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What choice?

Choosing between ketchup or mustard on your shit sandwich does you no good, if you don't want a shit sandwich in the first place.

If you're not giving me a no-shit-sandwich option, why the hell should I reward you with my support?

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If I send someone a text, I don't expect them to read or respond in any given timeframe. I don't get to just demand their full attention on the spot, and I fully appreciate that they may not be in a position to hear or respond to their phone bleeping at them at any given moment.


If someone sends me a text, and I respond to it within seconds, then yes, I expect them to treat it like a conversation.

I will never understand these people that hit send then immediately throw their phone out the goddamn window so any response no matter how fast stays on delivered for the next hour.

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Except that the lesser evil takes your vote as explicit support of everything they're doing, and will claim it as a clear mandate, we'd like to stop but our hands are tied the voters wanted this.

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I don't care that it's outdated, everyone still needs to read https://eev.ee/blog/2012/04/09/php-a-fractal-of-bad-design/

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Looks like the US is going to get some tough love.

Turns out you can't just fund, supply and cast UN vetoes in support of the genocide of an entire people and still get unconditional support at the ballot box, whoda thunkit.

And yes, the consequences are going to be hideous.

I guess you should have thought of that, what with everyone telling you over and over and over.

Cabin in the Woods moment, and you brought it on yourselves.

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Whatever happened to punching nazis?

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"Slaves, obey your masters" is not radically opposing the existing power structure. Nowhere will you find a single instruction to disobey the powerful, or hold them to account.

Like I say, people-pleasing behaviour is definitely in there; Matthew 5 is all about not having any boundaries. But you'll notice it's not aimed at powers or principalities, nowhere does it suggest that masters should not beat their slaves or that kings should not retaliate to acts of war - and they're certainly not for god himself, who absolutely would not forgive anyone for their ancestors' disobedience without a major blood sacrifice, thus that whole crucifixion thing you might be vaguely aware of (though admittedly it's pretty niche, hidden deep in the lore somewhere). Those instructions are for the little people, to keep them in their lane.

Which is not, to be extremely clear, to suggest that I'm some kind of randroid fuck who considers altruism to be a weakness; very much the opposite. We could have a much better world if more people would be nicer to each other even when they didn't have to be.

It's just that one-way altruism imposed in the context of a rigidly-endorsed social hierarchy just ain't it. If the poor have to do all the heavy nice-peopling while a bunch of rich untouchable assholes work them to death and torture them for lulz, that would fit more into your whole late-stage-capitalism kind of bullshit - and christianity does not one fucking thing to combat that, while actively propping it up round the edges.

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Why does Israel need all that money for bombs and warplanes, when they could just go spit on Hamas and break their windows?

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You can't know. There's no possible way to verify what any of it is doing.

Unless you've built your own hardware out of discrete components and know personally what every byte in the code does, you absolutely cannot know what's actually going on in there.

And honestly, a large chunk of both consumer harware and networking certainly is spying on people.Every ISP and major datacentre has a TLA room that mere mortals aren't allowed to go into or ask questions about, every phone or motherboard chipset is an absolute rats nest of backdoors and telemetry - and unless you sand the lid off every single chip and go over it with an electron microscope, there's no good reason to assume any component only does what it claims to. But then the data from that will need to be stored on something likely-pwned anyway.

Various governments all have the ability to count your nose hairs if they wanted to - and if you're sufficiently anomalous, you may as well assume they have.

to all of which I say meh. It's evil and hideous of course, but so many things are evil and hideous that you just have to triage.

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Because it's not 1860

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My siblings and I were raised by an abusive narcissist who spent most of her free time screaming at my dad, when she wasn't emotionally abusing and neglecting us.

But of course the cultural narrative was that men are only and always abusers, and women are only and always abused - so we normalised it; our whole reality bent around the notion that she was the poor innocent beleagured victim just doing her best to survive.

We took a vast amount of damage because an interpretation where she was the abuser simply wasn't available to us - instead of forming defenses against her, we rendered ourselves more vulnerable.

I don't take kindly to being told to go fix women's problems first before mine will matter.

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dear god I love this game

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I'm going to assume you've heard the stereo-panning version of the record player song that did the rounds.

However, searching for more like this, I can only seems to find shitty low-effort remixes of songs with someone swiping the entire audio track back and forth, without timing it to the actual notes of the song or putting distinct elements in their own space or any of the actually cool counterpointy stuff you could do with this.

Has anyone found any that don't suck?

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Not sure if this counts as politics or not; let me know.

One major brick in the toilet tank of the rental market is apparently investors just 'parking their money' in properties and leaving them vacant longterm, with an eye to selling them later at an inflated price - with rental income being not worth the hassle.

Some people have suggested a tax on vacant properties to give more incentive to rent them out.

Good idea, but I say we go one better.

