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I'm sorry for misreading your comment. Seeing un-constructive comments elsewhere probably prejudiced me. These are definitely upsetting statistics and those feelings are valid. Good news is they're only inevitable if we allow them to be so hopefully we can influence others to take action as individuals for collective change and liberation.

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Thanks for sharing!

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This is meant as a prediction of how could things could be based on current trends and data, not an inevitable future we can do nothing about. There are many constructive things that can be done. I don't think leaving sarcastic comments on message boards is one of them.

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Thank you. This has been addressed by previous commenters.

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Thanks for catching that. Unfortunately seems fairly common with a lot of these projects for "new" technologies ,sometimes due to funding.

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For 31 straight days last summer, temperatures in Phoenix hit or topped 110 degrees, the longest such streak ever. That searing Arizona heat dehydrates crops and evaporates water the state needs to conserve.

Creating shade is one way to combat the problem.

By using solar panels, farmers can simultaneously protect their plants, save water and lower their energy bills – and some are doing just that with help from federal programs designed to encourage this sustainable method of growing.

Photovoltaic panels are placed above the crops, harnessing the sun’s energy while providing valuable shade.

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Researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) have discovered a new method to increase the efficiency of solar cells by a factor of 1,000. The team of scientists achieved this breakthrough by creating crystalline layers of barium titanate, strontium titanate, and calcium titanate, which were alternately placed on top of one another in a lattice structure.

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A new climate change map shows predictions for just how devastated the future climate will be in various places around the world. The map, which is called The Future Urban Climates, allows interested users to explore how their home area’s climate might change going forward.

The data used to create the map comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and it was created by University of Maryland spatial ecologist Matthew Fitzpatrick to showcase the future of climate change up to 2080.

Of course, all of the changes showcased on the climate change map are just predictions based on current trends of extreme storms, fires, floods, droughts, heat waves, and cold snaps—all of which continue to hit us harder each year.

What is solarpunk music? (solarpunkstories.substack.com)
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Solarpunk is a movement that comes with a genre but does it have a soundtrack too? Is there such a thing as solarpunk music?

We asked our social media followers what their solarpunk tracks were. Chillwave, ambient, trance and lofi electronica were some of the most popular responses. They are also the top hits you get when you search for solarpunk on YouTube.

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Humans have long been fascinated by organisms that can produce light. Aristotle, who was a scientist as well as a philosopher, wrote the first detailed descriptions of what he called “cold light” more than 2,000 years ago. More recently, pioneering researchers like World War II Army veteran Emmett Chappelle and deep submergence vehicle pilot Edith Widder advanced the study of this phenomenon with novel technologies.

At least 94 living organisms produce their own light through a chemical reaction inside their bodies – an ability called bioluminescence. Examples include luminous fireflies, algae that create “glow-in-the-dark” bays, small crustaceans with intricate courtship displays, and deep-sea fish and coral. Yet despite its widespread occurrence, scientists don’t yet know when or where it first emerged, or its original function.

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Kim Stanley Robinson is regarded as one the greatest living writers of science fiction with more than 20 novels and many awards to his name. In this interview with Anna D’Alton (LSE Review of Books), he discusses the climate crisis, his political commitment to utopian fiction and art’s capacity for imagining alternative ways of living.

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André Rosario (aka HydroponicTrash) joins us this week on the podcast to tell Ariel all about dual power - what it is, how it fits in with solarpunk, and how people can mobilize it in their daily lives. Their conversation ranges from the history of the term dual power, to examples from André’s own life, to the concept of mutual aid, the importance of imagining a better world, how to build relationships as an introvert, and even includes a discussion of human nature.

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Some 175 years after the U.S. government stole land from the chief of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation while he was away visiting relatives, Illinois may soon return it to the tribe.

Nothing ever changed the 1829 treaty that Chief Shab-eh-nay signed with the U.S. government to preserve for him a reservation in northern Illinois: not subsequent accords nor the 1830 Indian Removal Act, which forced all Indigenous people to move west of the Mississippi.

But around 1848, the U.S. sold the land to White settlers while Shab-eh-nay and other members of his tribe were visiting family in Kansas.

