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[-] [email protected] 65 points 2 months ago

This one actually tricked me for half a second and made me do a double take

[-] [email protected] 39 points 2 months ago

Top comment on the article: "He's going to be so young when he dies. Condolences to his family :("

[-] [email protected] 22 points 2 months ago

This is such well-made satire... And people seem to be losing the ability to distinguish satire from real stuff

[-] [email protected] 7 points 2 months ago

IDK, this one is pretty blatant, not sure how anyone could misread it.

[-] [email protected] 18 points 2 months ago

Why am I tasting onion? ๐Ÿ˜…

[-] [email protected] 4 points 2 months ago
[-] [email protected] 6 points 2 months ago

Condolences to the future whistle blower's family who committed suicide by shooting themselves 3 times in the back of the head.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 months ago

This is real or fake? This is not the onion?

[-] [email protected] 24 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

It's satire. Despite the community being called The Onion, articles from all satire sites are allowed. See the sidebar for an (incomplete) list of links.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 months ago

This is actually true now ๐Ÿ’€

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