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I'm obligated to mention that Thomas Jefferson imported the first pasta machine in the US, leading to this historically significant negative Yelp review:

Dined at the President's โ€“ ... Dinner not as elegant as when we dined before. [Among other dishes] a pie called macaroni, which appeared to be a rich crust filled with the strillions of onions, or shallots, which I took it to be, tasted very strong, and not agreeable. Mr. Lewis told me there were none in it; it was an Italian dish, and what appeared like onions was made of flour and butter, with a particularly strong liquor mixed with them.

-- Life Journals and Correspondence of Rev. Manasseh Cutler

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I threw that idea around too...

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Pasta... With booze!? Is this the origin story of Penne alla Vodka

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Liqour as in sauce, I think.

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