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About the new world order conspiracy

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Link to the original message: https://thegreatwhitebrotherhood.org/welcome/important-message-from-the-gwb/

Message received: 27NOV2020

Important addendum added 25OCT2021 as noted below.

Banned YouTube video added to website on 30NOV2021 – go to the video page link to review the removed video if you wish – click here.

We wish to say that humanity is moving into a new phase. On one hand, we have the natural progression we call Ascension, and on the other hand, we have this virus created and released on humanity by the evil ones. The reason for this is to reduce the world’s population and also to deny forever the freedoms that all mankind is entitled to. The world will never be the same again. This virus cannot be eliminated. It has been designed with great care so that, in the case of a vaccine being developed, it mutates to a new form. So, this virus will plague humanity forever into the future.

But all is not lost.

The positive effect of Ascension will allow humanity to develop and change. With the help of the Directors of Life, a new species of man will be introduced that can cope and resist this virus. In the present time, unfortunately, the weak and infirm will die, thus shortening the life expectancy of humanity. Young people will be encouraged to accept the limitations of freedom that old people knew. But that generation (the old people) will, to a great extent, be eliminated by the virus. So, a new way of life will be introduced where individual freedoms will no longer be accepted and punitive steps taken to put a stop to anyone who tries to express freedom. The idea is to create a world of slave’s, accepting without question the limitations put on freedom of expression.

Ascension, in the long term, will put a stop to this folly, but that will be long into the future. In the meantime, more and more restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and liberty will gradually come into place, the excuse given being that, as this virus mutates, so it affects more and more people and thus, to prevent the spread of it, loss of liberty must be introduced, overseen by a universal body who will regularly shutdown entertainment outside of the house and allow people only to shop using the internet, and delivery of groceries and goods will be delivered to the door by special couriers using specially adapted vans equipped with filters to keep out the virus.

There will be a gradual shutdown of all outdoor activities and anyone found being abroad will be suitably punished. Workers will be forced to find work close to home and will have to wear special clothing as used in hospitals. All homes will be equipped with filter systems providing oxygen, mixed to produce the same atoms as clean air, which will be delivered to homes in metal containers rather like oxygen is stored in metal bottles used in welding plants. Outside air will be kept out of homes.

This system, which seems impossible to produce and introduce now, will be gladly accepted as more and more people succumb to the virus. Old or inadaptable houses will be demolished and a new style of simple rectangular block houses will be introduced and people will be forced to live in them, many people not being allowed to leave them. Everything needed will be delivered by special courier.

Of course, as the places that people normally go to now; the seaside, parks, restaurants, and so on will be empty of humanity, only a chosen elite will enjoy these places. These chosen people will have had a vaccine injected in them that will not be available to the general public, and as the virus mutates, so new vaccines will be introduced, available only to the chosen few.

This is the fate that awaits humanity from now on and for a long number of years. Eventually, people will revolt and there will be a revolution when the public realizes the trick that has been played on them, a trick to enable the elite to appreciate freedom, while the public is locked in their concrete houses.

We are sorry to announce this, but the public has the right to know. Forewarned is forearmed.

25OCT2021 Addendum:

We have looked into the future, as far as we can see down timelines, and will tell you what we have seen.

There is no point in trying to describe the situations regarding individual countries and individual populations. That would be too time-consuming and too uninteresting for the other populations waiting for information concerning them. We will consider the global movement into the future.

Now, you may be aware that there are forces – humans, working with evil entities – that have and are doing their best to manipulate world events to their advantage. One of the things that they are trying to do is to turn the clock back, so to speak, so that there are fewer humans, and those that there are, are reduced to a state of serfdom so that only the chosen few – the rich and powerful – have any real freedom while the rest of the population can only act in a way that this chosen few permits. This was a state that existed in large parts of the world in the past. Indeed, this state already exists in many countries to this day. In countries where so-called freedom exists, this element that I refer to as the chosen few object to having to share shops, parks, beaches, holiday resorts, and so on with the common folk, previously referred to as the great unwashed, and so steps have been taken to reduce civil liberties. As all are aware, a virus has been released, the design being in part to reduce the population by deaths, in part to introduce sterilization which will reduce the world’s population and also to instigate loss of civil liberties – freedom of movement and action. Vaccines have been created which seem to act in opposition to the virus, but time will show (a) the virus will mutate making injections ineffective, and (b) elements within the vaccines will cause considerable harm to the world’s population. We have warned people about the dangers of both the virus and its cure and have pointed out the timeline hoped for by the chosen few.

