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What are some things I can try and will benefit me while I have this 1 yr free trial?

I can always buy my VPS later and move these self-hosted service there, if need be in the future. [AWS is very costly, hee hee]

Share some cool ideas!

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Have you installed invidious via docker? Every time I build an image and try to install it (either using the official repo or the custom from yewtube), I get errors that the video can’t be played, any suggestions what am I doing wrong?

Cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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So, I'm trying to set up a self-hosted mastodon instance, and of course this requires an email service. Self hosting one is not an option, because of anti-spam stuff, or so everyone says. The recommendations are to use services like mailgun or postmark, but there's one thing I don't really understand:

All these services require verification of an email to be able to send from it. For example, if I want to use noreply[at]mydomain.com with mailgun, I need to click a link sent to that address, which to me feels like a catch-22. How can I receive that email if I don't have the email service set up yet? Do I have to set the domain up with some private email service (protonmail, tuta...) first?

Any help is appreciated, I'm pretty new at this.

Edit: Alright, so it seems that Mailgun actually doesn't require this weird confirmation email, just dns records. The first one I tried, SendPulse, did. Postmark requires an email from the domain at signup. Hope someone else can learn from this.

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What are the most promising projects/services aiming at making self hosting easier for everyone?

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Good morning y'all, so I have a server pc that I've been slowly adding bits and pieces to for about a year now. It started off as a barebones board with a nvme on it, and has slowly developed into a Plex box and game server host box.

This morning I just added an AIO. I've been hosting a Palworld server, and it's averaging 35% cpu usage and 27gb of ram. When the sever is on, the poor stock CPU fan is just running all the time. It's so much quieter now!

That's all, just wanted to share. Self Host has been super helpful with learning how to self host!

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I'm using old laptop as a home server.
But the cooling fan started to click a lot, and I'm afraid that it will stop spinning soon.
Any ideas for how to replace the fan with something else? Preferably something that does not require electricity?
I'm thinking about dismantling it, taking the fan out and soldering a big block of metal to the heatsink.
How bad of an idea is that?
Is anyone aware of any other ways of physically converting laptop into something that is more suitable for home server?
Know of any guides or videos about something related? Please post links.
Thank you

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I have a disk for local backups (that is the only purpose of that disk). I was wondering what would make it last longer:

- Keep it mounted to my server permanently (current solution)
- Keep it unmounted most of the time, mount it when I'm going to do a backup (either daily or every 3 days, I don't mind changing that) and unmounting after the backup is done.

What would be the best strategy?

cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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Looking to build my first server out, trying to figure out if there is a "better" platform for my needs. Right now I'm just planning a mix of machines and containers in Proxmox for running a NAS and Plex server, router of some sort (also, any preferences on wireless access points?), a pihole if that's not just as easily done in whatever router OS I decide on, VPN, and 3-5 various machines/containers going in and out of service as I find what my needs else I want to play with and host continuously..

Basically just looking for bang for the buck CPU/chipsets people are getting for this use case. Any advantages of AMD vs Intel in mid-consumer level options? Is getting something similar with more efficiency cores worth worrying about in a hypervisor use case?

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Is there a better ways to import Flac albums from bandcamp to a navidrome or jellyfin instance? I'm downloading and rsync'ing like a caveman and I suspect someone already solved this issue

cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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I'm trying out Actual and have imported my bank's (Sparkasse) data for my checking account via CSV. In the CSV import, I obviously had to set the correct fields and was a bit confused because Actual only has the "Payee" field while my CSVs have IBAN, BIC and a free text name (i.e. "Employer GmbH".)

IBAN is preferable because it's a unique ID while the free text name can be empty or possibly even change(?). (Don't know how that works.)
OTOH, the free text name is preferable because I (as a human) can use it to infer the actual payee while the IBANs are just a bunch of numbers.

Is it possible to use IBAN aswell as the free text name or have a mapping between IBAN and a display name?

How do you handle that?

vpn on nextcloud? (kbin.social)
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I plan to selfhost nextcloud, for now just for bookmark sync. is there a point to installing a vpn on the computer running the instance? it shouldnt matter as long as i have https right? what about if i dont have a domain? i cant have https without a domain (ill buy one later just want everything to work first). or maybe use one of those free domain providers for now to get https? what do you guys think?

