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sitting with no back support for multiple hours, you will be in pain

Yeah. I'm going to question what sort of shape such a person is in.

I'm 53 and have no such issues. Chalk it up to being small and skinny if you will, but sitting on a bleacher shouldn't pose a problem to the reasonably fit.

If that sort of situation hurts you, maybe reflect on your personal health? Those bouncy balls that replace office chairs are wonderful for core strength. Matter of fact, I'm going to buy another one right now. Sitting on my ass all day is not working out for me.

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Our tech leans heavily on AS400s, if you can believe that. And we have 98% market share in our space. They're complex, but they work, and don't fail.

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All with ya! Mandating RTO is a bad strategy, companies will lose top talent. But, as I said, there are benefits to getting together in person now and again.

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Yep. In my review with my last boss, while transitioning to a new team, he noted that someone had said I should act more professionally. No idea what he meant! Never had such a thing said to me in decades of in-person work.

In person, we get a better feel for the emotions present. No getting around the fact that we evolved to be social animals. When the internet first became a thing, it was conventional wisdom that we were missing out on a lot of social cues by only communicating via text.

My company seems to have nailed it, so far. Mostly leaning on hiring local employees, but no mandate to come in. They can meet up, and that's nice for many reasons. I'm starting to feel left out a bit, wanting to fly up there again, just hang out for a day or two, build relationships, learn about what people outside my team or working on or struggling with. Generally shoot the bullshit and make friends. Guess that's passe now.

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look me in my same face you would see if we turned cameras on every once in a while?

Not the same as interpersonal interaction, misses much of the communication we evolved to express and understand.

OTOH, I've had a few Zoom-only relationships where we're pretty tight, but that's rare.

LOL, one of those is my Zoom rep. We email occasionally, trade pics and jokes. Every few months we Zoom and shoot the bullshit about our lives. She gets me the skinny on upcoming stuff, where my account's at, what I might need or not need. Because we're tight like that, she jumps when I need a thing, and in turn, I read all her correspondence carefully.

Another is a coworker, nearly my best friend at the company. When we finally met in person at a team meeting, we were tight. Boss was like, "Had you guys met before today?!"

Again, pretty rare relationships. Know who I'm really close to? The guy who lives here who I used to work in the office with. Man came to my wedding. None of those remote people did. When he needs my help, I jump.

And if anyone wants to poo-poo interpersonal work relationships, I will ask that person what they think of long-distance relationships. The conventional wisdom is that they don't work out. (Yes, I know those are different. But how different and why? Think on that.)

Great post and question! Much food for thought as we navigate this new world.

Anyway, I had some thoughts earlier tonight, both pro and con.


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We're social animals, socialization benefits us. WFH is better overall, but meeting up now and again has clear benefits.

Just commented here, and the anti-social folks seem to disagree, even though I'm mainly agreeing with them. Go figure.

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Grew up in Oklahoma, way back when. Fucking with library funding was unthinkable. Banning books was unthinkable. That was Nazi shit, unthinkable. What's next? State sponsored book burnings?!

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Man, even as fucked up as we teens were in the 80s, we didn't have incels. Anyone talking like that would have been shunned, at the least. They simply wouldn't have a voice, let alone echo chambers to back them up.

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Don't worry kids, flirting has always been hard to navigate when young. You'll learn.

Disclaimer: Young people seem even more emotionally stunted and unsure of interpersonal stuff these days. While it's always been like that, seems worse for you guys. Maybe it's just because you have a louder voice because of the internet and I'm hearing it more? Maybe it's because of the internet? In any case, thank gods I'm mostly past that.

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Spent my whole adult life saying I didn't give a shit about birds. Yeah.

  • When I lived in Chicago 20 years ago, and their bodies were littering the streets from West Nile virus, I noticed. I noticed the lack of birds in the sky. Seems no one else did.
  • I now have 3 different types of feeders and a birdhouse.
  • Got my childhood treasures back, uh, there's a lot of antique bird figurines. And I used to collect owls.
  • Saw a pileated woodpecker for the first time at camp in December. NEAT! Got a couple of feeders and started learning to make suet.
  • Been rolling my own hummingbird food for years.

But I'm not really into birds.

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Damned interesting! OTOH, the wealth gap has exploded since 1980, so it seems natural that the 1%, being so very much richer, and the rest of us being so very much poorer (in relation!), would bear a higher percentage of the total tax burden.

Can someone explain more? I'm no finance guy, but I'd guess there's more than a 1-1 relationship here.

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Got a couple of acres in a NW Florida swamp. Been hearing Barred Owls for years.

How do I spot one? And tricks other than sitting still and being quiet? They seem to come pretty close. Can I "bait" them somehow with a box or something they would like to visit?

Funny story: First night I camped, three were doing their call/response thing. Every time they called, closer, and closer. Freaky sounding, one of the calls sounds almost like a child crying out.

For some reason, my idiot self thought coyotes were closing in. (Yes, I know well what coyotes sound like.)

Got a little freaked, grabbed my .410 (tiny shotgun) and decided to take the fight to them, scare 'em off (didn't want them rooting around my site). Again, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, promptly got lost.

Got home, "Hey Google! What do coyotes sound like?" Oh FFS. I am not a clever man.

Saw a Pileated Woodpecker the other day though! Super cool and way bigger than I thought.

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Saw this on the table. Been waiting all year for the prism to start working well!

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It stands to reason he must have been doing something right to have stayed so close to the halls of power.

I was a toddler when he was carpet bombing Cambodia, never knew him as anything but "an important person" that was sometimes on the TV. Only learned of his crimes in the past decade.

How did an in-your-face war criminal retain such influence for so long?

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I'm an old (GenX), straight, white, American guy, but I'm right with you all.

I might say things that are offensive, because I can't pretend to be in your shoes and might get something wrong. I'm often just trying to understand. Hell, I didn't figure out that gay rights are civil rights, my rights, our rights, until 10+ years ago.

It's 100% OK if you want to keep this a non-cis space. I get that and won't be butthurt.

(If shotguns are your jam, I got many more to post! Weirdly, of all the antique and vintage shotguns I have, this cheap-ass Turkish thing runs like a dream.)

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Just what it says on the tin.

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Nothing fancy, neither is terribly new or old. Not being able to sew is really holding me back on DIY projects.

Is there an "Operating a Sewing Machine for Dummies" video or tutorial you like?

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Nothing fancy, neither is terribly new or old. Not being able to sew is really holding me back on DIY projects.

Is there an "Operating a Sewing Machine for Dummies" video or tutorial you like?

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