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Put a Marpac Dohm white noise generator between you and the window. It’s basically a fan that’s modified to generate consistent white noise, and is somewhat adjustable (volume, tone for lack of a better term.).

It does take some getting used to, but once you do, it muffled a lot of noise. Any white noise generator will probably work, but my marpac has run for years with only needing to be opened once or twice for dust.

Another option is a thick comforter in the window (like curtains.)

Beyond mitigation, I keep some yarn and a crochet hook, and make stuffed animals for random kids of people I know. Crocheting for me hits the sweet spot between mindless and needs focus to still my mind.

My mom will do chores like folding laundry or dishes for a few minutes. Or sudoku.

Another option is meditation techniques- like meditative breathing will help with relaxing. Try breathing for a count of 3, holding to 6, exhaling to 9 (so each step has a 3-count in through the nose, out the mouth.)

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My dad was one of those jerks that would build 30-40 priests on an Econ build and then push with them when you decided to try and crack that nut,

Poof there goes your army.

Not that he really knew what an Econ build was, or any of the other things. But he’d play this “I don’t know what I’m doing” act and get away with it, (and he wasn’t good enough to deserve a feudal rush. Just… annoying.)

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Agreed. The rookies will assimilate or resign quickly, but given the thousands of departments full of cops, I imagine there may be one whose still “first day on the job” clean.

It’s an assumption i won’t argue against, let’s just put it that way.

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I wouldn’t say ACAB, mostly because I haven’t met every cop. And rookies probably aren’t all bad- they’ll adapt or quit before long, mind.

But, even assholes sometimes do the right thing. Like saving that single mom’s kid. Huge ego boost. Doesn’t meant they’re not still assholes, though,

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Commander in Chief actually goes back to the English Civil War (where Charles Howard was commissioned as lieutenant-general and commander-in-chief); and 'in chief' goes back to earlier french, basically denoting a feudal landholding that was given directly by the king.

Keep in mind that a Commander in Chief- while frequently the head of state; historically wasn't always so. Colonial or Regional Governors were given command of military forces in their areas of authority- that is to say, commissioned as commanders with sole authority over all forces directly by the king. that is to say, they were commissioned as commanders in chief.

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AoC, Bernie. Pelosi (though her husband's stock trading is a little too... suspicious.) even Michelle Obama might be better.

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one of my earliest clients working contract security, ran a paid parking lot. this was ages ago, i was the onsite guard for it, one of my things was walking the lots making sure everyone was paid.

There was this idiot in a Jag. parked. started walking off to the strip club next door. I see him walk by me and I warn him. he gets Entitled-Rich-Dude (with a side of Horny-College-Kid. ProTip. Minivans are better for sex in the car. more room. better seating... better suspension.) he stalks off without paying so I slap a stupid "you owe us" ticket- its not even a city ticket... and we're not going to send it to collection (the lawyers fee costs more than it's worth.)

Anyhow, he had this proximity alarm thing that sounds off if you get too close. "warning this car has a proximity alarm! it will sound in..."... well, I ignore it, slap the ticket on and go about my job. Turns out the ticket on the windshield is enough to set off the proximity alarm. It was sounding for a couple hours.

his battery drains because the alarm is constantly going off. When he comes out, the thing won't start. he sees the ticket and calls the cops.

Says I vandalized my his Jag. I see the cops doing their bored questioning thing, so I walk out and basically make sure they see me. One comes over to ask what's up. So I explained all that. "all i did was put the ticket on. His proximity alarm must have tripped." "Proximity Alarm?" the cop asks. "yeah. You know those things from the 90's that are like 'step away from the vehicle.." "So... those are illegal." (because noise nuisance.) He looked rather happy at that. And up the hill, you could hear this guy making demands of the partner to arrest me. the cop is trying to be "nice" because Entitled Rich Fucks are annoying. The cops basically told him to call for a jump, but ERG "knows PeOpLe"

Any how, after a moment, I say to the cop that had been talking with me, who absolutely doesn't want to bail his partner out "So, I couldn't help but notice, there's a baggie sack covered in suspicious white powder on front passenger seat."