Anyway, what does the future hold for you?

I am sorry to say that this virus will change everything. Your life will never be quite the same – at least for a considerable time. I do not want to sound pessimistic because life will go on, but it will not be the same. You will never, in the short term, regain the freedoms that you had and that should be your birthright. Of course, future generations, after a long struggle, will regain freedom, as the pendulum of progress swings fully into the positive aspects, but in the short term, the timeline created by the evil ones will push you all into a somewhat dark age. I don’t want to get too dramatic but you and your children – those that can have children – will be obliged to live by strict rules that will restrain your freedoms to travel as you wish. The virus will be kept as virulent as possible in order to reduce populations, and toxins within the vaccines will restrict the number of people allowed to produce children. That is why you already have a number of different vaccines and they are reserved for people of different ages Vaccines given to young people contain toxins that will sterilize either men or women while vaccines for the elderly contain microchips designed to reduce their life expectancy.

Children cost governments money: schools, teachers, technicians, cleaners, school meals, money given to parents for child support, health care, and so on. The elderly are expensive due to pensions, doctors bills, medication, hospitalization, retirement homes, and general care. So, you can see that if there were fewer children and fewer elderly, governments could save a fortune. Of course, it would seem that if there are fewer people, there would be fewer workers paying taxes, but in the future, machines will do the work and the taxes from their creations will provide governments with money. The whole system will change. The common folk, the great unwashed as Edward Bulwer-Lytton called them, will no longer be needed.

However, nothing lasts forever. Change is the only constant. The Directors of Life, in conjunction with God’s archangels, are already producing children who will be immune to the effects of these viruses and the vaccines. These children will grow to adulthood and will defy the chosen ones and will defeat them. But, in the immediate, Draconian measures will be implemented to restrict, not only the population growth but freedom of movement. Of course, the chosen ones will be given injections not containing toxins and so they will be free to live and to enjoy life as they want not being bothered by the common folk. So, in the short term, life looks bleak but it will not last. The angels will combat evil and will overcome it.

So, without going into too much detail, I have described what is in store for you in broad terms. But, do not worry. By practicing meditation, prayer to God thanking Him for His blessings, and helping all life as and when appropriate, you can draw angels to you who will protect you from harm. As I just said, future generations will be born immune from all this evil, and helped by the positive swing of the pendulum of change, life will become wonderful. So, do what you can. Grin and bear the swings and arrows of outrageous fortune and you will come out on top. I am sorry that I had to present this rather gloomy picture to you but it is better to know the truth than to be kept in the dark.

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How 9/11 was done (lemmy.world)
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The actual scale of 9/11 was much smaller than projected, with the footprint of the main event being restricted to the World Trade Center area of New York. Given such a small scale, the event could have been easily “performed” by a much smaller (but talented) group.

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Greetings fellow researchers of truth,

I have been diving into the peculiar phenomenon known as sleep paralysis, an intriguing state of consciousness marked by an inability to move or speak during the transition between sleep and wakefulness. This frightening event has been brushed off by the medical community as simply a "sleep disorder," but could there be a more sinister, concealed reality we're not privy to?

Traditional explanation of sleep paralysis revolves around the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycle, the stage in which most dreaming occurs. Scientific consensus posits that an "error" in transitioning between this cycle and wakefulness leads to sleep paralysis. But, could this "error" be an engineered one?

The possibility of psychotronic manipulation during these vulnerable states cannot be ignored. Psychotronics, an umbrella term for technologies that interface directly with the human mind, have been in research since the mid-20th century. DARPA's alleged Project Pandora, or the Soviet Union's exploration into psychotronic weaponry, are testament to this interest. While these projects' existence is contested, we have credible reasons to think that this technology has significantly advanced, covertly.

