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Black mambas, or pants?

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For server? Pop would have all the stuff you won't need since it's designed for desktop.

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You can use Ubuntu, but I'd highly recommend Debian. You can expect all the package management stuff you know would work, since it also uses apt.

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No, that person would just drank the one in the microwave, put the one they were holding into the microwave and forget about it until tomorrow. Then the cycle goes on...

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Gentoo for personal experimentation

Mint for work & recommending to beginners

Debian for personal production, work, & pretty much everything else

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Of course it uses AI!

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Meta's thing is... still a thing?

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Project Izanagi implies the existence of project Izanami.

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Imagine seeing this while you're on shroom.

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I acidentally destroyed the production system completely thru improper partition resize. We got the database snapshot, but it's in that server as well. After scrambling around for half a day, I managed to recover some of the older data dumps.

So I spun up the new server from scratch, restored the database with some slightly outdated dump, installed the code (which was thankfully managed thru git), and configured everything to run all in an hour or two.

The best part: everybody else knows this as some trivial misconfiguration. This happened in 2021.

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The shitshow that is Reddit IPO is long-awaited.

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Kool-Aid (sh.itjust.works)
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Hi there! Thank you for having this app on F-Droid, and more importantly for creating this app! As a (former) user of Infinity, I'm really grateful to have basically the same app for Lemmy.

I'd like to give a bit of my input. Actually this is a bit of my pet peeve from the old app as well.

Compared to the other apps (e.g. Boost, Jerboa), this one does not provide a homing button (i.e. a clear way to return to top). While the Refresh button in the menu is useful, relying on that is less than ideal. It is awkward at best and confusing at worst.

I'm not sure if the general consensus here would agree (some input here would be appreciated), the general flow on social media app would be to simply press the home button to go to the top of the feed, occasionally swiping down to refresh. This has worked for me not only on Twitter & Instagram, but also on Mastodon apps (both the official app as well as Tusky), the other Reddit apps, as well as other Lemmy apps.

I noticed that the bottom nav bar is identical with the Reddit app. However, the two buttons on the left are redundant as they function exactly the same (due to Lemmy not having the equivalent to multireddit). Could we have the leftmost button as home? I feel like it's the de facto standard these days.

I'd like to know what y'all think!

Firewire, anyone? (sh.itjust.works)
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Any Thinkpad user here using their Firewire port? What would you use it for? I read that we can make ad-hoc connection between two computers.

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Not looking for a solution, really. Ended up installing proprietary nvidia driver because I need the machine for my job. Just wondering if anyone have similar experience.

I have a Thinkpad W530 with K1000M running Linux Mint I am using for work. Was using nvidia driver v390, life was good.

Then came LMDE 6. I was thrilled to have Debian 12 instead of Ubuntu 22.04 as the base, so I decided to take the leap.

Everything went well except for the nouveau driver, which I found to be sub-optimal, particularly with the thermal management.

After the upgrade, the machine became scalding hot especially around the heatsink area. When doing video call, the audio is choppy. It sometimes gets so hot that it restarts itself as I was using it. Almost everytime I leave the laptop on overnight, I'd find the desktop clean even though I left things open, showing it's been restarted.

I've only just installed nvidia-tesla-470-driver, so maybe it's too soon to tell. However, the machine is not scalding hot anymore.

Anyone had something like this?

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thicc (sh.itjust.works)
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What are some exciting projects that you follow and hope to see progress on?

I'll start!

  • Wayland greeter on SDDM
  • rust support on gcc
  • more Wayland adoption (especially VSCodium & Firefox forks)
  • Reproducible Build
  • ReactOS
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