I'm Building Habitat (carlnewton.github.io)
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I posted a few months ago asking if there would be any desire for such a social platform, on which I had a lot of wonderful feedback from you guys. So I thought I'd write this post to let anyone that's interested know that it is being built, and you're welcome to lend a hand!

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This weeks' news:

  • More updates by Ghost on their work on implementing #ActivityPub
  • Statistics shared by Mastodon show the power of an open API, and the incredible diverse ecosystem that it enables
  • NLnet supports fediverse event planning software Gancio with a new grant
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You can now create shields.io subscriber badges for Mbin!

Example: Mbin

You've been able to do this on Lemmy for ages. It should also work on kbin as long as it has been updated enough to include the API.

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I have an account on Spectra but it seems I cannot access a lot of videos on other instances. What’s the best one that I can see videos from across instances. Thanks!

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I first joined Lemmy back during the big Reddit exodus of last year. I like many others wanted an alternative to Reddit, and I thought that this might've been the one. I made two accounts, one on lemmy.world and another on sh.itjust.works, in the June of last year that I used on and off for about 4 months.

At first Lemmy was exciting because it was so active. There were so many new users who were enthusiastic about turning this platform into a genuine alternative. There was a communal effort to create and interact with content, and for awhile it worked. Lemmy was truly interesting during the summer of last year. However, this stream of dedicated users started to slowly decline.

A lot of people hoped that if they were active, they would attract and retain more users to this place to the point where the community would foster interest specific communities like Reddit, but that never happened. After a few months, a lot of users lost interest and went back to Reddit where the userbase is so massive that there is an active community for just about anything.

With this reverse exodus back to Reddit, Lemmy ended up with the same groups that were active on it before hand: political extremists, tech nerds, privacy enthusiasts, and shitposters. To be fair, all these groups are larger now than they were a year ago, but that's all this platform has to offer. If you're into any of these things and primarly these things then Lemmy can be a good alternative to Reddit, but for the general masses? Lemmy is just not good.

For example, a NBA post on the NBA subreddit can get you thousands of interactions in a couple of hours. An NBA post on here will maybe get you a dozen over the course of a couple of days. The only content that will gain any traction here are tech news, political propaganda, and maybe some memes. I don't see this changing any time soon. Even if Reddit implodes, I still think Lemmy will remain a niche platform. I think this evident by the fact that this platform hasn't really progressed in a year.

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After a year online the free speech-focused instance 'Burggit' is shutting down. Among other motivations, the admins point to grievances with the Lemmy software as one of the main reasons for shutting down the instance. In a first post asking about migrating to Sharkey, one of the admins states:

This Lemmy instance is much harder to maintain due to the fact that I can’t tell what images get uploaded here, which means anyone can use this as a free image host for illegal shit, and the fact that there’s no user list that I can easily see. Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy due to the fact that it rapidly caches images from scraped URLs and the few remaining instances that we still federate with. The software is downright frustrating to work with, and It feels less rewarding overall putting effort into this instance because it feels like we’re so isolated.

A few weeks later, in the post announcing that Burggit was shutting down, another admin says the same:

The amount of hoops that burger has to go to in order to bring you this site is ridiculous. To give you an idea of how bad this software is, there’s no easy way to check all the images uploaded to the site (such as through private messages). When the obvious concern of potential illegal imagery is brought up to lemmy devs, they shrug and say to plug in an expensive AI image checker to scan for illegal imagery. That response genuinely has me thinking that this is by design, and they want it to be like this. We can’t even easily look at the list of registered users without looking through the DB, absolute insanity.

The other thing is there’s no real way to manage storage properly in Lemmy, the storage caches every image ever uploaded to any instance forever.

Also the software is constantly breaking.

They also say that Kbin has many of the same problems, so I'm just curious to know if the admins of bigger Lemmy & Kbin instances feel the same way about these software.

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Hello, Hatsu is a self-hosted Fediverse bridge for static websites.

I recently released version 0.2 with the following features:

Improved RSS compatibility

RSS compatibility was terrible at 0.1.x due to some bugs - should now work with most valid Atom / RSS feeds.

Receive likes & reposts

Hatsu now receives likes and retweets for local posts and outputs them via a mastodon-compatible API.

New comment component

KKna is a new comment component (also written by me) that has Hatsu preset that automatically infer URL.

You can check the integration instructions in the documentation:


(It's still unstable)

Nix Package

Are you using NixOS / Nix? I am, so I packaged it into NUR and Nixpkgs.

There is no documentation on this at the moment, I will update it later.

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Link to a list of mbin instances: https://fedidb.org/software/mbin

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Not yet on F-droid, but looks pretty cool.

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publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://piefed.jeena.net/post/7038

TLDR: The main reason was Lemmy hogging server resources.

Last year, during the Reddit 2023 API controversy I finally deleted my account and moved on to Lemmy. Here’s a look at my experiences and why I eventually decided to switch to PieFed.

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This week's news:

  • Scraper drama as AI-powered network Maven works on implementing #ActivityPub
  • Ghost will use fediverse server framework Fedify for their ActivityPub implementation
  • @Castopod releases version 2.0 with plugins
  • an on-device 'For You' algorithmic feed for Lemmy with 3rd party client Quiblr
  • Lemmy releases local-only communities
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Fork it! It's time for a Mastodon hard fork

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I'm wondering if you have any favorite fediverse resources for dog owners? Breed questions, training techniques, product recommendations, etc.

I think that would make a great community if there isn't one already. I've only run across #dogsofmastodon so far, but that is really more for just pictures I think.

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Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I have noticed over the last few months my feed(?) has started to act odd.

No matter what I do I don't see any posts from .world. I checked and mander does not seem to block .world (kinda why I liked this instance) and even weirder is how my feed gets filled with mostly .ml posts with almost no activity no matter how I sort.

This did not happen before and got me thinking, I don't even know how this works across federated instances.

Does anyone know:

  • How does the sorting work on an instance? Is it all the same no matter what instance it is?

  • Did anything change in the last few months, that would cause all .world (and I assume others) posts to not show?

  • Other then changing instances what can I do to mitigate the weird slanted results?

Canvas in roughly a month 👀 (canvas.fediverse.events)
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July 12th, 2024 @ midnight EDT


✨ this year’s event also supports the entire fediverse not just Lemmy!

(you have to be able to make/receive text posts, like mastodon, lemmy, pixelfed, etc) (peertube accounts will not work)

you can get update announcements on other fedi platforms with @[email protected] link

chat about Canvas on Matrix or Discord (they’re bridged)

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Maven, a new social network backed by OpenAI's Sam Altman, found itself in a controversy today when it imported a huge amount of posts and profiles from the Fediverse, and then ran AI analysis to alter the content.

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Hello, I'd like to build a mobile client for mastodon, lemmy and pixelfed that would be video/image focused with a scrolling ui similar to tiktok or the reddit video viewer.

You would have a sortable/filterable feed with contents from different activitypub networks and would see it full page with a like/voting button on the right and the comments under.

Does anyone know if such a client already exists, and if not, could any dev share starter point links for building such an app ?

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I was browsing the fediverse explorer and did not find lemmy.ml in the instances list.

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