Could sleep paralysis be an inadvertent byproduct of these psychotronic control attempts? The symptoms align intriguingly well. The reported feelings of pressure on the chest, the vivid hallucinations, the terrifying sensation of a presence – all these could plausibly be attributed to an external force meddling with our REM sleep, causing our conscious mind to partially awaken and perceive this manipulation.

Additionally, many sleep paralysis sufferers report increased occurrences during periods of stress or drastic changes in sleep schedule. Is it possible that these conditions make our brainwaves more susceptible to this psychotronic influence?

While the scientific community dismisses sleep paralysis as a harmless, albeit terrifying, anomaly of the sleep cycle, we should not overlook the potential implications. Could these sleep disturbances be early warnings of a larger, clandestine operation aiming to control or influence human behavior?

The world is rapidly progressing in neuroscience and technological innovation. It's prudent for us to question how these advancements are being employed. In the age of mass surveillance, psychological warfare, and AI domination, sleep paralysis could be another piece in the grand puzzle of mind control mechanisms.

Keep questioning, keep exploring. There are truths yet to be uncovered.

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Google Maps is undoubtedly a marvel of modern technology, granting its users the ability to explore nearly every corner of the globe in just a few clicks. However, not all places are readily visible on this platform. There are certain spots that have been deliberately blurred or hidden, raising an air of mystery around them. Here are five such enigmatic locales...

1. An Oddity in the Siberian Wilderness, Russia

The expansive forests of Northern Russia, renowned for their strange and inexplicable phenomena, are ordinarily not a common subject for Google Maps viewers. However, there's an anomaly that can't be overlooked - an area deep within the Siberian wilderness that seems to have been artificially modified. Upon closer examination, it's clear that the geographical features are mismatched, as if borrowed from a different region. What could be the reason behind this digital camouflage?

2. Enigma at Junction Ranch, CA

Located in California's Mohave Desert, Junction Ranch is home to an unexplained airstrip. Some speculate it to be part of the China Lake proving grounds, a well-known air force drone testing site. The mystery doesn't stop there, though. On Google Maps, certain sections of the base appear to be deliberately scratched out, revealing only fragments of the whole picture. What could be the hidden truth behind these digital alterations?

3. The Mystery of Sandy Island

Sandy Island, a place first charted by Captain Cook in the late 18th century during his Australian expeditions, has a peculiar presence on Google Maps. Despite being a familiar landmark for over two centuries, the region where it's believed to be located is inexplicably blurred on the map. What could be the secret behind this incongruity?

4. Thule Air Base Enigma, Greenland

During the heights of the Cold War, Thule Air Base in Greenland was a pivotal strategic location, witnessing B-52 bombers carrying nuclear payloads on a routine basis as a counter-measure against potential Soviet aggression. In 1968, a catastrophic accident occurred, leading to a nuclear weapon crash that allegedly released substantial amounts of radiation. This crash site remains obscured on Google Maps to this day.

5. The Blacked-out Peak of Kangtega, Nepal

Located in the majestic Himalayas, Kangtega stands as an enigma on Google Maps. The entire area is blanketed in digital darkness, spurring theories ranging from secret military installations to extraterrestrial activities. Unless one is willing to endure the grueling 22,000-foot ascent, the reality behind this peculiar blackout may forever remain a mystery.

These unexplained anomalies truly spark curiosity. Is Google Maps collaborating with some secretive entities to keep these sites hidden, or could there be an entirely different explanation?

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Based on the comments of another community member here, I've been recently drawn into a compelling hypothesis that radically opposes our textbook understanding of human origin and evolution. This traces its origin back to the intriguing work of environmentalist Ellis Silver, specifically his book, "Humans are not from Earth."

In his groundbreaking work, Silver casts humanity in an unusual light, suggesting that we are not the native inhabitants of Earth we believe ourselves to be. Instead, he proposes that we are descendants of a distant extraterrestrial civilization that was banished to this planet, transforming Earth into a form of cosmic Alcatraz.

