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There are no better adblockers, uBlock Origin is all you need and is already updated to bypass it.

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The new bill reinforces that all data brokers must register with the California privacy protection agency, and it requires the CPPA to establish an easy and free way for Californians to request that all data brokers in the state delete their data through a single page, regardless of how they acquired that information. If data brokers don’t comply with these rules, the bill stipulates they be fined or otherwise penalized.

Hopefully this becomes the standard nation wide. Having a single page where you can delete your accounts on multiple services with a single click sounds like a data privacy dream.

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Lol it was some Google employee's job for months to work on this anti AdBlock method and uBlock Origin bypasses it like same day

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Pretty self explanatory.

If I'm scrolling and upvoting something, I'd like it be considered read. Unlike "mark as read" that disappears instantly, it should persist on my feed until I refresh. That way it'd still giving me the choice to open the comments or change my vote, change favorite, etc.

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I will never not read that as magic the gathering, it makes the news so much better

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Should clarify this only affects Chromium browsers

DALL-E 3 Release (openai.com)
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DALL-E 3 Release (openai.com)
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DALL-E 3 Release (openai.com)
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DALL-3 Release (openai.com)
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Jesus, at this point over half the country will ban porn because of religious extremists who hate freedom. Fascism and anti free speech.

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Private speech is never the problem and should absolutely be encouraged as a human right. The problem here is them avoiding regulators and should get fucked for that alone, that's the crime here. Signal and Whatsapp should not be mentioned at all and this is an attempt to push "encryption bad" narrative.

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That's realllly steep for a single app.

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What it change

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For more interesting and easily discoverable content. Really that's what people want at the end of the day.

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Wow Reddit can openly and unapologetically shit on their community and they continue to support the site. All of the "fuck spez" content is gone, and they're doing exactly what Reddit wanted in the first place, keeping it corporate and advertiser friendly. What a sad community that can't even defend themselves, this is why the state of things are getting so much worse.

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There's actually a lot to look forward to. In fact you're talking on one of those reasons right now.

e2ee is only a recent thing which is significantly more private. You can have an entirely private FOSS operating system that has parity with Windows for free.

The privacy and FOSS ecosystems are thriving more then ever. There are more VPN providers then ever before, and Tor gets better and better.

We have decentralized social media like the fedi which gives complete freedom against corporate control.

We have all sorts of amazing FOSS tools out there. We even have an AI that can be run completely locally and with custom unfiltered models that is very close to competitive with ChatGPT, and also free.

None of these things even existed like 10 years ago, or were in their infancy. They're all competitive to modern corporate alternatives. Privacy alternatives are by far in the best state they've ever been, and they'll just continue to improve as the community grows larger.

We can own all these tools and self host. In fact we've never been able to "own" anywhere near as much as we can today.

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Who could have seen this coming except every single semi informed person.

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