To right the wrong, Illinois would transfer a 1,500-acre state park west of Chicago, which was named after Shab-eh-nay, to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. The state would continue providing maintenance while the tribe says it wants to keep the park as it is.

Is Scavenger’s Reign solarpunk? (solarpunkstories.substack.com)
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Scavenger’s Reign is about a handful of humans who have abandoned their spaceship, The Demeter, due to a solar storm. Their escape pods land on the utterly alien planet Vesta.

This world is teeming with an incredible array of lifeforms that boggle the mind. One of the crew manages to remote pilot the Demeter to land on Vesta and the disparate survivors head towards it. On their journeys they make their way through a cornucopia of brilliantly weird plant and animal life.

We think you should definitely watch this series on Neftlix as soon as you can to help the cause of solarpunk. This is even though we don’t think Scavneger’s Reign is really solarpunk itself.

We’ll explain why in the rest of this post. Be warned what follows contains spoilers, so we strongly recommend you watch Scavenger’s Reign first and then return to read the rest of this article. If you’ve already seen this amazing show then feel free to read on.

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This solarpunk book of shadows will guide you in surviving and resisting climate crisis and dystopian political systems so you can take radical action towards a positive future. Longtime activist and practicing witch Justine Norton-Kertson introduces a fresh approach to witchcraft at a time when it’s desperately needed.

Drawing on the natural connections between modern paganism and the literary, artistic, and activist movement known as solarpunk, Norton-Kertson provides meditations and correspondences for developing a spiritual practice rooted in nature, the Sun, and a powerful belief in our ability to build a better world. Readers will also find a host of spells to use in the fight against climate change, fascism, and inequality. These politically conscious magickal practices forge a new spiritual praxis to guide us as we work together to envision and create the future we want to see.

Utopian Witch hits stores on July 23, 2024 and pre-orders are already shipping. If you missed the Kickstarter you can still get all the rewards on Pledgemanager

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California is cranking out impressive numbers for clean energy production, with its combined wind, solar, and hydro power exceeding demand on 91 of 102 days up to and including June 16.

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Scientists have long worried Earth’s rising temperatures could make fungi more dangerous to humans. Now, researchers in China may have stumbled on evidence to support that idea.

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One advantage over wordpress is that it avoids bringing its parent company, Automatic, into the Fediverse.

From Wikipedia:

In February 2024, Automattic announced that it would begin selling user data from Tumblr and WordPress to Midjourney and OpenAI.

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A better example of a pogrom might be the killing of over 30,000 civilian Palestinians and simultaneously starving them to death with blockade following 75 years of occupation and a century of colonialism. Proportionality matters and it doesn't favor your argument

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One need not pretend something that is already factually accurate. This was a retaliation and direct response for Israel bombing Iran's consulate in Syria on April 1. This is why Iran targeted and struck the Negev air force base ( which contains US F-35s used to bomb Gaza ) as that is the base from which that attack originated. This is also why Iran says it now considers the matter "concluded" and warned the US and Israel against further reprisals. Those are facts and not "pretending" so if you are going to "pretend" this isn't true and try to distort the matter I'm not interested.

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The best part is the UN charter clearly states that when a country is attacked, it has aright to self defense. Let's watch Israel talk their way around that as they vindicate Iran and incriminate themselves.

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I don't think it's just you. It does seem a bit pessimistic / fatalistic at first glance, especially the headline, but it's clearly a more complicated issue once you read through. You're right, the issue isn't solar energy but more about being careful about how it's put to use and the impact thereof. If anything it shows the dangers of expecting capitalism to save us and issues we run into if we try to take the easy way out. We know the issue exists now so it's more a question of what next.

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The article calls the allegations agains UNRWA "explosive" yet they are completely unconfirmed . WME was once the agency of Charlie Chaplin who sympathetically depicted immigrants and refugees and was forced into exile by Washington during the McCarthy era witch hunts. If they currently find it controversial for one of their clients to share a fundraiser for people in need, they are allowing those same cycles to repeat and it may be time to find a new agency.

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The concern is that suddenly Meta will make up the biggest part of the Fediverse and exert too much power as a company, which they don't have a good record for, over the non-corporate Fediverse. Historically this would allow them to "embrace, extend, extinguish" the Fediverse that many love and have spent years building.

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