Silver's hypothesis relies heavily on several unique quirks and ailments that are surprisingly prevalent in humans. These peculiarities have led him to question whether we are indeed as 'native' to this planet as we assume. Here are some of the crucial points he raises:

1. Chronic Backaches: One of Silver's arguments points to the widespread issue of backaches in humans, which he attributes to our upright posture in an environment with a gravitational pull that could be higher than where we originally evolved. He hypothesizes that our skeletal structure might have adapted to a lower gravity environment, leading to various back-related issues when confronted with Earth's stronger gravitational pull.

2. Sun Sensitivity: He also comments on the human susceptibility to sunburn, highlighting how our eyes are less adapted to bright light compared to other species. This could imply that we may have originated from a planet with a dimmer sun.

3. Chronic Illnesses: Silver notes the high prevalence of chronic disease among humans compared to other animals. He speculates that this could indicate our biology is not fully adapted to this environment, hinting at an extraterrestrial origin.

4. Discomfort with Natural Foods: Silver remarks on our apparent need for extensively processed and cooked foods, which is unlike any other species on Earth. This, he argues, might be another sign of our 'alien' nature.

These are intriguing points, and while the mainstream scientific community has not embraced Silver's hypothesis, it's interesting to explore.

Furthermore, Silver's idea is not the only hypothesis that suggests an 'alien' origin for humanity. The author Zecharia Sitchin proposed based on his interpretations of ancient Sumerian texts, that humans might be a genetically engineered species. Created by the Anunnaki, a supposed race of extraterrestrials, to work as slaves.

Silver's hypothesis, while challenging the scientific consensus, forces us to confront some existential questions. If Earth is indeed a cosmic penal colony, who are our wardens? Could an advanced civilization be observing our progress from a distance? Is our relentless drive towards space exploration a manifestation of our innate desire to return home?

It's essential to remember that our understanding of the universe is continually evolving. What we regard as outlandish speculation today could be the accepted truth of tomorrow. So, share your thoughts. Even if we do not find answers, the questions we ask might bring us closer to understanding our place in this vast cosmic arena.

Human origin 4x4 matrix (sh.itjust.works)
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The theory posits that the Amazon Rainforest, a veritable tapestry of biodiversity and a symbol of untrammeled nature, may in fact be a monumental testament to ancient human ingenuity and environmental stewardship.

At first glance, this notion may seem a stretch. After all, the Amazon is often depicted as a pristine, 'untouched' wilderness. However, an ever-growing body of evidence points to extensive human influence over the millennia, suggesting that much of what we consider 'wild' might be more accurately described as a managed environment, cultivated by the region's indigenous inhabitants.

Central to this theory is the observation that the Amazon Rainforest is curiously abundant in plant species of direct benefit to humans. The forest teems with trees bearing edible fruits, medicinal herbs, and other useful plants, often clustered together as if intentionally arranged. Could such a beneficially skewed biodiversity truly be a random act of nature, or might it be the result of deliberate, sophisticated botanical manipulation over generations?

Further support comes from the discovery of vast swathes of terra preta, or 'dark earth,' across the Amazon Basin. This nutrient-rich soil, markedly different from the region's naturally infertile soil, is widely believed to be a product of sophisticated pre-Columbian agriculture. The terra preta zones, often teeming with beneficial plant species, seem to signal a long history of human intervention, possibly reshaping the forest into a vast, managed 'garden.'

The imprints of complex civilizations uncovered by archeologists lend more weight to this theory. These remnants of pre-Columbian settlements, often found near areas rich in beneficial plant species, include elaborate road systems, intricately designed moats, and evidence of sizeable, organized human communities. These signs point towards a highly populated and interconnected Amazon, starkly contrasting the 'untouched wilderness' narrative.

'Forest islands' - small, elevated forest patches within the otherwise swampy Amazon wetlands - offer additional intrigue. Recent research links these islands to human habitation and cultivation, suggesting that ancient inhabitants might have intentionally engineered these ecological niches.

The implications of the Amazon as a largely man-made environment are profound, revolutionizing our understanding of human-nature interactions and sustainable land management. If we accept that this lush landscape is not merely a product of natural processes but also of human intervention, our approach to its preservation must be similarly nuanced.

