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Generic meds vs brand meds.

Brands pay a lot for branding, and thus charge more. The formulas are moderated and regulated by the FDA, so unless you enjoy paying for ads, get the generic.

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Speaking from the pharmacy perspective.

Banks wove their way into drug transactions as a middleman called Pharmacy benefits managers. They stand between insurance and pharmacies to prevent collision, but instead, what we see is insurance companies pay a lot for drugs, while pharmacies see very little for that drug. Over 50% is being taken by the PBM because they're "preventing" collision. Don't even get me started on the vertically integrated pharmacies like CVS and United who abuse their position to force consumers to use their pharmacies instead of competitors or use "technological advancements" to keep their prices lower than their competitors.

NYC is currently trying to pass legislation to fix this, but that's only at the state level.

Wall Street needs to get the fuck out of healthcare and healthcare needs to stay the fuck out of Wall Street. Once a healthcare org talks about share holders, we're no longer talking about patients.

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Not just that, he used star link to manage international relations by suddenly stopping service for Ukraine.

He's a "free speech abolitionist" and egotistical megalomaniac that's willing lie about deliverables and take illegal actions because there's been no punishment.

Here's punishment.

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Just bought an EV from a local dealer. Went in on Saturday because they had a 2 month used listing on their website for about 10k under MSRP. They told me, oh no that sold, but please check out the new cars. I entertained them and told them they'd need to bring down the price 10k to get me to sign because it's simply out of my price range. They also mentioned these things (ioniq 6) are selling extremely quickly and they only have a few on the lot.

They insisted and played games for a week, with offers OVER msrp, so I let them waste their time. They pushed me to come in, so as I was about to sign, I told them, actually, no. I need an offer 10k under MSRP or I'm leaving. At this point that was a 15k cut. They've now wasted a week of negotiation and suddenly found the used one I originally requested, but it was at their off-site lot.

We drove over there, and it was a large 5 story parking deckcompletely filled to the top. They even had cars parked in front of cars. They tried one last game and made me wait for 3 hours to get it out.

All that is to say, let the fuckers bleed. If they can't afford Christmas, maybe they need to learn what the fuck capitalism really means. If they can't afford new years, it's time to make a new resolution and if they can't afford spring break, it's time to find a new job.

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Saucon? Saucon deez nuts.

After School Satan club? ASS club. Nice.

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I still say he named it X because he planned on killing it. Fuckwad Musk was a Trumper and only quit because Trump had a bigger ego.

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Literally had a conversation with my manager about traveling to Chicago. Weed is legal there and he felt it important to remind me that the company has random drug tests. I told him we operate in Denver and sell THC gummies. He told me HR recently told him that we have a 0 tolerance policy that they're looking to ramp up.

We also have trouble hiring because people fail the drug tests..

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Give the guy that reported the conversation the raise of the guy(s) that were involved and didn't report it. Also fire them. Reward the good behavior, punish the bad and we'll stop saying ACAB.

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I'm in ATL and just got an email that one of my local dealerships is being incentived to sell 50 vehicles by the end of this month. They're saying they're motivated, but I don't see any other discussions of this going on. Anyone else seeing this?

For what it's worth, they're celebrating 6mos with about 25% of their 2023 ionic 5 fleet, they're about to hit 6 months on their first ioniq 6, and they have a couple ioniq '22s that have had a birthday on the lot.

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This is a bit of a learning experience though.

The big tech companies advocated during 2020 that they were not biased and should not be held responsible for policing the Internet.

Since then, FB swapped to Meta to cover up the documents showing FB is intentionally causing psychological damage our children because it gives them more clicks/view time.

OpenAI scraped the Internet, legally and illegally to power ChatGPT.

Twitter, a social media company known for free speech, was bought by Musk, a former Trump associate. Trump was reinstated during this period and dissent was banned.

Google decided to push web DRM to force us to use their software or else we can't access the Internet.

Sounds like they very much want to police the Internet. We just aren't putting the pieces together in a collective way.

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Oh fuck. I didn't know this was around the same time. I literally tell everyone about how shit FB is and this proves it 1000x.

If you have a daughter or are a daughter, you should hate meta. They're inspiring a generation of self hating women and they have the data to prove it.

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Marketing. We put a person on the moon because we were scared of the space race, and then we spent the next 50 years figuring out how to make rich people richer by manipulating human behavior and gamifying everything so you buy into the buy more stuff you don't need and click more stuff you don't care about. We've gotten so good at it, we only need a 10 second short to advertise stuff to you.

This affects everything we do down to its core and will likely be the cause of astronomical ADHD rates in the future.

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I work in a mid sized national company in IT and do well for myself, over 6 figures but I've requested an additional raise.

I have access to the salary data of everyone at each of our local branches, and I'm essentially asking for what each local branch owner makes (~200k), while also knowing that the hourly workers are still barely getting $1-2k raises.

I'm all for eating the rich, but how's this figure into the mental model?

On one hand, the "rich owners" turned out to not actually be that rich, at least salary wise. I'm comfy, but inflation has been a bitch.

On the other hand, I'm asking for a raise while others who work manual intensive jobs are still struggling, and this amount of money could be going those at the working hourly.

Hoping this drives some interesting conversation and not some attack thread.

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