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Anger and uncertainty spread in wake of Friday's ruling by the state's Supreme Court.

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One parent said the influx of permission slips is getting "out of control" and "burdensome."

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TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The chairman of a subsidiary of Japanese major oil refiner Eneos Holdings Inc. has been dismissed over sexual harassment, the firm said Wednesday, in the third such incident within the corporate group since 2022.

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Takeshi Ebisawa, 60, allegedly tried to sell material he believed would go to Iran to build a nuclear bomb.

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On Tuesday, nearly 20 percent of the school's 1,067 students were reportedly absent.

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Police in Oklahoma say a teen who died a day after an altercation at school did not die as a result of injuries sustained in the fight.

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The families of Sandy Hook school shooting victims voted overwhelmingly in favor of a plan to wrap up Alex Jones’ bankruptcy proceedings by liquidating the right wing talk show host’s assets.

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Soldiers describe how stealing Palestinian property has become totally routine in the Gaza war, with minimal pushback from commanders.

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A drugmaker’s feud with the DEA is exacerbating the ADHD meds crisis — at a rate of 600 million missing doses a year.

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Japan is the only country in the world that requires spouses to use the same name, but after decades of inaction, appetite for change is building

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Posters online are putting the death of non-binary student Nex Benedict on the hands of Ryan Walters, the state's anti-trans education head.

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The widow of Alexei Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya, has had her X account suspended. Meanwhile, his brother has been put on Moscow wanted list's. Listen to a Daily podcast special on Russian opposition in the wake of Navalny's death as you scroll.

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The Fourth Great Awakening is the worst thing to have happened to modern America.

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It was incel nonsense blaming the murdered woman for not picking a nice guy and complaining about nice guys being lonely. You missed nothing by not being able to read it.

[-] [email protected] 16 points 3 days ago

Please go to therapy to work out your weird issues with women.

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I’m not really surprised. Nintendo tends to run on its own schedule. They also might be hoping the yen strengthens so it won’t cost them as much to produce new consoles. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll want to have enough in stock to not have supply problems like Sony did with the PS5.

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I’m truly disturbed by this having as many likes as it does.

All y’all lil incels need to go to therapy.

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They can’t because of zoning laws.

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Or at least put some quotation marks around it.

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You know what say: if buying isn’t owning then pirating isn’t stealing.

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Democrats this morning were shown a clip of McCarthy on CBS over the weekend trying to blame them for shutdown chaos, Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said, calling that a clarifying moment for those in the party who might have voted to save him. McCarthy's decision to blame Democrats on TV this weekend was "one of the most crushingly stupid things somebody could do on the eve of your survival vote," he told NBC News this afternoon.

I saw that interview clip - the reporter actually started laughing when he tried to blame the Democrats. It really was a stupid thing to say.

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This is all just absolutely wild to me because I went to an all-women’s college and we had no issues accepting trans women (there was a trans woman there when I was a student and it was honestly no big thing for anyone), and that was quite a while ago (I’m so old lol). But NOW it’s a damn issue? I feel like we’ve regressed so much and it’s painful.

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Community Notes jumped on that tweet fast:

If the ability to block users was to be removed, X would be in violation of the policies of the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Potentially, this could lead to X being removed from these platforms.

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I hope more broadcasters will follow the BBC’s example and start running their own Mastodon servers.

It would be nice if the BBC instance had more accounts, like for breaking news, though. I know they’re just testing the waters, but they need to try having accounts posting things folks are the most interested in.

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