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Please see this post:


Reddit (Automated)

[Bunch of automated bullshit]


This is urgent. This is going to be a pretty sensational news story because it involves the inventor of the iPhone's multi-touch technology. I will be happy to tell news organizations that Reddit did nothing to control this violent sociopath.

Reddit Admin (Name Redacted)

Hey there - will you please send links here to what you're referring to? That would be very helpful.



Thank you for getting back to me. I'm in a very extreme situation where I discovered fraud with a company called Clean Air Kits and put out a well sourced report that starts here. The owner in question is Wayne Westerman, who is a high level profile employee at Apple. For a lack of a better word, he has been torturing me for a year from his account named /u/valpres.

He admitted to circumventing bans back in June and I reported it to Reddit, and all I got back was a notification that no evasion was detected.

I have been getting so many ban evasion alerts from multiple accounts that I have had to shut my subreddit down. I honestly am not joking about any of this, this is an honest to god serious issue. There is a lot more information that I have not made public, [REDACTED]. Because I have received so much harassment, I'm planning on reporting it to local law enforcement to get a restraining order against Wayne.

I'm really struggling with how bad this has been. Please help me.


And I honestly think that there is very strange activity going on in my /r/ModSupport thread:


Reddit Admin (Name Redacted)

Have you reported the account for ban evasion?


I reported the account /u/valpres back in June, which has been his main account for attacking me. I only got an automated email saying no ban evasion detected. You guys let me down with that and could have prevented a lot of psychological pain.

This user has made at least 4 posts from /r/AirQuality attacking me and encouraging brigading, the first of which was back in May/June after I banned him from /r/AirPurifiers.


Read these mod logs to understand his psychology:


Reddit Admin (Name Redacted)

Having taken a quick glance, there aren't any signs of ban evasion going on just as your report response noted.

I recommend using our report forms or the report button to report specific pieces of content that violate sitewide rules.


This was an unsettling message chain that occurred after he partially doxxed himself using /u/valpres.


He is a very unstable individual and has been trying to manipulate me into relenting, such as this offer of "peace":



Here is the last thread attacking me as u/valpres, where he doxxes himself to try to make me seem like I'm having paranoid delusions:


Honestly, I know what he is doing. He is doing a dark pattern that I read about on Reddit a decade ago where you harass moderators from numerous accounts, have good accounts that are "willing to help", the overwhelmed moderator accepts that help, the accounts say "take a break, we got this", and then they overthrow the moderator. I am horrified to see how it works in practice as a victim of it.


| Having taken a quick glance

Take a longer glance:https://www.reddit.com/r/AirPurifiers/comments/13dpyen/measuring_ozone_levels_in_the_home/jjsogl9/

| mustardman24, a moderator, just banned me from the site, so I am posing under another name.

Do something. This is your website and these are insane patterns of abuse.


Please tell me that someone is looking into this. I'm really sorry that I pulled you into this on a weekend.

I feel like the same bad actors are involved in /r/ModSupport, look at this comment chain:


Reddit Admin (Name Redacted)

Hey there - the post has been deleted so, unfortunately, I can't view what was written. If it came from the account u/CleanAirKits the account has been actioned.

I encourage you to report any harassment you're experiencing so our Safety team can investigate.


As a software engineer, I find it hard to believe that Reddit does not have the deleted comments still preserved in an internal database. This interaction has been unsatisfactory because I have used Reddit's reporting services many time with no action taken, even when I have concrete evidence of ban evasion done with the intent to harass.

Like I said, I have already contacted federal law enforcement and I'm currently contacting local law enforcement since you can't apply basic protections for your users nor provide assistance during astroturfing campaigns by proven bad actors.

I urge you to do the right thing and stop making me jump through endless hoop for basic protection. I don't get paid to run this site, you do, so please do the right thing.


I just met with the local investigator. He is a Redditor himself and poignantly stated that "they won't give a shit until they start losing money", which is true.

The person that is harassing me is Wayne Westerman, most famously known for inventing the multi-touch gestures used in the original iPhone and is currently the Multi-Touch Architect at Apple. I believe there is financial fraud that occured between Mr. Westerman and a major non-profit in IAQ, the Corsi-Rosenthal Foundataion, who are the namesakes behind the Corsi–Rosenthal Box.

I have contacts at the FBI because I have previously worked with them in taking down another form of public corruption in my local City government. This has already been forwarded off a senior financial crimes case manager at the FBI so I'm requesting a preservation of evidence on anything, such as deleted comments, from being removed from databases by your normal order of business (such as data archiving or pruning).

I'm pretty mad at Reddit. You guys let me down back in May when you let a hostile user continue to harass me with impunity and have only allowed the situation to become inflamed by not controlling what has literally turned into criminal behavior.

I really hope that Tim Rathschmidt has improved on his public speaking skills after the API fiasco, because I plan to make this all public as well.


Why are there so many sockpuppet accounts in an admin-sponsored subreddit? If you genuinely cannot tell that most of these accounts are sockpuppets, Reddit is not a viable company:



Also, I find it incredibly odd that for the past few days, I lost access to a small number of moderator functions that are highly specific to this situation. For example, I cannot pin nor unpin announcement posts.


I don't think that Reddit messages is the appropriate venue for this any more. Please follow up with on email address of mine that you have on file.

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Dude you're single handedly carrying the Lemmy meme community and I appreciate it.

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Is he really the origin of that whole thing?

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Linux even lets you fully remove the French language!

sudo rm -fr /

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Hexbear users are pretty stupid because they almost exclusively alienate would-be supporters, or at least close allies.

They fundamentally cannot see the difference between any non-communist liberals (left) and fascism.

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Firefox's password manager is probably just as good.

