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I remember my first up vote

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Probly just the superdelegates choosing in secret, like they threaten too if they don’t like the public vote.

Feeling free yet?

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I guess the USA just can't handle it. We must be pretty weak.

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If we used Ranked choice voting, then we could simply switch to the next in line. That is, if the democrats would grace us with a primary.

Please sir, but a scrap of representative democracy.

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Consider working towards passing electoral reform in your state so you can vote for something that is not evil, secure in the knowledge that your vote would still count for the lesser evil.

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How about implementing Ranked choice voting so there is a chance Republicans would vote for a more moderate group of people ?

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First Past The Post voting ensures that a good portion of the people voting for her do not want her. Same for Joe biden. Same for the Republican and democratic parties.

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Yet... First Past The Post voting continues to artificially limit the number of viable political parties.

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For profit corporations should not be trusted to preserve out culture. They would happily delete everything it if made then 1 dollar

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Biden world? I want off Mr bidens wild ride.

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18 for everything. "various levels of adulthood" need to go away. Either you're an adult or not.

Don't like it? Prove you actually believe what you say you do and work to raise the draft age to 21.

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Maybe next life...

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