  1. Put a hefty tax on all properties that aren't owner-occupied.
  2. Give a rebate for renting them out, proportional to the percentage above or below the average rental for comparable properties.

If you charge above-average rent, you get a small rebate.

If you charge average rent, you get a medium rebate.

If you charge below-average rent, you get a large rebate. This could even exceed 100%, using the funding from the other categories.

People chasing the large rebate will drive the average down over time, ate viola, we have a race to the bottom and the consumers reap the benefits.

There's probably a dozen reasons why this wouldn't work, but I like it anyway.

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It must be a tsunderestorm

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tl;dr: something with the murderbot / hexarchate / locked-tomb kind of vibe

I'm after something sweet but astringent to bite down on; this is the general tone I'm almost always looking for, and I've mined out most of the obvious seams of the stuff.

I don't mind whether it's fantasy or SF, I just want a chunk of emotional intelligence mixed with harsh conflict - with a modern, progressive take if possible.

LGBTQ-themed stuff tends to be good at this in my experience, but I'm not fussed either way. I'm not after romance/smut for its own sake, but it's fine as part of a bigger picture.


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As per title. I very, very rarely drink, and I generally just want to buy a single of something for a rare treat, however most beers/ciders/etc are sold in multipacks.

The pricing on the shelf is usually per-pack only, yet sometimes I see random products with single cans/bottles missing, and sometimes random products will have a little section of unpackaged singles, despite not having a separate price showing.

Is it generally OK to split an unopened 4- or 6-pack, or is that as weird and inappropriate as doing the equivalent in a supermarket? What even are the rules around this?

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You ever see a dog that's got its leash tangled the long way round a table leg, and it just cannot grasp what the problem is or how to fix it? It can see all the components laid out in front of it, but it's never going to make the connection.

Obviously some dog breeds are smarter than others, ditto individual dogs - but you get the concept.

Is there an equivalent for humans? What ridiculously simple concept would have aliens facetentacling as they see us stumble around and utterly fail to reason about it?

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There's an emergency at the Facility down the road, and everyone in a six-mile radius is very likely fucked.

What is the sound that announces your fate?



  • dyOOT! ... dyOOT! ... dyOOT!

  • Something else? (please spell)

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Not counting Choc Ripple, which are horrible.

You can get any number of chocolate-coated biscuits, but dammit I just want a simple chocolate shortbread or near offer. Hell, I'd settle for a giant Tiny Teddy, though those too are a bit industrial.

Just give me a pack of bourbons without the cream in, that'd do fine.

Is this some terribly rare niche interest all of a sudden? Am I really the only person in this country who would buy such a thing?

Yes I know I can make my own, it's just tedious - and the lack of demand for anything like it confuses and enrages me.

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... or do they just make up for it with sheer unrelieved quantity of greenery, perhaps?

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Okay, so this is weird.

I seriously don't do loud environments. My speech discrimination goes to shit with a bunch of background noise, and if I get into overly-spiky crowd noise (eg. loud bars / parties, with everyone yelling over each other and echoing off the walls), I rapidly overload and need to GTFO before I break down.

So why in the purple fuck is frantic glitchy breakcore the most soothing thing in the universe?

I've been listening to stuff like femtanyl recently, and the more IYTGKIUFUYGLICGXJYUGJTYUFLIHFUYGKJKHJGHYTFTJGHFDYGFDJHCHTRF it gets, the more it feels like my brain is sinking into a warm bath. It's like brown noise, but moreso.

Tha heck is going on?

Anyone relate?

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So, I had an incredibly fucked-up childhood in a toxic abusive environment and never really learned how to people.

When I was younger I was... abrasive, let's say. Or possibly just an insufferable prick. I would argue with people on the internet a lot and generate a lot of conflict - not from a desire to troll (as many assumed), I was just raised in a test-to-destruction environment where loud table-slapping debate was just how you learned things - kind of cage-match debugging sessions kind of thing.

This didn't make me many friends, understandably.

Anyway, decades passed and I learned to mellow out a bit, to go along to get along, and to develop some soft skills like y'know, tact, and... compassion for people's emotional investment in their intellectual position, if that has a name.

Well and good, the people I talk to don't generally want to strangle me, chalk it up as a win.

But increasingly of late I've been hearing disparaging talk of 'people pleasers', which as best I can tell seems to refer to people who do all the things I was yelled for not doing half my life: going along to get along, valuing other people's needs and emotional sore spots, taking a cooperative, defensive-driving kind of approach to social ineraction - and I am confuse.

I lack a proper framework to parse this all intuitively; I had to build my social skillset manually by trial and error, and things obvious to others remain somewhat mysterious to me.

I'm not actually ASD (just ADHD), but my lack-of-intuitive-grasp on certain things presents a similar profile. Can someone give me a longhand explanation of the border between not-an-asshole and people-pleasing?

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