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[question] Alt-text service, self hosted

Is there a service that I could plug into my misskey/firefish/whatev that provides an alt-text for an image I'm posting. I don't post images that often, so the few times, it would be nice to have an automatic OCR or LLM/Stable Diffusion description of a picture attached to it.

Of course, without depending on Google or similars.

Any ideas? cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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Is there a service that I could plug into my misskey/firefish/whatev that provides an alt-text for an image I'm posting. I don't post images that often, so the few times, it would be nice to have an automatic OCR or LLM/Stable Diffusion description of a picture attached to it.

Of course, without depending on Google or similars.

Any ideas? cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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My new overnight job unfortunately comes with a mandatory 1-hour lunch break (sitting destroys my back, and I'd also rather be earning money if I have to be there anyway), so I end up looking at random shit on my phone. I forget where I saw it, but I recently got reminded of those apps that let you completely catalog your wardrobe, so you can browse your clothing easily in the app, match things up the way you want, plan what to wear with what, you get the idea.

And that got me thinking, in the last few years, I've gone from a person with what I thought was a lot of tshirts and hats, at like 40 shirts and 15-20 hats, to someone with... well, what appears to be a collection of around 200+ tshirts, 30 or so hoodies, and maybe 70-80 hats, of various colors, styles, graphics, etc. Not to mention a sizable collection of sunglasses, jewelry, etc. In the last week or so, I completely reorganized how everything is hung or stored in my closet. And I realized that the way I have stuff now, it's well suited to easily add a numbering system, so if I were to add everything into such an app as I mentioned above, I could easily browse everything I have, and once I've decided I need something in particular, I'd know exactly which hanger to find it on or which spot to find that hat that I want, and be able to find it and grab it in a few seconds.

So I'm wondering, is there a self hosted version of those wardrobe apps? Preferably a docker(I run Unraid and do everything via docker containers there), and hopefully something that also has an available Android app.

But beyond that, I'm wondering if there are similar options for other stuff. I have probably a couple hundred unpainted figures/minis/whatever-wanna-call-them, and would love to have a way to catalog/inventory them, with the ability to give them labels, images, tags, etc, so it's easy to browse what I have through an app, rather than trying to randomly dig through a bunch a drawers, unwrapping and rewrapping stuff trying to figure out what it is. I've seen apps to do exactly that kind of cataloging of paints specifically, but not really anything for keeping an inventory of actual figures. And those are only Android apps, not really anything I can add to my Docker setup. Now that I'm in the new job, I'm working on rearranging my living space so I have room to setup my art desk, and can start painting some of these things again. Would be really helpful to have everything digitized so I can easily browse what I have, plan out projects, find the actual physical item in my collection once I need it, etc.

Are there dedicated self hosted solutions out there for either of those things? Or a single more general solution that can work for both? I'd rather have dedicated setups for each one, especially in the case of clothing, but I'd consider whatever's available, if there even is anything available. Or am I stuck with whatever existing Android apps I can find?

Anybody else already doing any kind of inventorying and tracking off their own personal items, and have thoughts?

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Hey selfhosters,

I'm looking for some help finding a selfhosted local only social network with mobile apps (for the less tech savvy).

Basically my family lives all over the place and we want an easy way to share photos of our children and family events with comments and engagement. We are privacy minded and don't want pictures of our kids drifting over a social network. I'm struggling to find any software that is always local only and private.

Somethings I have seen that seem promising but not quite right:

  • Secure Scuttlebutt Apps
  • Mastodon +Hometown
  • Immich
  • Just a plane old blog

Hometown is almost perfect but it still allows for federation and that will be hard to teach some of my family about. Immich looks great! But doesn't have anyway to engage nor feed.

Hopefully someone out there knows of something. Ideally it would have an interface like social media without the intent to reach the wider world outside of my family.

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I'm kind of tired of Nextcloud because it's using so many resources on my server and I'm only using it for calendar and address book for two users. So I'm looking for alternatives, what do you use (only self hosted) and how do you like it?

