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I've been looking around to find a good keyboard for myself after having used a sad wireless membrane, so, after reading around a bit, as my first foray I decided I wanted a 75% with mechanical brown switches, but I'm finding it really hard to find a good list of keyboards that matches my description because I'd like the layout to be Italian and most, if not all of the ones I found are US instead, I'm not a touch typer so I still care about that.

So is there any comprehensive website that allows you to filter by all the relevant characteristics?

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Lately we've seen the EU do several amazing things to make platforms more open and user respecting by forcing:

  • Microsoft to allow uninstallation of some of their apps
  • Apple to allow browsers based on engines other than WebKit on iOS
  • Apple to allow third-party app stores
  • messaging apps to be able to interoperate
  • etc.

I haven't delved really deeply, so maybe I misunderstood some details, but I have a question that I don't seem to find answers for anywhere: what makes certain platforms different from the others in so that, if they function in certain ways that make them depend on the vendor for certain functionality, they can be regulated into opening up more?
What I notice as the common denominator is that maybe external parties are involved or user decision is being restricted, but I wonder if, for example, iOS had its store only host Apple-made apps making it a completely closed platform, would they be safe from regulation that forces them to change operation? If not, what makes it different from, say, a router with a proprietary OS that can in no way be changed, or any other appliance that hosts its own software and nothing else?

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> 1 == 1
> 1 == '1'
> 1 === '1'

(from node REPL)

Basically it's the real equals sign perfection

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Can you compile sex from source? Ha, didn't think so!

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I have come across a few add-ons that are only available through GitHub, for example. So I'm wondering, is there some system to keep them updated automatically, or do I have to manually redownload them every time?

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I've mostly been using the official F-droid app, but I've become tired of having to click install every single time there's a new update for an app.
On a new phone I tried starting right away with Neo Store, which I know has that functionality, and in fact I haven't had to confirm installation of updates since on there, but on my old devices where I started with F-droid how can I get that to work?
I believe I read somewhere that for this to work, the apps I want to update automatically need to be installed the first time from within the same app and, even then, only some apps that target Android SDKs from a certain point forward support that, so not all can benefit from this feature.
So how can I make this change, do I have to uninstall every application from F-droid I have and reinstall them from Neo Store or is there an easier way?

Edit: One other thing, even in Neo Store it seems I can't update without confirmation if I manually update only one app at a time and instead it works if I let it update everything by having "Auto-update" enabled

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There's something I don't understand here: why when I do "Open Folder" and then save the session, closing it and opening it again I'm left with nothing?
Instead, if I open some files in subdirectories, the next time I reopen the session I'm just presented with the parent folders of those files, but I really needed to have the topmost directory to be able to access the whole tree structure whenever I reopen the session.

Is it possible? Or do I have to make a project?

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Hmm yes, web dev horrors beyond my comprehension!

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I'd say a normal phone is a lot worse than smartphones in general, unless you don't care about all your communications being readable by the carrier. With a smartphone you can make actually encrypted calls and texts over trustworthy applications/protocols (Signal, Matrix, Simplex, etc.), on a phone you're stuck with the carrier service; another thing that comes to mind is the storage, as far as I know there are no normal phones with an encrypted filesystem while it is default for a long while on Android.

On the other hand, if your new smartphone model isn't loaded with a privacy respecting ROM you'll also have at least some data sent to other third parties like Google and whatnot, but if you can change the ROM, then the potential for better privacy far outweighs the benefits of normal phones doing fewer things with your data by default. If you're going to use your new smartphone like an old phone, to make carrier calls and SMS, then there will be near to no improvements (except storage security maybe) and as you say, more data snooping

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And then everyone praises him for standing up against Google and Apple for crippling/banning third-party app stores, like, cool... but clearly he's just chasing money, not doing it out of the goodness of his heart for us poor gamers

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Fun fact: they're actually the same person, but he sold it and bought it back when she realized the gross mistake she made

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One of the founders of the website, God, is back

Damn, that's some divine providence!
Glad they had a happy ending

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I've been using Quillnote for a long time now and this is a feature I've been sorely missing, are there other apps that can help me do the conversion?

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I wish it were, but it really isn't.
Social media is so everywhere it's even outside of social media.

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Yet another reminder that GitHub is not your friend, but also that borderline projects shouldn't be hosted on anyone else's server other than your own, you'll possess all the repository data, but you'll also be made to shut down anyway if on the clearnet, so I wonder if it's possible to host a forge through Tor/i2p or others.

Still, this is clearly wrong on who sent the DMCA, the apps never host the content, I hope they can get back up.

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Nice to see it's getting on with the times, it feels like they do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes, which is impressive, the web is a monster (math functions in CSS???), but user facing features have been kinda left in the dust for a long time now, like the highly requested vertical tabs, or desktop PWAs for instance.
I hope they'll make it more feature rich in the future, I still swear by it, but it's a pity seeing all these other browsers with shiny new features I can't ever use

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I was thinking, with the recent news of a contributor to GitLab adding support for forge federation, given some time we could see that being enabled in the KDE instance as well, I hope.
So that brings me to a question, if it will be used, will we be able to largely move to reporting and discussing issues on the specific project pages without signing up rather than going to the more generic Bugzilla?
I was really hoping for something like this to happen because I find Bugzilla to be very dispersive and it feels hard to find the issues that you want, unless you remember the syntax needed to filter the results correctly every single time, so much so that I never signed up on there (but maybe I'm just too lazy and I never took the time to actually understand it).
On the other hand I think most other issue trackers integrated in software forges are way more intuitive, as well as having better discoverability, since they're right there by the code base.

If, instead, you won't do it and prefer to keep Bugzilla as the main issue tracking platform, could you tell us why? Is it to keep the developer discussions separate from the user ones so as to keep your GitLab more focused? Or would there be other reasons?

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In terms of the most balanced in speed, consistency in page rendering and good default settings, is there a clear winner?

Personally I've been using both Dark Reader and Midnight Lizard on different devices and I can't say I noticed much of a difference in terms of performance, what I did notice is that Dark Reader seems to have better defaults, but many complain that it slows down page loading a ton, I haven't heard the same about Midnight Lizard, but maybe that is by virtue that it has way way fewer installations and therefore fewer people talking about it.
Do you know if I've missed one and there is a totally different extension that does even better than both?

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Reposting this since the original got deleted (except on the instances where it was federated in time) when my beehaw account was erased alongside a week worth of data a few months ago.
Came across the image and thought "why not post again?", I don't know if I still stand by the meme, but frankly I don't care...

I just want to schizopost

⠀⠀⢤⣀⣀⣀⠀⠀⢸⣷⡄⠀ ⣀⣤⣴⣿⣿⣿⣆

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, I was looking at the filter feature but I only saw that it can be used to exclude users, instead of including, maybe I overlooked some other option?

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I won't confirm nor deny my wickedness, mein Fräulein

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Since Bibliogram is dead, has any new project popped up?
I found imgsed just now, but it doesn't look like it's open source as far as I can tell

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