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She didn't retire, she just found a serf to do the job for her.

Move that autopay to the last millisecond, friend.

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Every instance should defederate from Hexbear. It's the QAnon of the left.

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Sealioning? No, you just won't read my 10,000 word post that is copied from someone else's pHD.

Edit: No joke, after posting this I got this message from a Hexbear user:

I’ve read all three volumes of [Das Kapital] around a month ago because I had an autistic urge to do it

tell me with full seriousness that you’ve even glanced at it

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That's exactly what the Weeping Angels (or SCP-173) would want!

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Look at me

Lemmy is the frontpage of the internet now

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Technically 6E is the best in-use version for compatible devices. Same as WiFi 6 but adds the 6GHz spectrum that was recently unlocked by many regulatory agencies around the world. The 6GHz range is significantly less congested and would have better real-world performance in dense residential areas.

Edit: A few months ago I stumbled upon this site where the author goes quite in-depth about WiFi and does so in a way that is easy to understand. They debunk/corroborate claims and technologies advertised by manufacturers so it really helps demystify the process of selecting the right WiFi gear.

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Summary: This was on Linux using kernel mitigations. The performance impact can be very significant to some workloads, like databases and compression, but most users likely will not notice any impacts.

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While Herkelman didn’t specify what those “major” announcements could be, AMD is due to launch new Radeon RX 7000-series graphics cards sometime this year. During an earnings call earlier this month, AMD CEO Lisa Su said the company will reveal “enthusiast-class Radeon 7000 series cards in the third quarter” of 2023.

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Spez hates him for discovering this one weird trick.

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This part is interesting:

For the iGPU side, the AMD Ryzen 8000 "Strix Point" APUs will be configured with the AMD RDNA 3.5 GPU cores with 8 WGP's (Work Group Processors) and a total of 16 Compute Units for up to 1024 stream processors. That's a 33% increase in the number of stream processors and if clock speeds will remain the same at around 2.8-3.0 GHz range, we can expect up to 12 TFLOPs FP32 compute horsepower which will mark a 42% increase over the current fastest RDNA 3 iGPU, the Radeon 780M.

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It seems AMD might be shifting its focus towards the mid-range segment (once gain), with the introduction of a new successor to the RDNA3 architecture. This move would bring AMD back to its roots when the company prioritized the mid-range segment with RDNA1/Polaris.

RiF is finally dead? (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Since the API change RiF was still usable in logged-out mode, however, it's now consistently not loading posts anymore. They recently updated the "logged-out user experience" (see link below), which may have also been used to finally kill any RiF stragglers.

Good news is that Sync for Lemmy just released so the transition on mobile is finally easy!

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The US government profiles a variety of air quality sensors (VOCs, particulates, etc) and publishes their findings on the South Coast AQMD. These sensors are generally profiled by both lab and field testing and the statistical 'r' values are published.

Some of these sensors are consumer and there are lots of very expensive industrial ones as well. Do note that some sensors may not be "consumer" but are included in consumer products, such as Sensirion sensors being used in consumer products.

Summary - Particulate Sensors

Summary - Gas Sensors

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This post is an expanded guide from a previous Reddit post that had some purifier-related calculations.

What is CADR

CADR (clear air delivery rate) is a value reflecting the effective filtration rate of a purifier where larger values means the purifier can filter larger rooms. Manufacturers will usually disclose their claimed CADR value, which is often given as three values representing different air contaminant types.

In addition to effective filtration rate, CADR is also used in determining sizing purifiers to rooms as it is a figure of merit that quantifies the effective volumetric flow rate of clean air. WARNING: While this is a figure of merit, it also represents a theoretical volumetric flow rate of 100% clean air which means that it can be in units of cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meters per hour (m^3/h).

CADR values should be independently verified by a third-pary. The AHAM database contains the CADR ratings of many different purifier manufacturers. The CADR values for these purifiers can be reliably trusted as they follow the ANSI/AHAM AC-1 technical guide for CADR measurement. While illegitimate purifiers are never have claimed CADR values certified, there still may be legitimate purifiers that are not certfied by AHAM.

Though CADR is the best metric for comparing purifiers, there are still some differences that have some effect on performance despite having equivalent CADR ratings.

What is ACH

ACH (air changes per hour) is a rating of how many times the total volume of air in a living spaces passes through an air filter every hour. This number is chosen by you, the person reading this guide, to represent how strictly clean the air must be. For most people the deciding factor affecting this value is if they have breathing disabilities or not. There are other niche cases that would require higher values, such as applications where there is high particulate generation occuring in the room.

Most manufacturers rate the room size of their purifier using an ACH of 4.8, which is typically agreed upon to be too low. Most recommendations are a value of 6-8 where values towards 6 being casual purifier use and 8 for people with breathing disabilities. Other niche cases may be aggressive dust control, where you may want ACH values greater than 8.

ACH Use Case
4.8 Value used by manufacturers for room size rating
6 Minimum ACH value recommended for general applications
8 Minimum ACH value recommended for breathing disabilities and other health issues

Sizing an Air Purifier


ACH: Air changes per hour for a room.

CADR: CADR value used to represent air volumetric flow rate, in cubic-feet-per-minute.

CeilingHeight: The height of the ceiling, in feet.

RoomSize: Floor space of the room, in square feet.


All of the values in the calculations below use either room dimensions or purifier ratings. The exception is ACH, which is chosen by you, the person reading this guide, depending on use cases in the previous section "What is ACH".

Max Room Size

Calculates the room size supported by a particular purifier.

RoomSize = (60 * CADR) / (ACH * CeilingHeight)

Airflow For a Specific Room

Calculates the required CADR for a particular room.

CADR = (RoomSize * ACH * CeilingHeight) / 60
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