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Don't use your rule name (
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Tough choice (
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instakills where so cool,it would be amazing to have them back

ich🌝iel (
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I just saw that for Spring they're doing a new Spice and Wolf, but it looks like they're not continuing the story but re-making what already had a pretty good IMO anime with 2 seasons. IIRC That anime was also pretty close to the source material, so I can't really see what us watchers will get from a remake other than I guess maybe more modern animation? Which is also kind of a waste cause there's a lot more light novels to adapt IMO.

Accelerationist [RULE] (
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My current pet peeve is people complaining about the 'cost' of protected bike lanes because "people on bikes don't pay their way".

Beyond even the data showing just how much private car ownership is already subsidized, can we just take a moment and acknowledge: We wouldn't need protected lanes at all if cars were not killing and injuring so many people.

It's like the owner of an animal bemoaning the cost of an enclosure for their animal, which keeps killing and maiming members of the public as they pass by.

It's not the victim's fault the enclosure is needed, and it's not the fault of someone riding a bike they need protection in a public space.

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Israeli forces in Gaza destroyed the body of a Palestinian man by running him over either using a tank or a bulldozer, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said on Friday.

The man is believed to have been in Israeli custody at the time or as of recently. It is not clear if he was alive or dead at the time he was run over.

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2023 was a record-breaking year for cybersecurity in a bad way. Ransomware payments hit a record high of $1.1 billion, which is likely to...

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Ever noticed how people online will jump through hoops, climb mountains, and even summon the powers of ancient memes just to earn some fake digital points? It's a wild world out there in the realm of social media, where karma reigns supreme and gamification is the name of the game.

But what if we could harness this insatiable thirst for validation and turn it into something truly magnificent? Imagine a social media platform where an army of monkeys tirelessly tags every post with precision and dedication, all in the pursuit of those elusive internet points.

Reddit uses this strategy to increase their content quantity, while Stack Overflow employs it for moderation and quality control. The power of gamification and leaderboards has been proven time and time again to motivate users to contribute more and better.

With a leaderboard showcasing the top users per day, week, month, and year, the competition would be fierce. Who wouldn't want to be crowned the Tagging Champion of the Month or the Sultan of Sorting? The drive for recognition combined with the power of gamification could revolutionize content curation as we know it.

And the benefits? Oh, they're endless! Imagine a social media landscape where every piece of content is perfectly tagged, allowing users to navigate without fear of stumbling upon triggering or phobia-inducing material. This proactive approach can help users avoid inadvertently coming across content that triggers phobias, traumatic events, or other sensitive topics.

It's like a digital safe haven where you can frolic through memes and cat videos without a care in the world. So next time you see someone going to great lengths for those fake internet points, just remember - they might just be part of the Great Monkey Tagging Army, working tirelessly to make your online experience safer and more enjoyable. Embrace the madness, my friends, for in the chaos lies true innovation!


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I WFH, every year one of the goals that the rest of the team decides is that it's "so great" to see each other in person. The past few years haven't worked out but one did. I spent hours in a couple of airports, the huge expense for the company, I spent days away from my family, and for what? So you could look me in my same face you would see if we turned cameras on every once in a while? My husband says I'm being weird, but I legitimately want to know, what is the benefit? I hate being there and have to play nice so you can.....look me even closer in the face?

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I have seen a lot of leftists advocate for direct action and opposition to casting any vote. What's the plan for this direct action? What will its effectiveness be against a potential project 2025?

(This question is not directed to anyone who has decided to vote and engage in direct action, or the two Trump supporters on Lemmy.)

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Could easily be a cat, wouldn't even need a costume.

Eternity Nightly works surprisingly well (
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If you're like me and don't want to wait for long awaited features like scaled sorting, try the nightly version. It installs as a separate app next to Eternity stable. So in case it crashes you can always go back to stable.

hell yea (
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Let's imagine it's currently Wednesday the 1st. Does "next Saturday" mean Saturday the 4th (the next Saturday to occur) or Saturday the 11th (the Saturday of next week)?

It's been 84 years… (
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