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Yo queiro taco holder

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I mean you're technically correct but it is also really pedantic.

Thanks for pointing out the bias of my language choices

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Indoor cats ONLY for life bro.

It would be a security donkey. For the strays and idiots that have outdoor cats. I'd probably have to name him Batman; idk if legally I'd have another option at that point.

Buy yeah I guess you're right on living conditions, damn logic

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Oooh I like this a lot, it is more than the usual 'have the confidence of a straight white man' or smth I see which hehe fun and empowering but at the expense of an entire gender.

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Some of them read the Bible, never read the news. They just listen to what they community says. If everyone you know and trust says president Jimmy bean is the most fantastic Christian devout president ever why would you question it?

I mean they already don't possess much critical thinking skills at that point, at least in this kind of context.

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Legit was mindblown when my friend got glasses and was so fascinated that trees had leaves! Happy to know that appreciating this beautiful detail of nature is a bit of a universal experience

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Ok are donkeys known for fighting off coyotes or something??? Should I be getting backyard donkeys to protect the neighborhood cats? And how did I go for so many years on the internet just learning this now?

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I know this is now such a cliche thing to say but I legitimately expected this headline to be from the onion.

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Stop you're making me cry. It's so "funny cuz it's sad" it went past the point of being funny.

you're not wrong.

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If they abolish no fault divorce it WILL cost lives

That is the bottom fucking line. There is no argument against divorce that exists that can prevent that. Wait no there is, oh golly they will make exceptions for abuse. That sure fucking sounds familiar. Hmm like maybe it was the concession 'pro-life' would make for abortion.

And look how that turned out.

Before roe v wade was overturned they were all about protecting the abused, somewhat, with caveats. Kinda like they are talking about divorce here innit?

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This is what you really NEED to know about abolishing no fault divorce:

And that will cause huge problems, especially for anyone experiencing abuse. “Any barrier to divorce is a really big challenge for survivors,” said Marium Durrani, vice president of policy at the National Domestic Violence Hotline. “What it really ends up doing is prolonging their forced entanglement with an abusive partner.”

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Economic studies have shown that every $1 spent on arts and culture programs generates about $9 more in related spending.

Leave it to Republicans to cut off their nose to spite their face.

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Here is the Opening Draft [01:32], which could serve as a trailer.

And his current project/upcoming video is the entire series of Power Rangers

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Yeah sorry not your typical post here, I hope that's OK!

I'm thinking of getting this for my (14)nephew and my brother to play together. He used to play DND in the 80s and this game really sounds like it tries to honor a lot of the culture and whatnot of the games.

But... I haven't played anything like either of those and my brother is extremely busy with little free time and my nephew doesn't have as much free time as the average kid.

Is this a game that could still be enjoyable in small doses? Does it get overwhelming or stressful fast for most people who don't play games nearly as long or as intense as this? For context they play a lot of match style games but my brother loved the original assasians creed.

And if not or for some reason you have another suggestion I'd love to hear it because at the very least this game sounds good to me and I'm interested in what other games it's fans like that I could also check out. :)

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Ya'll jealous of my black 08 prismacolor fine line marker and pilot precise v7 rt.

Okay what the fuck is that last one? Why does it sound like a sports car marketed to males 14-26?

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Is there a really popular product, technique, or otherwise viral trend that you tried and it fell short somehow?

What was it, what were your expectations, and what was the result?

(LOL no shame, totally posting this in the makeup community if I can find it)

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I love how far against mainstream Radcliff has gone post HP. And this is just delightful regardless

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What is an old show you think is great and really doesn't get mentioned enough? Why should someone watch it?

Cats are a Blessing (lemmy.world)
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Hope mildly witchy stuff qualifies. At least while things start gaining momentum. I have a lot of those!

A Good Reminder (lemmy.world)
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You're important too

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