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In the 2000s we had AdSense. So now we're getting... AISense?

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Results look disappointing for the Pixel 8 Pro in this test as it lands last for battery life and does a bit better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of charging speed.

About how they perform their battery life test:

This is done by using a light meter to calibrate their displays to 150 nits, then running a script that simulates web surfing over 5G cellular connectivity. This is done until their batteries are depleted.

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Whenever I get lazy I just throw some seasoned chicken drumsticks in my airfryer and then add some Uncle Ben's rice. Almost 0 effort.

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Looks like the previous render leak was (unfortunately) spot on about the camera changes.

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tl;dr: a testing certificate for a Google phone going by the model name "GH2MB" (similar to those of the Pixel 7a) is suggesting that the Pixel 8a might be getting a 4,942mAh battery. For a comparison, the Pixel 7a has 4,385mAh, the 8 has 4,575mAh and the 8 Pro has 5,050mAh.

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This talk assumes no prior knowledge of functional programming.

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tl;dr about the expected privacy feature: Pixel owners would be able to quickly see which apps have access to the camera or the microphone.

Screenshots from Android Central:

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How to install GrapheneOS (www.androidpolice.com)
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Just Android Police giving a shout-out to GrapheneOS :-)

(see also our previous thread about GrapheneOS)

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This would be a meme by itself:

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Leaked photo from Android Authority:

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Archive link: https://archive.ph/M3WBw

In the clips and in a full video of the event, audience members in the Palo Alto City Council chambers are seen interrupting the proceedings and making false statements. The event mirrored other public meetings in the Bay Area since Oct. 7 where pro-Palestinian activists have vilified Israel and either defended Hamas as a "resistance" movement or denied its brutality on that day.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, a candidate who is currently a member of the Palo Alto City Council, faced more of the vitriol.

"I deplore the actions of Hamas on October 7th," she said, to one loud "boo!" from a female audience member.

"Really? Really?" Lythcott-Haims said. "They butchered people, murdered people, raped people and took hostages."

At mention of the word "raped," the audience exploded with anger. Amid the swell of noise, a boy draped in a Palestinian flag yelled about Hamas: "They did not murder anyone!"

When organizers regained control of the room, Lythcott-Haims said: "I did not know that that would be a controversial statement."

(video of the exchange is in the original paywalled article but archive.today turns embedded videos into screenshots, so for those who want to see it but can't open the paywalled article here's the direct link: https://www.instagram.com/danielleyablonka/reel/C2yyfi9sRMx/)

MBFC rating: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/haaretz/

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Microsoft really wants someone to remind it of these days:

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The tone may be a bit harsh but it's muuuuch better than how he used to be during his most toxic days. This is how he used to talk: https://www.networkworld.com/article/706908/security-torvalds-to-bad-security-devs-kill-yourself-now.html

Linus definitely got much better at handling his anger since his public apology in 2018.

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Gonna fire the first bullet:

(I also use Arch btw)

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I don't really like the "return-to-work" wording, it implies that when you're working from home you aren't really working. What's ironic is that work-from-home hasn't prevented Nvidia from being a trillion dollar company: https://fortune.com/2023/10/14/nvidia-skips-return-to-office-sticks-to-remote-work-among-hottest-tech-companies/

(archive.today link without paywall: https://archive.ph/jzBIx)

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In it, she appears stripped to her underwear, and her legs are bent at unnatural angles, while one soldier grabs her hair. People are also seen spitting on her body.

And some terrorist supporters here on Lemmy were trying to explain to us that they were just casually "transporting" the body of a dead woman and that they weren't doing anything disgusting with her. We all know what islamist terrorists do when they spot a young woman, to pretend that Hamas is any different from ISIS is to be completely delusional.

Palestinians will lose more and more support (mine already) as long as they keep shielding the Islamist animals of Hamas.

EDIT: also thank goodness for [email protected], because others like [email protected] are run by terrorist supporters (see for yourself in their modlog: https://lemmy.ml/modlog/14788)

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That doesn't really mean that they store it in plain text. They sent it to you after you finished creating your account, and it's likely that the password was just in plain text during the registration. The question still remains whether they store their outgoing emails (in which case yes, your password would still be stored in plain text on their end, not in the database though).

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won't be big and professional like gnu

that didn't age well

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For example, 2021 Model 3 SR+ vehicles can enable the Cold Weather Feature (heated steering wheel, heated rear seats) for an extra $300. This feature unlock is confirmed to work with the exploit.

So like cucks people were paying for something that their car already had offline, both hardware- and software-wise.

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For those who keep parroting that poor big-tech has to respect local cultures and laws and that there's nothing they could do, I remind you that atheists are literally considered terrorists in Saudi Arabia. So in theory, a court order could only invoke anti-terrorism as the motive and compel Google and Microsoft to hand over private conversations of suspected atheists and these companies would then say they did nothing wrong because they just complied with an anti-terrorism search warrant.

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