.torproject.org/

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Tor is being rewritten in Rust :3

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i don't like sharing crowdfundings because there are a looooot of them; but i feel like this can be an exception for 3 reasons:

  • it's Gaza
  • i know that the hacker association behind it is more than honest
  • dulcis in fundo, looks like a very much solarpunk solution on a lot of fronts, it's not ''just'' the usual mutual aid :D
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Your part is not thinking how to reduce your carbon footprint but organizing with other people and partecipating in collective actions or movements or whatever.

Your small part may be even just donating 10€ to the people needing legal help cause protesting. Or just showing up to a rally. Joining a union…

I think that just liberals think we should all try to reduce our carbon footprint so there is really no need to feel guilty about that on this server ;)

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Don’t need vpn in Italy. Just don’t fuck around iptvs for sports and don’t make a business out of torrenting

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i've voted with 5 as more and 1 as less, iirc it was written right in the section (even tho as you said there is also ''agree'' on the 1 so idk lol)

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what bugs me the most is thinking that if lemmy became as relevant as reddit, servers to spam all over the threadiverse would be created nonstop

does anyone have some resources into solutions for spam in stuff like email? i'd like to check if having some giants gatekeepers like microsoft and google is inevitable

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except for the ''new experiences'' sentence it's a lovely article :)

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I won’t read their paper because every kind of DAO is the same in the end so I can generalize it.

They probably use a DAO form to raise money from people giving them back a token that allows them a form of digital ownership. Basically is what an association or a cooperative can do but if they do not actually build that coop or org it just stays a useless token in front of the law. Are they conscious of it? Who knows. Is it good? Ehhh, only if the people behind it are actually iron willed and will keep the mission in front of earnings because, as I said, legally the ownership is on them and not on all the token owners.

I’d avoid it. There are a lot of ways to pay associations to plant trees or ensure wildlife while also not feeding a bullshit machine :)

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I've also tried with red stars but red on green kinda triggers my astigmatism

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it's not that weird from my perspective. the post was kinda a rant so it baited people that are not really ready to discuss but just felt like having to point out their perspective in a defensive way

break the chain my friends, we can do better

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just answer ''thank you for the disgust sentiment, really needed that from a friend, cya''

if they say ''no'' but they lying, just treat it as a real no because people not able to be open about this are not ready for a healthy relationship

does anybody know osecology status? (www.opensourceecology.org)
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is it halt or dead? the github loooks dead and also this https://opensourceecology.dozuki.com/c/History/Root

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Basically the title says it all lol.

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Nothing new under the sun. Free market nor consumers as a category will regulate themselves. The unsustainable merch just has to stop existing or at least the sustainable one should be subsidized.

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tbh i don't worry too much about datacenters because they can be built under the land, under ice, alone in the desert full of solar panels and so on. the heat in the winter can also be used to heat houses if it's in the city..

the sad part is that most of that energy is used for bullshit tasks for surveillance capitalism.

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Out of touch also in feeling like it’s funny to post this shit

Even if it was true, would still be a cringe meme.

I hope that OP is just young and naive and not an old who thinks the world is divided like that

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