My cop walks up and looks in the window. They ask him to open the car. ("There's a baggie with a suspicious white powder. We have probable cause...")

So the other cop sees this, raises an eyebrow. when he figures out what's going on... the guy gets a rather evil gleam in his eye.

They start that process over hostess powdered donuts. just to piss the rich fuck off. Ended up citing him for the proximity alarm and left it at that, but not before they searched his car.

(who the fuck drives a jag and then has powdered sugar donuts in it? Ew. that shit gets everywhere.)

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Gee, that’s…. More or less what I’m saying?

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Surged troops for pipelines, and he certainly didn’t stop the war.

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I like this acronym.




Also: The Foreign Goon; and, the Freaking Gonzo

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You said it wrong. You failed your attempt at conversion.

Wololo. Wololo. Wololo.

Welcome to the Huns.

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The picture from the article.

Yes, that’s a table saw in the mirror. (Edit: or is that a picture frame? Whatever the picture has a table saw.)

Loaf. (lemmy.world)
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Mamma loafing around with the minions. (~~one is behind her, to the front, the other is behind and to her tail.~~)(edit: those are snacks,)

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Gotta ask, what kinda candy was she making? Soft crack. Hard crack. Pot….

Even has the donuts on there for, you know, dealing with the munchies.

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so drop 'em if you got 'em

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Double, double Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Cauldron boil.
and the finished soup:

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Okay, so I was making chicken soup from stock I had made using a (lightly,) browned carcus and neck. just before dumping the the dumplings into it, the stock's color was a nice light brown. I added about 1/4 cup of lemon juice, turned my back for 30 seconds after a stir and it turned it an almost milky-off white. Eventually it deepened to this:

It's delicious, and tastes as expected, I'm just curious as to what happened in the broth's chemistry?

Seasoned with salt (duh), a sprig of thyme, some ginger and garlic, (just a hint of ginger,) black pepper, lemon zest (which was added with the torn chicken,) and white wine deglazed the pot from browning the dark meat.

The stock was from garlic, onion, celery, carrot and maybe ginger scraps cooked with the chicken carcass..

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Due to reasons... I've "adopted" a CR10s that a friend had bought. It was used, and was already well on it's way to being a janky Printer of Theseus. My hope is to get it up and running and put through it's paces before the holidays so I can give it back as a gift.

With the linear rail upgrades, I picked up the hardware and it's on it's way; which got me looking at how to do the upgrade, which I have mostly figured out; the question I'm having is, most upgrades seem to place the rails on 2020 extrusions sitting on top of the base frame- same as how the original y axis 2040's were designed.

Which raises the question- why not lower it so the 2020 rails are even with the frame, with the mgn12 rail sitting on top? Like so:

The short answer I came to is this would necessitate replacing the brackets for the y stepper motor and it's idler; but it should be possible. the easiest solution would be something like:

which raises the question: are printed parts rigid enough to hold against the tension on the belts? The motors can't handle too much tension anyhow, and the printer already has the screw-cap tensioners for x and y printed that seem to have been holding up well.

has anybody replaced the OG metal bracket on the back? does it stress and need replacing often, or is it fairly reliable (and above all, consistent,)

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I mean, like incompetent. For the record those organs I just stole? literally on the desk in front of him. Time to hike on over and sell it. To the Trade Authority.... all 20 feet away...

(this was in the UC security in the Well, new atlantis)

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Which do you use and why? Which one gets it cleaner. If it matters we have “real” winters here, meaning snow cruft and salt that absolutely must be removed.

Edit to clarify: I’m talking about a choice in automated car washes- not hand washing cars. Seems people are getting confused. Touchless is a few passes with a pressure washer. Soft touch adds spinning car-wash brush things.

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Lockouts save lives

Usually idiots, but sometimes we’re all idiots.

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Okay, so, with structural modules- specifically the cowl/belly/hull modules you can slap in... aside from the trivial gains to hull, are they basically just for attachment points/decoration?

could i protect things that can be targeted- the weapons, shields, engines, and grav drive- by placing 'under' hull components? or does that just not matter?

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