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Thank you! I will write those down for later reference :)

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Sure! The course that finally worked for me is at Codecademy. I'm only doing the free content but it's broken down in ways I can understand, with immediate examples after the explanations. It has you create a small program after each short lesson and keeps slowly building up. There are hints for each task as well, which has helped me tremendously as well.

It reminds me of freeCodeCamp's courses, but for Java. It's also not so wordy (no offense to FCC), which is great for keeping my focus on the content.

I'm currently on the 'Learn Intermediate Java' course but I started with the 'Learn Java' course.


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That's exactly where my mind was going. Learn Java and maybe one day I can make a Minecraft mod lol. I'm not modding yet but just the idea of doing it gave me the kick I needed to get started learning.

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I just wanted to make a post to share my excitement over discovering programming with Java. For context, my previous knowledge of any programming language barely extended into classes as I always struggled with understanding more than the basic basic things (classes? like what you wear on your face? get and set what? the table?).

I really liked the idea of programming though! So over the years (maybe 15-20?), I tried learning (and failed) with different languages, hoping something would help things click. I've tried C#, Basic, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and more but never Java. As to why not, I have no clue.

The reason for Java, now, is that I've been playing Minecraft a lot recently (my adhd thanks you Mojang) and I figured, why not give it a try? So I started a free online course covering the basics: variables, methods, objects... A week later, and after a lot of DuckDuckGoing, I now understand not only the basics but classes, IO, exceptions, and so much more! I'm currently wrapping my head around Generics but I'm having a wonderful time with it. After that, who knows :)

Take care and thank you for reading!

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Thank you. I'm now logged in :)


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