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Dorothy aka Dot from season 5 of fargo was fantastic imo!

Ellen (and I guess some would argue Jo) from supernatural is imo. WIthout going into spoilers but the reason I pick her out of a series full of "badass women" is she is the typical tough lady superficial stuff but also extremely compassionate, a supportive and devoted mother.

Does Leslie Knope parks and rec count? She's a badass to me.

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I'd say the core of the jawbreaker of fucked upness is the elite wealthy. However boomers aren't too many layers away though imo

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Nah fuck that they got theirs then pulled the ladder up behind them while blaming us for all the problems that they created and voting against any progress.

I mean yes ultimately it is a class war but this generational shit is not nothing. And for many of us it is a genuine coping mechanism with having That Kind of Boomer(s) in our life.

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It isn't. But the freedom to own guns without any sort of restriction is much more loudly, enthusiastically, and financially supported than the freedom to consume drugs in your own home.

And thus it won't matter that the key thing is being irresponsible. Being irresponsible with guns and drugs in the home are completely different things in the Modern Republican mind.

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Oh man you had it made! It's a must if I ever buy a fridge but well, renters can't be choosers haha.

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Sometimes even fish because an aquarium malfunction can cause serious damage.

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“When you put them all into a package, it’s so rife with possibilities for errors on the part of the landlord,” Gulbransen said. “That makes people think twice about renting out that empty unit.”

Oh no.

Plus, she said the state already has laws in place to protect renters with disabilities or mental health issues who rely on emotional support or service animals.

Oh, well since they are already bending over backwards following ADA guidelines obviously that's argument enough

Btw to those who didn't read the article, it also mentions how a lot of pets are surrendered because the owners couldn't find housing that accommodates them.

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Yeah trumps harm is so wide in scope it impacts not just the entire nation but other countries as well. It honestly baffles me that people don't see it as that bad

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Idk man I wanted those fridges with the water and ice dispenser as a kid bad

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Well I imagine a bunch of the people in Russian prisons are wise to Putin's dictatorshit

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Oh shit I swear I've had that happen too, for flights I was following rates closely. I open a different browser and search again, wtf the increased price is whats being advertised now??

So weird.

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Please watch God Forbid the sex scandal that shocked America (hulu)

Shiny happy people (prime)

The family (netflix)

Even if the "smaller hard-core group" sounds inconsequential, a lot of those people are the ones with power and/or influence.

I think there is a fourth I've seen that covers similar grounds and forget atm, plus I'm sure many more that I don't know so please respond if you know others. As you may notice all mine are drastically different subjects on the surface. They have the common thread though of fundamental religious men in power AND the institutions being involved in American politics.

There's no gay agenda. There is ABSOLUTELY a Christian agenda.

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Yeah sorry not your typical post here, I hope that's OK!

I'm thinking of getting this for my (14)nephew and my brother to play together. He used to play DND in the 80s and this game really sounds like it tries to honor a lot of the culture and whatnot of the games.

But... I haven't played anything like either of those and my brother is extremely busy with little free time and my nephew doesn't have as much free time as the average kid.

Is this a game that could still be enjoyable in small doses? Does it get overwhelming or stressful fast for most people who don't play games nearly as long or as intense as this? For context they play a lot of match style games but my brother loved the original assasians creed.

And if not or for some reason you have another suggestion I'd love to hear it because at the very least this game sounds good to me and I'm interested in what other games it's fans like that I could also check out. :)

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Ya'll jealous of my black 08 prismacolor fine line marker and pilot precise v7 rt.

Okay what the fuck is that last one? Why does it sound like a sports car marketed to males 14-26?

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Is there a really popular product, technique, or otherwise viral trend that you tried and it fell short somehow?

What was it, what were your expectations, and what was the result?

(LOL no shame, totally posting this in the makeup community if I can find it)

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I love how far against mainstream Radcliff has gone post HP. And this is just delightful regardless

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What is an old show you think is great and really doesn't get mentioned enough? Why should someone watch it?

Cats are a Blessing (lemmy.world)
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Hope mildly witchy stuff qualifies. At least while things start gaining momentum. I have a lot of those!

A Good Reminder (lemmy.world)
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You're important too

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