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FPTP has to go, but the further right the government, the hard it is to push them for it. A right Labour is better odds then any Conservative flavor, and it's not like the Conservatives are moving left right now.

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Well done at retiring at 53!

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There will literally be Tory trolls/bots pushing this narrative to split the Labour vote. Get the Tories out, then push Labour for PR, hard, to keep Tories out of unjust power.

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It's an entertainment channel, that happens to have "news" in it's name. So not subject to news rules. So it can have Tory MPs as presenters interviewing other Tory MPs as guests.

That OK isn't it? Not remotely dishonest and unbalanced....

They will get shutdown soon enough for this dishonest nasty stuff. Or, as they will say, "silenced by the woke main stream for telling the truth". It's kind of what they want.

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As I said, "if this no other option". And to be honest, that was once, for a few weeks before the new KiCad hit Debian repos. And only because hardware team wouldn't wait to switch, so to open stuff, I needed it too.

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I've been on Debian Testing for my own desktops for about 15 years now. Sometimes as a Frankendebian mixing in SID/unstable. Sometimes mainly unstable, but mostly just Testing.

It rarely breaks, but when it does, it's a learning opportunity. Stable for servers and other people's desktops. Maybe with backports. Flatpacks if this no other option.

You don't get 100% solid and 100% new. Ever. With anything.

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Busybox is used in the initramfs normally. It's the shell used by any scripts in that early stage, as well as the fallback shell environment.

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Google is not really much better than MS. It still leaves you under the yoke of big tech. "Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss".

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You spelt monopoly wrong.

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You can pay to have less ad, but you're still also paying with your data. Bet pretty soon it will be pay and have ads, or pay more again. They have a captive market. They can extract and extract.

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But what of those not elected or in public office? Farage for example. He stopped being a MEP and never has been elected or appointed since. But he is still out spouting lies.

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It too me a while to work out why my Nextcloud stuff wasn't working on my phone. It wasn't until I went to http://duckdns.org on mobile data I saw the block. I had changed ISP from one with IPv6, which I had setup, to an ISP without it, and thought it might be that. But it was just coincidence.

I've written to O2 but I doubt they will change anything, so I'll be changing network.

So heads up UK O2 self hosting people!

Boxing Android (feddit.uk)
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So I've got Android as I want. LineageOS, no Google, Magisk, MicroG but with AndroidAuto with OsmAnd+.

But the outside world of WhatsApp, Bank apps, etc is putting pressure to join. Plus not everything works properly with MicroG instead of the Google service provider. Makes me cross techno-politically, but I can't always hard life tech choices when it effects others.

So, what do others do? At the moment, I've thinking I need a non-free phone and a free-phone! Then what, I keep swapping SIM?? I can't see a workable VM solution to run a non-free Android in a freer Android.

The state of the phone market is pitiful.

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