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Gibt aber trotzdem indirekt zu dass mal ein leeres Paket versendet wurde. Interessante Taktik, frage mich wie oft das funktioniert.

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Ye, I remember that.

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Not 100 percent sure. Season 02 was weaker than 01.

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What do you mean, how do you pirate stuff online? Surely you got the hat on? I mean, I can see biting a hard drive might be more appropriate but the hat, come on, the hat!

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Uh, wow. Dystopian as fuck. What exactly do they think this is needed for? Also, they just collect some material or are they sequencing every single sample? How deep are they sequencing? This is going to be expensive. Maybe its to get people to not get passports anymore? I don't know, makes no sense.

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Honestly, I don't even think it is a fair question. What about asking "when they reach enshittification" gives any options on the answer? They become shitty, like everything else.

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Because you are furiously masturbating on the train right now?

[-] [email protected] 83 points 1 day ago

They don't have shareholders to please and don't seem to be hungry for money right now.

Once that changes, sure, they'll go downwards.

Word of advice for you, if you have this attitude towards everything you won't enjoy anything in life anymore.

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Yeeaaah, Semi-Hemi-Demigod... What's happening. Listen, did you get that memo about working from home? We discourage that again. Yeah, let me get you another copy of that memo, mmmkay?

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Article was probably updated, account is restored as of now.

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The devil is in the details though. Covid vaccines are not a good example of this as they mostly reduce the risk of dying from Covid. You can still get sick and distribute the virus, it is just a ton milder and much less dangerous (which is still useful and you should get vaccinated obviously, just saying before anyone thinks I am anti vaccine). The measles vaccine however prevents people from getting sick at all, unless I am mistaken.

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I guess most people know about the movie web app site, which pulls videos from various sources.

Recently they added a request to download an extension to your browser, for optimal perfomance and better quality.

It is featured on the firefox android extensions site from Mozilla, it has a github page. What I read online is that it seems the extension wants access to everything you do in your browser, which seems kind of sketchy.

What do people here think about it? Anyone installed it and can say more?

Edit: thanks for all the comments, looks like less people knew about this than I thought.

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I will always be sad that Canyon and Finn never got together. They seem to fit so well on a spiritual level.

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Just loved that Jake chose the biggest sword he could find. I think it is one of the swords in Final Fantasy. This scene has my favourite quote of the episode, when Jake notes about the sword "Why is it so dense?".

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Not sure this fits in the community but I felt it is an important topic that needs visibility. Researchgate made a deal with MDPI to prefer some of their journals on the site over other publications or journals. It will likely be impossible to know if suggestions you see in the future are genuine or paid for by this deal.

MDPI made a post on their site about this https://www.mdpi.com/about/announcements/7051

I could not find an announcement on the Researchgate site so far. Possible enshittification of Researchgate up ahead?

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I remember when the Orgalorg episode came out people who rewatched it thought it is Orgalorg in the bottom right.

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Another fantastic lore episode, I forgot how good season 6 of AT is. Check out the toaster on the shelf in Evergreen's study.

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Damn good episode on the whole!

Nothing suspicious to see... (discuss.tchncs.de)
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This sub is pretty dead since Fionna & Cake finished, so lets try and reanimate. Have been rewatching the original series for a while now, slowly and finally reach the really good seasons.

However those include the weird ones like Food Chain. I totally forgot about that one. Super beautiful title card but the storyline is just bonkers. Not sure I would have rewatched it if I had remembered it better.

Whats your pick of the weirdest episodes?

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Just something to rant about, obviously ShatteredPD is great and I still enjoy playing it after so many years...

...however! The one addition I don't like is to use the crystal keys for so many more goodies than just the two chests rooms.

It used to be when you found a crystal key, you would immediately know there are two chests waiting for you, maybe even the crystal chest mimic. I was always excited to find those keys because it meant I would get a new hopefully useful item.

These days however, its just one of many possibilities and once you find that second or third key, you know its not the chest. I don't dislike adding all these other options, but I like them all less than the original chests. Could there not be another key type to use for those? Like the golden ones, if it has to be an existing type. Or make the original crystal keys into something else, skull key or dragon keys or whatever. Rat king keys maybe. Please?

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I have two account to sync, one is on an updated instance with lemmy version 0.19, it can login but gives an error when fetching user data.

My second account is on an instance that has not updated yet, there it all worka fine.

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Is there any good FOSS app that could record the phone GPS location, but keep the data locally on the same phone, no dialing out?

Like the Google Maps location history, just not sharing it with Google services.

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