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Not sure if central but definitely in the past

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at least it's going to be foreign pesticides

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Most likely, dry ones would still turn out cheaper because they weigh much more after hydration. But this is indeed a matter to consider

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Jokes on me, I thought you were kidding. Those mascots were real creepy

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Although this is true, there had already been a number of defectors and ones that fired their teammates on the Russian side. Arming upset and non-complying people doesn't look like a clever idea, but it would not stand out amongst the other ideas here

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Yet it is not non-sequitur because she was incarcerated and denied healthcare, that's in the article. I would understand not reading it if there wasn't a non-walled link in the description

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I guess that is WIS vs INT

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As far as I remember, there's a resolution limit to classical imaging, but I guess that may be overcome by using a mesh of satellites and some other clever methods

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Except they may not even get affiliate payments, just have an agreement and get income from traffic

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Off the top of my head, I used to think that economic growth of a country equals wealth growth for its people and equals good leadership is steering the country policies.

Turns out that good leadership and economics are rather loosely correlated and also a large inertia allows bad leadership to reap what others saw

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Important note in small script:
only applicable if you're a millionaire already

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It's going to be her first New Year 😅

We don't erect a new year tree but there was a storm that broke lots of branches off trees, so we used one of those to create a holiday air

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I can't seem to find a definition for different kinds of icons Sync uses for special users, e.g. I know how OP and my account are denoted, I have seen bot accounts marked, also I guess that I have seen a mark where a user blocked me.

Is there a place where I can check what each pictogram means and what are the possible ones?

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