So, where do you stand on this thought-provoking issue? Could the Amazon Rainforest, in all its splendor, be the world's oldest and most extensive example of sustainable human landscaping? How should this potential reality shape our approach to conserving and managing this vital biome?

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The iceberg in question(right click open in new tab if clicking on it doesn't work)

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I'd like to discuss an intriguing, somewhat fringe idea – the Consciousness Field Theory. This hypothesis postulates that our minds are interlinked, forming part of a vast, interconnected 'field' of consciousness that transcends physical boundaries and linear time.

What brings me to discuss this are the numerous accounts of experiences, often dismissed as paranormal, which defy our conventional understanding of consciousness. One such phenomenon that resonates with this theory is 'crisis apparitions.' This term refers to situations where individuals sense, see, or hear a loved one at the exact moment of the loved one's distress or death, regardless of physical distance.

A classic example comes from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. There were several documented instances of family members and friends, thousands of miles away, experiencing visions or sensations connected with the victims at the time of the disaster.

One such case is of a woman named Mrs. Logan Marshall. She reported waking from sleep feeling the sensation of icy water around her ankles and hearing a voice saying, "I am alright; it is only my feet that are wet." She later learned that her brother-in-law, a Titanic passenger, had perished when the ship sunk.

Such experiences are common enough to suggest they're not simply coincidences or the result of overactive imaginations. Could this be indicative of the Consciousness Field Theory at work?

From a scientific standpoint, these phenomena represent a challenging frontier. While our understanding of consciousness is still evolving, there are researchers venturing into this territory. The field of Noetic Sciences, for instance, has conducted experiments on the idea of extended consciousness.

A key figure in this research, Dr. Dean Radin, has conducted several studies on phenomena such as telepathy and precognition, often yielding statistically significant results. While these studies remain controversial and aren't universally accepted, they do add to the growing body of evidence suggesting that consciousness might extend beyond the individual.

I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on this profound topic. As we amalgamate our collective experiences and emerging research, we may inch closer to understanding the potential interconnectedness of our consciousness.

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Venture into the remote reaches of South Australia, to a place etched with a dark and controversial history: Maralinga. This area, which may appear tranquil and desolate, bears the scars of a time when nuclear power and political alliances disrupted lives and tainted lands.

From 1956 to 1963, Maralinga was at the epicentre of seven nuclear tests executed by the British government, with the explicit approval of the Australian administration at that time. 'Operation Totem,' as it was labelled, marked a drastic turn for Maralinga, as the land was transformed from an area of indigenous cultural significance into the ground zero of nuclear experiments.

However, the full-scale detonations were merely one facet of the nuclear activity at Maralinga. Alongside these tests, a series of 'minor trials' took place to investigate the effects of fire on plutonium weapons. These tests, less publicized but equally harmful, further contributed to the spread of radioactive particles, intensifying the contamination of the area.

These nuclear operations were conducted under a shroud of secrecy. The full scope of these trials was kept hidden from public scrutiny. More distressingly, the Maralinga Tjarutja, the Indigenous custodians of this land, were never informed about the horrifying transformation of their ancestral home.

With the deadly radioactive threat invisible to the naked eye, the Maralinga Tjarutja people returned to their ancestral lands. The exposure to radioactive contamination significantly impacted their health and livelihood, marking a grim chapter of violation of Indigenous rights in Australia's history.

It was not until 1995 that the British and Australian governments formally acknowledged the nuclear tests and the devastating impact they had on the Indigenous inhabitants and the environment. A decontamination initiative was undertaken, although doubts remain about its effectiveness and the level of transparency maintained by the governments involved.

The narrative of Maralinga serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences when pursuit of military prowess, scientific curiosity, and political alliances are prioritized over human rights and environmental protection. It leaves us with unsettling questions about how such disregard for Indigenous rights and environmental safety was permitted and how we can ensure it never happens again.

TL;DR: Maralinga, a location in South Australia, was subjected to a series of nuclear tests by the British government in the 1950s and 60s, resulting in extensive radioactive contamination. The damaging effects on the Indigenous population and the environment shed light on a tragic period of disregard for human rights and environmental safety in Australia's history.

