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I've been using a $20 air remote off Amazon for years now. The tracking is honestly incredible and the device is built like an old Nokia phone. I've launched it off the bed or couch hundreds of times, even had the plastic casing bust open, but when I clicked it back together it still works good as new, and it's even good enough to play simple point and click/mousepowered games on the TV. The front is all media/TV controls and the back is a full keyboard, with a toggled backlight. It's honestly so much better than any of the media center remotes I've used including the apple tv one or the firestick one.

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So in this episode they go into a cave, and can read some sort of energy field, as well as Troi having a sense that there are lifeforms present. Geordie explains that the people must be displaced in time, but only by a few milliseconds. If that's true, how is there not overlap? Say the people are a few milliseconds ahead of the enterprise when they arrive, shouldn't they appear a few milliseconds later, as they still would have had to be 'present' during that time? I don't understand how they would be consistently invisible if time is a dimension like space that can be traveled through. Some past (or future) version of them would be present regardless of the desynchronization would they not?

Please if anyone could help me understand or shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.

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Actually Halo was the doctor, the shooty guy is called Halo's monster.

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I think it's more that the pictures being represented as real is what's damaging though...

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I'm pretty sure this is wrong. From what I understand, automix just blends together the ending and beginning of the two songs. For example if there's silence at the end of one song, or 'compatible' music, the 'ai' will try to smooth out the transition like a dj would while making a mix.

Edit: yup, that's what it is https://support.spotify.com/ca-en/article/tracks-transitions/

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Does everyone on 4chan have a humiliation fetish? That's a rhetorical question, because obviously who else would go on 4chan.

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100k what? Is this a reference to something or just a silly meme?

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Wait so our already warm and (relatively) snow less winters over the last few years are now gonna be even warmer and less snowy? Good thing global warming's not real and this is totally just a phase mother earth is going through or something.

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If you kill 1000 killers the number of killers in the world decreases by 999 though.

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Right, blame Obama because reasons.

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Everyone always recommends the torrent solutions, plex and the arrs, but unless it's something I'm really excited about or want in extra high quality, I find it's easier to just use the browser streaming sites. In Firefox with ublock there's no ads, it has subtitles for multiple languages loaded automatically usually, and a nice ui that shows most popular show/movies, and has a good catalogue. There's lots to choose from, I think the guide has a list, but the ones I use are:

Bflix.gg Hdtoday.cc Fmovies.to

Quick, simple and painless.

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Because your high school teachers had entirely boomers as their professors(or worse if you had super old high school teachers), but most people here probably had Gen x or millennial professors. The university/college environment has changed.

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Lil Nas x (or someone else current idk, just seems like he'd be a good fit) should write a response song called "try singing that in an urban center"

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