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I found out about Clarity, it's a Microsoft free product. It seems to be source available on Github

Does anyone know a way to self-host it without making requests to Microsoft? Or maybe an alternative with heatmaps without counting on matomo?

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#Thank you for making Owncast a success in 2023

I missed the first week of the year, but I still wanted to write a bit about Owncast and share my appreciation what this past year has brought for Owncast.

As every year before it, Owncast has had the opportunity to be used to solve more people’s live streaming needs, be viewed by more people, and have more conversations around decentralization, Big Tech alternatives, The Fediverse, and all the wonderful things that come along with being a part of Owncast.


From the development standpoint, by far, the biggest effort this year was the rewrite of the Owncast user interface. This was also, by far, the largest effort by numbers of contributors. Switching to React and TypeScript was a huge win for the project. It opened the doors for frontend contributors for the first time, and I’m thankful every day I made that decision. I’m very proud of all all the work everyone had put into that effort, and it continues to pay off as we continue to more easily work on the frontend, fixing bugs and adding features.

There’s a roadmap of upcoming plans that I’m really looking forward to getting to. There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff taking place before the really fun and fancy user-facing features come to light, but I think it’ll all be worth it.

Ubuntu Summit

One of the highlights personally was being given the opportunity to travel to Riga, Latvia to speak at Ubuntu Summit about Owncast. It was a fantastic experience, and I’m very thankful to Cononical for the chance to share Owncast with more people. In general the attendees of the conference really seemed to be impressed with the direction of the project and the value it’s providing to users.

Often people can’t find a way to talk about Owncast

One problem that has continued to be difficult this year, and will continue to, is people’s expectations of Owncast, and how to interpret it.

People, in general, are used to talking about multiuser services. Like Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitch, or Mastodon, or Pixelfed, or Spotify. Things anybody can sign up to and use. These things are really easy to talk about. And Owncast will never be that. It’s not meant to be that. Owncast isn’t a public service. It’s software. Like computing used to be. You wanted your computer to do something? You downloaded the software, you installed it, and now your computer does that thing. People don’t do that anymore, so people find it confusing. People want to go to a website and have somebody else run the software for them.

They want unlimited users to be serviced, just like Facebook does. The concept of a person installing software that is just for that single person seems weird these days. So I get asked “How many channels can Owncast have?” Do you mean streams? One. Yours. It’s for you. I’m not sure how to make that more clear. It used to be the norm.

I often get questions like “How many users does Owncast have?” And I don’t know what that question means. What’s a user? Do you mean how many downloads? Do you mean how many servers are online? I have no idea, servers are private. Do you mean how many viewers are watching streams? I have no idea. Streams are private.

It also means most success stories are behind the scenes, and that sometimes leads to people comparing it to services like PeerTube and thinking Owncast is failing, or isn’t any good, or is useless, or whatever it is they think. That can’t be further from the truth.

So you can see how people get frustrated and just blow off Owncast completely because they can’t get excited about something they can’t quantify. They can look at Pixelfed and say exactly “Look how many users they have!” or “Look how successful these accounts are!” and they’ll never be able to do that with Owncast. And that’s okay. I just keep doing my own thing, and I try to explain when I can that it’s comparing Apples and Oranges.

Thank you to the silent successes

That being said, thank you to the many people and companies who are quietly relying on on Owncast to power their live video infrastructure. The churches, the porn sites, the conferences, the music venues, the wedding halls, and so many more that we’ll never hear spoken about. They’ll never be on the Fediverse or the directory. They’re not looking for viewers or attention. You’ll never know who they are. They’re just doing their thing successfully with Owncast. It is a complete honor to help them in some way, just like so many pieces of software have helped me over the years.

To those streaming publicly with Owncast

Thank you to those who keep running Owncast streams regardless if the majority of their viewers are there, or just a small minority. I’ve seen hundreds of Owncast-powered streams disappear after a week of waning enthusiasm because viewers didn’t magically show up. So when I see a live stream using Owncast publicly stream week after week, month after month, year after year, don’t think I don’t notice. It means everything. These are the people building the version of the internet I want to be a part of. They’re building their own thing, regardless what other people think. I don’t have the words to express how much that means to me.

