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From what I can see just from a quick google, its in reference to a tiktok.

"What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

One of the women immediately answered in her Southern accent and laughed:

"Oh, you gotta give him that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thing, you get me?"


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How else are they going to train the ai on all your information if you opt out?

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From what I've heard, most people that are for in office work like having the separation between work and home.

That being said, I think most folks want remote work or at least remote hybrid. It just makes more sense especially for me. I live far from my office (140 mile drive roundtrip), and working 3 days a week from home has been a god send.

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88 x 8TB drives? 704 TB of storage?

You got a whole damn data center lol. Good stuff dude. Was this off of ebay or direct from a company? I'm curious to know the total cost.

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I dont really understand why you would buy a band tee if you don't know or like the band. Seems kinda weird to me but if that's what you wanna do, fine. Maybe the album art is cool? Idk man you do you.

I kinda get why people get upset when someone wears one and they dont know any songs but at the same time, doesn't really seem worth it to "call them out".

Just dont be surprised if someone asks what your favorite song from them is if you're wearing the bands merch.

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May i recommend just buying a small form factor pc and hooking it up to your tv instead?

Smart tvs and things like this suck anyways. Super slow and bloated with crap i dont need or want.

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Me everytime i use a broswer without ublock. Ill open a link here in lemmy without opening it externally to firefox and dear god my eyes.

Ublock makes the internet a better place. Or at least it shoves the bad stuff under the bed lol.

My boi Sydney. (lemmy.world)
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I dont buy purebreds but him and his brother were given to my family and I took Sydney with me after i was moves out for a few years. Hes the best little idiot. He is a British gray shorthair. Very affectionate.

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The IPs alone are gold let alone the games they make. Pokemon imo has been subpar for a while and it still prints money. Yea i dont see them selling anytime soon.

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I don't believe it.

You mean to tell me that Microsoft is doing a bad job with thier OS???

Preposterous. These 100 or so processes that its running to track my every breath are incredibly important to make sure im given the best ad experience.

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My advice? Sounds like you could use some therapy. Genuinely therapy is really helpful for sorting out these issues.

You sound like you may be dealing with more than just burn out. Of course im not a medical professional and i dont know you well enough to really make any fair assessment but just talking things out with someone would likely be beneficial.

If you can't afford therapy, talking things out with a friend may help as well but as they wont be trained to deal with this, it may or may not be helpful. It can help but its not a replacement for professional help unfortunately. I speak from experience but ymmv.

I worked in CS so i know it sucks. I hope things get better for you.

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If you're company isn't profitable enough that it has to underpay its workers to profit then your company should fail. UPS is huge. Theres no way they cant afford it.

Pay your workers a decent wage you philistine.

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To lemmy I'd guess the numbers seem a lot bigger. But by reddits standards yea its a small percentage.

refuse to use the default reddit app so here I am. I miss rif but lemmy is filling the void at least.

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