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There's a lot of FUD in this comments section, so I'd like to clear the air. I'm pretty big on OSS myself, so it pains me to see a company doing all the right things get lambasted like this.

Beeper is just a Matrix server running in tandem with a series of custom, open source bridges written by Beeper. The value proposition is not having to deploy a Matrix server yourself, and not having to deploy each bridge yourself.

However, if you want to do that you absolutely can. I've been running Synapse + a subset of their bridges for a couple years now (the WhatsApp one being the oldest), and they are fantastic.

The devs contribute back to Matrix all the time and are great about supporting the spec as a responsible third party.

Their only closed source software is their client, which is - by definition - only written to work with their servers and not generic Matrix servers (e.g. It's just a preconfigured matrix client which expects each bridge to be deployed, and doesn't ask you for things like what server you want). As a result, you wouldn't want to use it with your own stack; you can just pick one of the myriad OSS clients available for Matrix and go with that. I use SchildiChat, for example.

I don't understand why, after doing all this work and publishing the source online for free (free as in freedom), they aren't allowed to offer a preconfigured service to non tech savvy folk?

Honest question: Shouldn't they be paid for their work?

Edit: And, please, stop asking questions like "How do they connect to X/Y/Z, anyway?" - just go read the source and see for yourself. These are the good guys working completely in the open, and you're treating them as if Twitter just wrote a chat app.

[I Made] Some Pizza (lemmy.beru.co)
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This was my first attempt at oven pizza in an outdoor oven:

Here was the second:

Cast Iron Pan Pizza (lemmy.beru.co)
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Made some pan pizza, the other day. Followed this recipe, with some added Napoli Salame on top.

Note: The white sauce is some home made ranch dressing. As the crust is covered in caramelized cheese/frico, I enjoy dipping it into a special sauce.

Edit: Used the leftover tomato juice for a bloody mary, which is in the glass next to the pizza.

Here are some more photos:

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Run not one, but two electron based apps? 😅

All jokes aside, most desktop apps and web browsers, nowadays, use ungodly amounts of RAM. The pessimist in me blames Chrome and electron, but in reality it just comes down to programmers being more accustom to having access to more memory than they need.

I say relax and enjoy the lack of slowdowns - having too much RAM is not a problem, but having too little is. Your only concern should ever be trying to avoid the latter, and with 32gb of RAM you should be good until the next big Discord update. (slight /s on that last point)

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One thing to add, it looks like Flipboard is all in on the Fediverse: they've announced plans to support ActivityPub in Flipboard itself, turning it into a federated service.

I think that's really cool!

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Isn't this the primary argument for universal basic income? If you're keeping unnecessary jobs around just to give people something to do, you're not actually keeping them for contributions to society... In the long run ubi could probably even be cheaper than paying to prop up obsolete and wholly unnecessary industries.

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I mean, makes sense to me. You're storing your data on someone else's servers, makes sense that it would count towards your storage quota on said servers.

Having said that, it's really shitty that they've removed local backups (and that they don't allow other third party services beyond Google Drive and Apple iCloud).

Another reason to not use WhatsApp (or to use another backup solution), I guess.

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My laptop's SSD died a while back, so I sent it away for repairs (yay, MSI's warranty).

In that brief period without a PC, my Steam Deck was a god send - used it as my main machine for 4 days. Was even able to work on it.

That's such a crazy addition to the value proposition, for me - totally makes it worth it.

Also, being able to play PS5 games in bed via Chiaki is delicious.

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I mean, github does exist. It looks like people just prefer platforms with a pre-existing community.

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Yeah. He's also despised by most of his peers, so it's not like he can join anyone in raising money for his staff - like the daily talk show hosts who started a podcast to raise money for staff salaries.

It's not supposed to be easy, it's a strike.

Fucking Scab Maher, lol...

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All the people here are missing the point.

Unity is an engine primarily used by mobile app developers; it's their biggest market. Indie game developers are basically just collateral damage, for this kind of a pricing change.

Mobile apps are all about massive scale (millions of installs) and ungodly amounts of revenue. They're going after large mobile developers, not small studios. (I'm not saying small studios won't get affected, I'm saying Unity is focusing on the big dogs - potentially at the cost of pissing off unrelated folk for no financial reason)

The per install costs don't kick in until you've made half a million dollars in revenue, and a certain number of installs.

Also, you literally can't build these apps with other engines as ad network integrations don't exist for them. So it's not like anyone has a choice: it's Unity demanding to be paid more as they're the only viable player in the industry.

Makes good business sense, though I think they should increase the revenue point of the free and personal tier to a million as well, just to put the minds of indie devs at ease. No point freaking out unrelated people.

Signed: an ex-mobile game developer.

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He absolutely is not. This whole piece is absurd.

His reporting literally got his house fire bombed by Barilaro's cronies. The man is literally an organized criminal, and Australia is so corrupt that the fucking comedian reporting on him is the one being painted in a bad light.

It's ridiculous, to say the least.

For some content from friendkyjordies' side, check out (one of his many) video(s) on the topic.

Edit: The American equivalent of this would be shooting up Jon Stewart's house for his George W. Bush impressions.

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Anadolu rock ve hard rock müziğinin usta ismi Erkin Koray'dan acı Haber geldi. Kanada'nın Toronto kentinde yaşayan 82 yaşındaki Koray, akciğer rahatsızlığı nedeniyle kaldırıldığı hastanede Hayatını Kaybetti.


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As a person who oversaw the implementation of GDPR in a large software house (which wasn't EU specific, but had to in order to operate legally in the EU), the requirements were:

  1. Allow users to request data deletion or a copy of their data.
  2. If the former, delete all data of their data on the server, send it to them, and then (this was the important part) forward the data deletion request to every single partner we were working with.

For us, this was multiple ad companies. We had to e-mail each one, ask them about their GDPR implementation (most of them were somewhere between "we're thinking about it" and "we have an e-mail address you can send something automated to and we'll get to it sometime within the next month"), and then build an automated back-end system to either query their APIs for automated deletion, or craft/send e-mails for the more primitive companies.

As far as the data being deleted, it was anonymized IDs that were tied to their advertising IDs from their mobile phones. I used to try and argue that "no, it's anonymous" - but we also had some player data (these were games) associated with that, so we ended up just clearing house and deleting everything on request.

So, legally, this means every instance - in order to be GDPR compliant - would have to inform every instance it federates with that a user wants their data deleted. If you're not doing that, you're not fully compliant.

Kind of shitty, but that's how it went for me. (this was back when GDPR was first being released)

Edit: Also, the one month thing was relevant: you have 30 days to delete GDPR stuff after receiving a data clear request. I don't recall what the time was for a "see my data" request. Presumably, though, on Lemmy the latter is superfluous as all your data is already present on your profile page. An account export option would be enough to satisfy that.

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Of course the Wagner group is involved with the coup. At this point they're like a comical gaggle of supervillains.

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This is an opinion piece by the democratically elected president of Niger.

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(Dunno if the mods were planning on making episode discussion posts themselves, or if we're free to make these sorts of posts - let me know if you want me to take it down!)

spoilerBut, yeah - what a great episode! Laszlo reprising his role as someone helping another member of the gang, Guillermo slowly realizing how much Nandor cares, the ramifications of Guillermo's sweat being - ostensibly - Vampire sunscreen...

Not to mention everything about Colin's antics - including the mid-credits scene.

...probably my favorite episode of the season, so far!

So good.


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Cat approved.

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Downtime (lemmy.beru.co)
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The server was down for a few hours today while I was updating it. Sorry, mid-update I had to run out.

Things should be working now. Carry on!

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This is a test post. Please ignore!

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