Thank you to the vocal advocates

Those who care about the project, the vision, and the direction regardless if they’re actively streaming or not. I see all of you. It means the absolute world to me every time you say something nice about Owncast. It goes into a little bucket of motivation that I can pull from when I’m feeling down, frustrated, lonely, or that people don’t care. Thank you. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have people be so kind towards to me and the project, I can’t imagine others have it so good.

Donors have really helped this year

The financial support this year have been a lifesaver. At one point in the year I needed to acquire the services of a law firm to help with some paperwork. Mostly around clarification around the directory, what Owncast is, what it isn’t, what we provide, what we have control over, etc etc. The kind of thing I can provide next time I get a DMCA takedown (this is not uncommon). Without the donations I would have had to pay for that out of pocket, and it would have been a huge financial burden. So thank you to everyone who has donated, and continues to donate. It’s these kind of big expenses that come up that I’m able to handle because of your support, and I’m incredibly thankful for that.

Community outreach

Near the end of 2023 there began some really great initiatives around building more of a true community around Owncast. Since, in general, most Owncast-powered live streams are pretty isolated. People need to stream, so they install Owncast, and then they stream, they don’t exactly hang out and talk about Owncast with others. So it’s been a challenge to build a community around Owncast. But MXKS offered to start a monthly Owncast newsletter as a first step into reaching out to those who are interested in being a bit more connected into the world of Owncast and the streamers who use it. There has been an issue already, and people seem to like the idea. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Please do sign up if you’re interested.

Feel free to drop into the community chat if you’d like to discuss the future of this initiative. Everything is on the table to make it easier for people to connect with each other, share their experiences, and help each other out. But it’s not up to me!


I’m looking forward to 2024. There’s some really exciting things on the roadmap, and the behind he scenes stuff are equally going to improve working on the project. I hope to continue to balance features that improve the life of all streamers, regardless what their focus is, but also get to some specific things for the “interactive/twitch-style” streamer.

I’m also looking forward to getting some ways out there to allow more people to easily view Owncast streams easier. Hopefully that’s on the horizon soon.

Not everything goes fast with this project. I’m super appreciative that we get handfuls of contributions these days, but drive by contributions are usually not a good fit for working on really large, long-term feature work. But thankfully everyone has always been patient with me, and everyone is really thankful when they get released.

That being said, if you’re interested in being a longer-term contributor to Owncast, and working on some of these exciting features that are coming up, I’d love to chat!

Here’s to another year of creative, independent, decentralized live streaming. I hope I, and Owncast, can continue to play some part in it with you.

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Question is in the title, I am a fan of a channel and would like to automatically connect to the swarm and support the broadcast even if I am not watching live. I seem to remember a project that ran in docker and kind of acted like a cdn node for a channel, but I can't find it now. Anyone know of such a solution?

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I want to try using #obsidian along with #silverbullet and see how the experiment goes. Has anybody done the same? Cc @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

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Has anybody experienced with running calibre-web + kavita (or another combination of ebook oriented services) combined? I'm asking because none seem to be the definite winner (calibre is fugly, but you can upload books, kavita is nice but opinionated, etc). Any experience on that regard?

cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

Well this is a bummer. (pixelfed.crimedad.work)
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cross-posted from: https://pixelfed.crimedad.work/p/crimedad/644714117958012013

Well this is a bummer.

Installing Lemmy with @[email protected] was probably the easiest way to get it up and running. Hopefully it's not abandoned.

#Lemmy #selfhosting #fediverse #yunohost

@[email protected]

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Some background:

  • have a poweredge r320 on battery backup (basic APC unit)
  • have unifi dream machine
  • poweredge powers down automatically if power goes out

What's the safest way to allow myself to power on the server in the event it shuts down while I'm not home?

I figure since I have remote access to my UDM, perhaps there's a command I can execute from there to power it on?

My fear is using a method that provides more than just poweron commands remotely. I want to keep the server attack vectors down.

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