when I was 13 (tldr.nettime.org)
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when I was 13

remembered when my geography teacher asked me to promise him that I will score full in my 10th boards when I was in 9th. I hesitated to promise, atlast he asked me to say "yes" to his promise, so I did. However I didn't score full an year later. I hesitated cuz i knew myself , I don't promise things I am not sure I would be able to fulfill .


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Ye ek ḅot simple guide hæ, meri script, yani "hinglish-lipi", ya ise iski hi lipi me "hiṇgliṣ-lipi", ke bare me :


+ agr koi alphabet normal diḳ rha hæ, ṯo use væse hi pronounce krna hæ jæse normal hinglish (whatsapp ḅaṣa) me krte hæ :
Example : k = क, p = प , m = म

+ ek vyṇjn ki pronounciation krne ke liye 2 alphabets ki koi zrụrṯ nhi hæ :
Example : नमकीन ≠ namakịn, नमकीन = nmkịn

+ agr koi alphabet alg diḳ rha hæ, yani alphabet ke nịẋe dot ho, to use væse hi Use kreṇge jæse normal hinglish (whatsapp ḅaṣa) me kisi alphabet ke ạge "h" lgakr pronounce krte hæ.
Example : खाना = ḳana , शांति = ṣaṇti
+ yhi same alphabet ke nịẋe dot swar ko bṛi mạt'ra me convert kr deta hæ :
Example : कौन = kꜷn , कीमा = kịma , इमली = imli , कैंची = kæṇẋi
Exception : ṛ = strong 'r' ; ẋ = च ; ẍ = छ

+ ट, त ko normal hinglish me "t" aur ठ, थ ko normal hinglish me "th" liḳṯe hæ, isi vjah se ट, त, ठ, थ ko t, ṭ, ṯ, ṱ liḳa jaṯa hæ respectively.

+ kuẍ hinglish ꜷr english ke words same diḳ skṯe hæ, jæse use aur use, iske liye jb mn kre english word ke phle - lga skṯe hæ
Example : use -use krna ṱa

+ अनुस्वार, चन्द्रबिन्दु lgana hæ ṯo ṇ ka -use krna, word ke last me lgana ho ṯo ẍoṛ ḅi skṯe hæ.

+ agar ị word ke end me ạ rhạ ṯo use i ya ị dono liḳ skte hæ, væse agr word ke bịẋ me ạ rhạ hæ to ḅi dono -use kr skṯe hæ lekin isse confusion ho skṯi h

+ same ạ ke liye ḅi hæ, bs ạ me confusion nhi hoṯi generally, to ạ ka -use bs words ki starting me krṯe hæ

+ hlṇṯ yani ạḓe vyṇjn ya ' ka -use krṯe hæ : Example : क्या = k'ya or kya

+ vyṇjn ke bad svr, jæse नई ko ni nhi likh skṯe isliye "n`ai" , agar नाई liḳna hoṯa ṯo "nai" liḳṯe hæ siḓa.

+ pronounciation ke vjh se spelling mistakes acceptable hæ, jæse बहुत ko "bhuṯ" ki jgh "ḅoṯ" liḳna, lekin isse confusion ho skṯi hæ !



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When VPN providers say that they keep anonymized logs only


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Color Combo in Pair that are eye candy to me

Contrasting Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black as major and white or silver as minor


Almost Bricked my Phone (tldr.nettime.org)
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Almost Bricked my Phone

! I am not a dev, I just wanna use aosp bc google bad (imo) ; this is a shitpost but lemmy is empty enough

> I was just researching about unicode on my phone, found an app to show all unicodes

> Some symbols were not showing up. I searched for latest unicode font android Magik zip.

> Found one, flashed it, rebooted => bootloop

> annoyed, went to fastboot mode, connected phone to pc, fastboot boot twrp.img ; thought flashing the aosp rom again would fix it although it will disable Magisk

> Flashed zip to the wrong slot (I was dual booting Linux and android) ; Linux dead ; nvm there was nothing of importance on linux

> Flashed zip to the correct slot (I wanna atleast save my android) ; success > booted > bootloop

> went to twrp again, this time formatted all data (fu*k my data, I have backup) ; data format fails DBE decryption error or something

> Cant think of any other solution, fallback to last resort, ie. fastboot rom, 5.9 gb rom file, downloading with 500 kb/sec for some reason (2.5 hr ETA) ; super annoyed

> rebooted to twrp again, twrp doesn't open, stuck on launch screen ; scared

> twrp home screen visible after 5 min, goes to advance wipe, clears internal storage, data, and dalvik, reflashes aosp rom zip (fastboot rom is still downloading), success with no errors

> reboots to system (works) ; cries



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There is already some work on refining Hinglish

I found https://youtube.com/@hexadecimalhinglishvithzav933/videos/ ; he is also available on tumblr and reddit. Although its not exactly what I wanted but I appreciate it, I will soon be refining it proper multiple scripts for the language, all hindi and urdu sounds, possibly many english unique sounds too.
#conlanging #conlangs


Welcome ! (tldr.nettime.org)
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Welcome !

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