The Philadelphia Experiment (lemmyunchained.net)
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The Philadelphia Experiment is one of the most controversial conspiracy theories out there, touching on sensitive areas like human experimentation and military secrets. I’ve compiled some research to explore this further:

1. Invisibility and Teleportation:* The central claim of the Philadelphia Experiment is that in 1943, the U.S. Navy conducted a secret experiment (codename: “Project Rainbow”) on the USS Eldridge, a naval destroyer escort, in Philadelphia. The goal was reportedly to render the ship invisible or cloaked to radar detection, and potentially even achieve teleportation. The Navy has consistently denied these claims

2. Unusual Eyewitness Accounts: The story primarily spread due to alleged eyewitness accounts and anecdotal evidence. One notable individual is Carlos Allende, who claimed to have observed the experiment from a nearby ship. He described seeing the Eldridge disappear and reappear, and he also claimed that sailors were physically fused to the ship when it returned, suggesting a teleportation experiment gone wrong.

3. Alleged Government Cover-Up: Proponents of the theory argue that the lack of official documentation and the quick dismissal by the government points to a cover-up. They argue that given the secretive nature of military operations during World War II, it is plausible that the experiment could have been conducted without public knowledge.

4. Connections to Quantum Physics: Some theorists link the Philadelphia Experiment to theories of quantum teleportation and unified field theory, suggesting that the Navy might have been exploring advanced physics concepts.

TL;DR: The Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy theory suggests a clandestine military experiment involving invisibility and teleportation.

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Today I took a dive into lesser-known conspiracy theory - the "Solway Firth Spaceman." This one dates back to 1964 and involves an unexplained figure appearing in a photograph, leading to numerous theories including space travelers and time travellers.

Here's the backstory: On May 23, 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland (now part of Cumbria), took his wife and daughter for an outing near Burgh Marsh, overlooking the Solway Firth in England. Templeton snapped three photos of his daughter in her new dress using a Kodak SLR.

When the film was developed, the middle picture, to Templeton's surprise, appeared to show a spaceman-like figure standing behind his daughter, despite him insisting no one else was present when the photo was taken. The figure appears to be wearing a white space suit and helmet, thus the nickname "Solway Firth Spaceman."

Templeton insisted he did not see anyone present when the photo was taken and none of the other photos showed the figure. Kodak even got involved, inspecting the photo to verify it hadn't been tampered with and offering a reward to anyone who could explain the photo - a reward which was never claimed.

Here's where it gets weird:

  1. The Men in Black: Templeton claimed that after the photo was published, he was visited by two men who said they were from the government, who asked him about the event and then disappeared, never to be contacted again. This story fueled the conspiracy theories even more.

  2. Blue Streak missile launch: Templeton was later contacted by officials from Australia's Blue Streak missile program, who had apparently seen two figures resembling the "spaceman" on their security footage. This was particularly bizarre because their launch site was supposed to have been clear of all personnel, and the missile in the footage bore a striking resemblance to the figure in the photo.

  3. Time traveller or alien?: The photo sparked wild theories about the identity of the figure, ranging from time travelers, to aliens, to interdimensional beings. It became one of the most famous and enduring images associated with unexplained phenomena and UFOs.

However, skeptics suggest a more mundane explanation - the figure could be Templeton's wife, standing with her back to the camera, her blue dress appearing white due to overexposure.

TL;DR: The Solway Firth Spaceman refers to a mysterious figure appearing in a 1964 photograph taken by Jim Templeton. Theories about the figure range from aliens to time travelers, though skeptics suggest it could simply be an overexposed image of Templeton's wife.

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Hello explorers of the unexplained,

Welcome to our unique corner of the web, the ConspiracyTheories community on LemmyUnchained.net! This is a haven for free thinkers where all ideas, no matter how strange they may appear, are open for exploration and discussion.

In this community, every theory and perspective is valued. We are all here to share, learn, and delve into the fascinating world of conspiracy theories. Let's keep an open mind, uphold respect for all members, and remember to adhere to our community guidelines.

Whether you're a new member eager to share your theories or a seasoned veteran with insights to impart, we're excited to embark on this journey of discovery together. Let the exploration begin!

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