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We need to start having both financial and criminal penalties for companies actively ignoring security issues like this.

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Isn't antivenin very species-specific? How are they supposed to know the snake off a probably shitty description from the person bitten, if they even saw it? And saying to not even take a photo? What?

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It is protected, but you can disclose whatever you want to whoever you want. It's your medical data, you are not prevented from sharing it, healthcare professionals are prevented from sharing identifiable information including that.

Since HIV is such a big issue in the LGBT space, so much that many blood/plasma donation places won't even let gay patients donate at all, or if they e been sexually active within like 2 months, even though they obviously test all donations anyway. Being upfront with that information is important, so for a dating/hookup app meant for those users, it's essentially like having a space to put your height.

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Personally I think this is pretty likely.

Watching Johnson when he talked recently about going forward with the aide package he no longer looked like he was a hostage. I think that's because the Dems promised to help him keep his seat in exchange for a little compromise.

If he were to be unseated, the Dems have a decent chance of taking control with so many Rs leaving recently. It would only take a couple Rs breaking ranks with the extreme MAGA representatives pushing to remove Johnson, to give the Dems control.

However Dem control I don't think would matter much at this point. The Republican messaging would just switch to blaming all of the bullshit they've done this session on the Dems. A large majority of the Republican base just accepts what they're told at face value, so they would 100% accept being told that nothing being accomplished was because the Dems prevented it rather than the Republicans refusing to bring things to the floor in the first place.

There is no real advantage to the Dems taking control so close to the election, just giving Republicans a new soap box to spread lies to a base they know doesn't look past the headlines on their own echo chamber networks.

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Agreed 100%. I'm still hesitant just because Hollywood has a long history of ruining book adaptations. But given The Martian, I'm very hopeful.

I would love to see his novel Artemis be adapted as well. Supposedly that is being worked on as well, but I haven't heard anything new for a while on that front.

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Getting really tired of these idiots trying to shove multiplayer and/or MMO mechanics into single player franchises or attempting to justify a shift to live service.

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From my understanding, it essentially ends up with bidding for assets to get to the amount needed. Whatever the resulting high bid ends up, is the amount for that asset. So if something is valued at $500M but sells for only $200M, it only counts as $200M toward the judgment. Basically, estimated value means nothing, only what someone actually pays for it.

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$804M in revenue... $286M to CEO and COO pay alone... so just two officers are worth 35% of the company's annual revenue? Not profit, because it isn't profitable, but just base revenue. Not even Elon Musk is paid that high a percentage of revenue.

Even ignoring the fact reddit doesn't pay anyone for moderation, and all their other reliance on community freebies... That's insane.

And they want to go public with that info? They believe that's a financially sound position to be in heading into an IPO? Spez is even more stupid than I thought.

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When in Summit settings, searching for "mu" causes an immediate app crash to home screen as soon as the U is typed. No option to report issues or submit feedback.

Only have this device to test at the moment, but I can get it to do it every time.

Pixel 6 on latest official Android 14 update. App version 1.21.2

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These drugs were developed with public funds and yet are sold at outrageous pricing.

If the pharma industry was at all reasonable about their pricing, this wouldn't be a consideration at all.

If you take public funds, you can't charge exorbitant amounts. Seems an easy trade-off decision for them to make.

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So... Where is the catalog of approved haircuts for students to pick from? Fucking fascist ideas being masked in bullshit like avoiding fake "distractions" in classrooms.

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It's licensing terms. FIFA was asking for double its $150 million licensing fee to allow Electronic Arts to continue using its name.

FIFA doubling the license cost is clearly bullshit. EA has decided that the FIFA brand in their game is not worth $300 Million, and the existing license requires them to discontinue sales once the license expires.

Can't really blame EA for saving $300 Million for something that doesn't really matter, especially when it used to cost half that. This 100% is FIFA being greedy, as usual.

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As a colorblind person, fuck whoever decided on the colors for this image. I hope they meet a very angry porcupine.

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